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Was There a Coup at GEOS?

When I wrote previously that the takeover of GEOS went smoothly, I remembered an old article sitting in my stack of stuff to do. It comes from JC-NET and was published on April 24, shortly after the bankruptcy was announced. As the title of this post says, the story suggests that there was a coup d'etat at GEOS that allowed for G.communication to swiftly move in and take over the company.

Rebel Without a Clue

Yesterday's Have Your Say column in the Japan Times carried a reply to Richard Smart's article on eikaiwa being on the ropes. The author of the letter suggests that the media have not been reporting on the problems with the G.communication takeover of GEOS.

Eikaiwa Industry in Trouble

On the Comment Factory, Jordan Pearson has a summary of the state of eikaiwa following the collapse of Nova and GEOS.

JIOSU: A Website for Teachers, Students, and Staff

Novawhiz in the forums finds a website called

ジオス.com A website for GEOS student, GEOS staff and GEOS teacher support.

ジオス.com ( aims to provide information, links and support for GEOS students, staff and teachers by providing an online forum where you can discuss the latest GEOS related information and events.

The Japan Times on the end of GEOS

The Japan Times ran a curious post mortem on GEOS. After reading it, I'm left with the sense that everybody is disappointed the company didn't implode like Nova. If you've been following the bankruptcy, the articles doesn't add a lot of new information. It's a fairly long read, so let's look at it.

I agree with Ken Worsely's assessment of the factors in GEOS's end:

GEOS North America: Everything is OK

As has been mentioned in comments, the NY ryugaku blog has posted a memo from GEOS New York saying that everything is OK:

Announcement from GEOS New York Corporation (GEOS USA) and GEOS Language Corporation (GEOS Canada)

GEOS Corporation in Japan recently filed for bankruptcy, with some of its assets taken over by G Communications, a separate Japanese company, and some of its assets being currently held by a court-appointed trustee.


Why GEOS Failed

J-Cast News takes a look at what brought about GEOS's bankruptcy and what's in store next. Here's a summary.

As is already known, G.communication will take over 70%, or 230 schools, of GEOS and close the remaining 99 schools.


Kusunoki Launches an Appeal

Down but not out, ex-GEOS president Tsuneo Kusunoki has launched an immediate appeal against the bankruptcy procedures.

According to the Sankei shimbun, Kusunoki claims that there was no need to file for bankruptcy and that it amounted to an abuse of authority as the board was not unanimous in its decision.

Japan: to Keep the GEOS Brand

When G.communication scooped up GEOS I wondered how much blood they could squeeze from the GEOS stone. Apparently, they think quite a bit. It seems G.communication has gone on a media blitz this week with President Hideo Sugimoto giving interviews in the Yomiuri shiumbun, Mainichi shimbun, Sankei shimbun, and The Japan Times. The purpose of this interview was to stress that everything is under control and it's business as usual:

GEOS Internal Memo: There's No Money Left

Debito has it:

With the absolutely regrettable news of the bankruptcy of Geos Corp, I must tell you that your salaries for the time period between 2010, March 16th to 2010. April 21st Will NOT be paid to you. There isn’t any cash left. We will work on a way for you all to collect some of your money back through the government. We are still unsure of the procedures to do this.



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