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Not necessarily about teaching.

A Quick Drink

I had just spent the day in Tokyo. I was really tired and a little depressed. I had just had an argument with a friend of mine, one of the only at the time, and I had to go home. Home was Odawara which is a little bit of a ways from Tokyo- if you take the local train it is a good two hours away. I was too tired for that.


Tuna Hero

One of my joys of living in Japan is the food. The variety in the Japanese diet is nearly endless as they eat just about anything. The emphasis on quality, freshness, and appearance has been an awakening for my taste buds long dulled to the instant, ready to go, fast food back home. I spent many a weekend wandering around Odawara checking out a bar here and there and occasionally stumbling upon a great eatery. I'm not talking about some Ginza sushi shop where it costs 20,000 yen to dine, but a place that has a certain atmosphere, a warmth and good food that just keeps bringing you back.



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