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Sahashi on Trial: Days 2 & 3

Sparse reporting on the trial, but this is what happened in the last two court sessions.

A Little Bit of a Downturn

From Japan Today, a pretty standard interview with the president and CEO of an English school, but this bit caught my eye:

Do shady operators in the English school business tar everyone with the same brush?


G.communication in the Black

As a postscript to Sahashi's trial, I noticed this short blurb in the news:

「うさぎ」CMも再開 「NOVA」再拡大目指す



Working for the New NOVA

The blog Tofugu has an interview with a current neo-NOVA employee. There's not a lot you haven't heard before, but it's still worth a read for its summary of the aftermath of NOVA's collapse and the perspective on what it's like working for NOVA now.

If you're thinking about working in Japan, the word on NOVA is simple: Don't bother working for them.

The Blame Game

G.communication has limped along since it scraped up the remains of NOVA in 2007 and tried to put it back together. Sales have not been good and complaints have been piling up, so management apparently decided to write a memo about it. Mr. X in the forums provides a copy of the memo making the rounds.


Tough Times

A propos my comment on now being a bad time to come to Japan, an example of how the economic meltdown affects English teachers:

Comments on GEOS

In light of the comments rumours here about GEOS's troubles or impending doom, I'll start a thread here to entertain those concerns. If you want to talk GEOS, do it in comments here. I have no idea whether the claims about GEOS teachers not getting paid are true or not. Judging by the lack of information and outrage in other forums around the internet, I assume that it's nothing more than a rumour.


Slanderous Negative Websites About Eikaiwa

It's a slow news day at ELT News:

Language school owner condemns websites that allow anonymous posting

March 01, 2009

Truth in Advertising

RandyDickson in the forums has this observation about G.communication:


The Nova Bankruptcy Revisited

Not that you need more reminders about the fall of Nova and the chaos over the past year, but Jordan Pearson offers an excellent account of the collapse.

It would have sucked to be Jason Cornish:


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