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Old Wine in New Bottles

Here come the school closures:

Nagoya-based investment fund Inayoshi Capital Partners said Thursday that about 50 of its 167 Geos foreign-language school branches will be renamed Nova X Geos after November.

ICP also said it will close down about 20 Geos branches whose business areas are overlapping with those of Nova.

The company said students of those schools will be relocated to the nearby Nova schools or receive lessons via Nova's unique video-phone system.

Inayoshi Reclaims GEOS and NOVA

After giving up GEOS and Nova and his job, Masaki Inayoshi is back in the saddle.

According to the Asahi shimbun, GEOS, Nova, and its juku cram schools were sold (again!) as of October 1 by G.communication to Inayoshi Capital Holdings, an investment firm set up by former G.communication chairman Masaki Inayoshi, who gave up his position in August.

G.Communication Fails to Report Income

The Yomiuri shimbun and other news agencies are reporting that president of G.communication, Masaki Inayoshi, has failed to report ¥500 million (about $5.2 million USD) in income. The unreported income comes from him selling 230 shares in G.communication in 2007. Inayoshi reported the sales of some shares in 2006, which led the National Tax Agency to believe that his failure to report the income this time was intentional.

G.communication in the Black

As a postscript to Sahashi's trial, I noticed this short blurb in the news:

「うさぎ」CMも再開 「NOVA」再拡大目指す



Working for the New NOVA

The blog Tofugu has an interview with a current neo-NOVA employee. There's not a lot you haven't heard before, but it's still worth a read for its summary of the aftermath of NOVA's collapse and the perspective on what it's like working for NOVA now.

If you're thinking about working in Japan, the word on NOVA is simple: Don't bother working for them.

Newspapers on One Year After NOVA's Collapse

The anniversary of NOVA's collapse has quietly come and gone. The Daily Yomiuri and Sankei Shimbun provide an update on what has been going on over the past year. Their stories are unsurprising, as many issues facing former students and instructors have yet to be resolved.


Get in on the Ground Floor!

In addition to the "hiring drive" for new instructors, recently announced that franchises for its neo-Nova schools are now on sale.

Here's the announcement:'s Interpretation of its Promise

Browsing the Nova/ website, I came across a press release dated February 18 [PDF in Japanese] in response to the accusation that had reneged on its promise to hire all former Nova staff and instructors.

General Union Still At It

The General Union is still nipping at's heels over the raw deal instructors were given when they were effectively fired by not having their contracts renewed. UPDATED 03/18 Starts Hiring Part-Timers is on a "hiring drive" and is looking for monkeys instructors to work for peanuts. According to the website, they are looking to hire 20 part-time instructors.

Here it is in case it disappears in the future:

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