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Stories about those over worked and underpaid bosses

Sahashi on Trial: I Don't Remember

Update on the Sahashi trial today. According to the Sankei shimbun, Sahashi testified that he didn't know how much money was in the shayukai employee's fund and didn't remember checking the balance himself. He also denied that taking money from the fund was his idea.

Sahashi on Trial: Days 2 & 3

Sparse reporting on the trial, but this is what happened in the last two court sessions.

A Little Bit of a Downturn

From Japan Today, a pretty standard interview with the president and CEO of an English school, but this bit caught my eye:

Do shady operators in the English school business tar everyone with the same brush?


Working for the New NOVA

The blog Tofugu has an interview with a current neo-NOVA employee. There's not a lot you haven't heard before, but it's still worth a read for its summary of the aftermath of NOVA's collapse and the perspective on what it's like working for NOVA now.

If you're thinking about working in Japan, the word on NOVA is simple: Don't bother working for them.

Nova on Life Support

Today was a bad day for Nova. They've all been bad of late, but this one has a particularly disgusting odor. Everything that could go wrong for Nova has.

1. The Shinjuku honko in Tokyo, right outside the busiest train station in the world has shut its doors.

2. The General Union went on strike today. For one day it seems. Is that right? They should be striking until their demands are met.


Almost worth KILLING my boss!!!

Well, if anyone has a contract horror story, tell me if mine doesn't stand next to the worst of the worst. I swear, I have never had any feelings of wanting to cause bodily injury to anyone, but after being put through the shit that my boss put me through, I was ready to put a weapon of mass destruction up this guys @ hole and have a whole slew of weapon inspectors follow. Even to this day, I think I would gladly give up a months salary for one shot at him "wanna know why"read on.

Do I have the corporate vision, FatBoy?

I remember that before coming to Japan I researched the eikaiwa thing in depth. I visited all of the discussion boards and Web sites and became a pro-active member in the mass of verbal diarrhoea that is CyberSpace. And what I saw was a bunch of sissy-boy fuckers who couldn't cut it on their own and needed their mothers to administer a bit of hand action occasionally for them to get through life. I thought that the horror stories and propaganda were a big joke. How pathetic can grown people be?

My Gulag Part V: The Pope Smoked Dope

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My Gulag Part IV: The Hungarian Hottie

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My Gulag: Part III The Iron Sausage Continued

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