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Eikaiwa Still in the Dumps

A new report by the Yano Research Institute shows that the language study market is still feeling the effects of Nova's collapse.

Pacific Lease Files For Bankruptcy

Another piece of NOVA dies.


The English Coach System

Teaching private lessons for a pittance? What if I told you you could double your rates while working less using a proven method that can transform your life? Interested?


Student Frustration Ready to Boil Over

From Gendai net comes a story about...wait for it...students having trouble booking lessons! It's deja vu all over again. (I'm sure I've used that cliche already. Is there an echo in here?)

An Encouraging Development

The Asahi Shimbun carried a short blurb that is encouraging news for ALTs in Akita. The Akita school board says it will hire hire it's ALTs as full-time instructors.

Japan: Starts Hiring Part-Timers is on a "hiring drive" and is looking for monkeys instructors to work for peanuts. According to the website, they are looking to hire 20 part-time instructors.

Here it is in case it disappears in the future:

Return of the Bunny

Sponichi reported last week that g.communication completed its re-opening of schools, but not without a few hitches along the way.


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