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GEOS Goes Bankrupt

Add GEOS to the list of eikaiwas that have gone bankrupt. GEOS filed for bankruptcy today, temporarily closing its schools until the 23rd when G.communication, the company that picked up the scraps when NOVA went bankrupt in 2007, will take over part of GEOS's business.

GEOS will close 99 schools (PDF), while keeping 170 schools and 66 GEOS kids (PDF) schools in operation.


Chiba ALT Conracts Deemed to be Illegal

Whoever wrote The ALT Scam on the Fukuoka General Union blog is probably feeling vindicated right now. The Mainichi Daily News reports:

Public schools here [Kashiwa, Chiba] have been unable to start their native speaker-taught English classes this school year after the city's board of education was accused of violating labor laws with foreign language teachers.

Open Thread: GEOS Scuttlebutt

Discussion about GEOS continues here. Two recent developments within GEOS appear to be the sale of three schools in the UK and the planned closure of 84 schools in Japan between May and November.

News of the sale of the UK schools is here:


Harrassed by the Police in Shibuya

From genieZero in the forums:

This happened today 29/03/2010

Why GEOS Melbourne Shut its Doors

Thanks to a kind reader, I received a copy of Ernst & Young's report to creditors on the closure of GEOS Melbourne. Many comments have been made about how GEOS siphoned its Australia schools dry, and the report offers an explanation as to how that happened. I've summarized key parts of the report to illustrate why GEOS Melbourne suddenly went into voluntary administration.


Open Thread: GEOS Oceania

A few readers asked for a separate thread for discussion about GEOS Oceania given recent developments. Good idea. Use this thread for discussing GEOS Oceania.


Guideline 8 Officially Deleted

If you haven't heard by now, the Immigration Bureau has officially deleted Guideline 8 and replaced it with:

The Problem With Dispatch ALT Jobs

The Fukuoka General Union has a long read titled The ALT Scam that points out the problems with BOEs outsourcing ALT jobs.

The main points are:

Open Thread: GEOS Discussion

Since there are more than 300 comments in the GEOS Rumours thread, I've decided to close the thread and start a fresh one here.



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