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Stories about contracts in eikaiwa

The Coming Spring Shock

The Japan Times ran a couple of articles last week on the coming changes in health insurance for foreigners in Japan.

As you are probably already aware, starting next April, you will have to show proof of enrollment in shakai hoken (SH) or kokumin kenko hoken (KKH) when you apply to renew your visa. Jenny Uechi reminds us of the law:

The Dirty Undertaking of Dispatch Companies

The Yomiuri Shimbun, via Yahoo!, has a story about the dark underbelly of ALT dispatch companies as English will become a compulsory subject in the fifth and sixth grades in 2011.

For example, schools have to deal with the constant turnover of ALTs. One BOE member in Saitama related that he is on his 4th ALT quit since April. This revolving door of teachers is not conducive to learning.

More Details on the Coming Change in Visa Renewals

The Japan Times has a good summary of the issues surrounding the changes to the visa renewal process starting in April 2010. I blogged about this a while back, but the Japan Times column covers some of the implications of having to enroll in an insurance scheme in order for foreigners to renew their work visas.

Berlitz Drags its Feet

When we last saw Berlitz, it was suing five of its instructors and two officials of the National Union of General Workers (NUGW) Tokyo Nambu for ¥110 million in damages each on the grounds that their strike was illegal and that the union was trying to damage the company.

Berlitz Sues its Teachers

Great company to work for:

It has been 14 months since members of the Berlitz General Union Tokyo (Begunto) first downed chalk and launched rotating strikes against the language school Berlitz Japan.

The strike has grown into the longest and largest sustained strike by language teachers in Japan. While about 500 Nova teachers struck during that firm's collapse in 2007, the action only lasted a day.

How the Money Disappeared

The October 26 edition of the Yomiuri Weekly carries an article that illustrates how much of a scam the travel abroad sector is--it's all about money, and the rules to protect consumers from being swindled are few and far between. The YW takes a look at why Gateway21's clients will never see the ¥950 million they paid the company.

Fighting for Your Labour Rights

The Japan Times had a couple of articles today on the March in March, a union drive for equal rights in the workplace for foreign workers. It's a must-read since it exposes eikaiwa for what it is: a dead-end McJob. The first article is here.

This sums up the essence of the problems in eikaiwa:


All Kanagawa PFTs Getting the Axe

An LJ reader has sent us a letter from the Kanagawa BOE stating that all foreign teachers will have to re-apply for their jobs. The reader offers the following comments.

All Kanagawa PFT's are losing their jobs as of March 31st. Ostensibly the reason is that the Kanagawa BOE is having trouble finding enough teachers to fill the positions it has. Also, this "on the job training" stuff is tough. Too difficult for the poor folks at the Kanagawa BOE.

Update February 23, 2006. Interac has been awarded the ALT contract for Kanagawa.

A GEOS Contract

Update. I've finally gotten around to putting this in a PDF for easier reading.

This is the contract Chris and I signed when we joined GEOS. The one below is Chris' one year renewal contract. In Vancouver, we initially signed 2 year contracts which GEOS does not offer any longer. We don't know if the contracts have changed over the years but when you look at the contract stipulations in AEON's page and the NOVA contract, they probably have not changed at all.



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