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The List of 20,000

Apparently, G.communications has an "ace" up its sleeve. After posting the article about G.communication's plan for success, the Asahi ran ran a similar story a few days later but with a slight difference in the details.

Eikaiwa: Back in the Black?

A story in the Fuji Sankei Business i says that G.communication has turned things around and will be back in the black in May.


Nova:'s Sucking Chest Wound

The writing is on the wall. G.communication's attempts at reviving Nova's corpse have been an unmitigated disaster. The Yukan Fuji writes that Nova is turning out to be a sucking chest wound that threatens to take down the entire G.communication group. As the article points out, G.communication has lost at least ¥1.7 billion since taking over Nova. Here's a translation of the article.


March Madness: Making the Old Nova Look Good

So far, it appears that g.communication has botched the rebirth of Nova. No matter how much lipstick they try and put on it, neo-Nova still looks like a pig. I did a little digging in the forums and came up with a few choice nuggets from ex_sensei that illustrate how bad things are going for The picture he paints makes the old Nova look good by comparison.


General Union Demonstrates in Front of G.communication

The union was at it again today, hounding g.communication over its refusal to rehire former Nova employees.


Neo-Nova "Fires" Instructors

The Japanese press has caught whiff of what instructors still hanging on with neo-Nova already know: many are losing their jobs through some creative firing. UPDATED

Here's a translation of an article in the Asahi Shimbun:


Franchising the Brand

G.communication has announced in a press release that it will open their first franchise school and franchise the neo-Nova schools. [PDF in Japanese].

Ono Out Sugimoto In

As mentioned in comments, Hideo Sugimoto has replaced Takashi Ono as the head of Ono will assume the role of vice president.


G.Education Threatens Instructors

Towards the end of January, the contents of a fax from g.communication was posted in the forums stating that instructors who were absent from work stood to lose their jobs.



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