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Naked Theft

Stories about dodgy eikaiwa practices

Working for the New NOVA

The blog Tofugu has an interview with a current neo-NOVA employee. There's not a lot you haven't heard before, but it's still worth a read for its summary of the aftermath of NOVA's collapse and the perspective on what it's like working for NOVA now.

If you're thinking about working in Japan, the word on NOVA is simple: Don't bother working for them.

Berlitz Drags its Feet

When we last saw Berlitz, it was suing five of its instructors and two officials of the National Union of General Workers (NUGW) Tokyo Nambu for ¥110 million in damages each on the grounds that their strike was illegal and that the union was trying to damage the company.

The Blame Game

G.communication has limped along since it scraped up the remains of NOVA in 2007 and tried to put it back together. Sales have not been good and complaints have been piling up, so management apparently decided to write a memo about it. Mr. X in the forums provides a copy of the memo making the rounds.


Decision on Unpaid Wages Reviewed and Overturned

At the beginning of July in 2008, after former NOVA president Nozomu Sahashi was charged with embezzlement, he was also hit with a charge of failing to pay ¥105 million in salary to 400 workers:

The Osaka Labor Bureau sent papers to prosecutors Monday on failed English language school operator Nova Corp. and its former president, Nozomu Sahashi, on suspicion of violating the Labor Standards Law for failing to pay wages to Nova workers.


Kansai Consumer's Support Organization and Fortress Japan Reach an Agreement

Last August, I wrote about the lawsuit brought against Fortress Japan, which operates the eikaiwa Global Trinity, for the slimy manner in which they sold lesson packages to its customers. Their methods were straight out of the old NOVA playbook with pressure sales and deception being common practices.


Berlitz Sues its Teachers

Great company to work for:

It has been 14 months since members of the Berlitz General Union Tokyo (Begunto) first downed chalk and launched rotating strikes against the language school Berlitz Japan.

The strike has grown into the longest and largest sustained strike by language teachers in Japan. While about 500 Nova teachers struck during that firm's collapse in 2007, the action only lasted a day.

Truth in Advertising

RandyDickson in the forums has this observation about G.communication:


Sahashi: Please Make it Stop

Sahashi's legal woes are just beginning.

I appears that Sahashi's trail for embezzlement has yet to begin, but arguments in the ¥16 million class action lawsuit were heard in Osaka District Court on Thursday.


The Nova Bankruptcy Revisited

Not that you need more reminders about the fall of Nova and the chaos over the past year, but Jordan Pearson offers an excellent account of the collapse.

It would have sucked to be Jason Cornish:

Newspapers on One Year After NOVA's Collapse

The anniversary of NOVA's collapse has quietly come and gone. The Daily Yomiuri and Sankei Shimbun provide an update on what has been going on over the past year. Their stories are unsurprising, as many issues facing former students and instructors have yet to be resolved.



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