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Rigged for Implosion

Just as Nova instructors were getting shafted yet again when g.communication reneged on its promise of jobs, the cover story of the December 26 issue of Newsweek was a special report by David McNeil on English conversation schools.

Tokyo Journal in 1991: A Sure Thing

I was cleaning out my closet, and way at the back I found photocopies of an article on teaching English tilted "The Sure Thing" from the June 1991 edition of the Tokyo Journal. I thought this would be an interesting read. You might want to download the full-size images if you find the text too small to read.


Investors Watch Nova Circle the Drain

When was the last time you saw some good press about Nova?


Nova Still Ripping Off its Customers

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, Nova is still using its old refund method and ripping off its customers even after the Tokyo metropolitan government warned it to clean up its act.

Under Nova's old refund scheme, unused, expired points were not refundable. When students purchased additional tickets, the expiry date for the tickets was extended, but when a contract was canceled, the new date applied to the newly purchased tickets only and not the tickets that were carried over.


Nova Loses in Court Again

Nova has lost in court again. This should come as no surprise given the mountain of bad publicity surrounding the way it deceived and ripped off its customers.


The Complaints Continue

As has been widely reported in the media, the number of complaints about Nova keep piling up. According to reports, in the three months from April to June, there have been 1803 complaints, which rivals the 1935 complaints lodged for all of last year.

Of the complaints, 70% or 1249 haven been resolved through lawyers providing information or counseling, whereas the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan has resolved 62 complaints.

Nova needs a miracle to get out of the hole it's in.


The Complete METI Press Release

Here's the last bit of the METI press release on Nova's punishment. The PDF document contains the translation of the entire METI press release, including the the charts on the last two pages. The quality of the flow chart in the PDF isn't excellent, but it's still readable. I've attached the flow chart by itself just in case.


What NOVA Got Nailed For Part 3

The translation of the METI press release on Nova's punishment continues with the anecdotal case studies. This section corresponds to pages 11 to 20 of the press release. The case studies are enough to make your blood boil and expose Nova's thieving practices in all of their ugly details.

V. Case studies

Case 1



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