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Open Thread: GEOS Discussion

Since there are more than 300 comments in the GEOS Rumours thread, I've decided to close the thread and start a fresh one here.


China Cautions Students About GEOS

This is going to leave a mark:

China's Education Ministry on Sunday warned students considering studying overseas against Australian schools run by the GEOS group after more than 40 Chinese students were left stranded with the group's collapse.

More than 2,300 students in GEOS group schools across Australia were affected after the college closures. The schools were scattered across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Cairns.


GEOS: Sorry, Have Some Free Lessons

As scheduled, GEOS announced the measures it will take for its students affected by the closure of the schools in Australia: free English lessons.


GEOS to Explain Things on Wednesday

GEOS has posted a brief note on its website [PDF] saying that it will explain what it will do in response to the school closures on Wednesday the 10th, following meetings in Australia:

この度はオーストラリア法人の各学校の閉鎖に関しまして、お騒がせ しましたことを改めてお詫び致します。

今回の件が現地法人で起こった事であり、弊社が商標権を許諾してい たとはいえ、GEOSブランドを信用してご入学頂き、今回の出来事にあ われました皆様に対して、現地での全ての説明会が終了した後、 2月10日(水)、弊社ホームページにて対応を発表致します。


TBS Would Like to Hear From You

TBS correspondent in Australia, Hiroki Iijima, is covering the GEOS school closures and would like to hear from you.

Help him out. Contact him at: 0419 432 758 (mobile phone in Australia) or email hiroki [at]


Follow the Money

Back in 2001(my emphasis):

Around 20 companies affiliated with English-language school operator GEOS Corp. failed to declare some 280 million yen in income in the five years to March 2000, industry sources said Thursday.

This total includes 130 million yen in concealed revenues, the sources said.


GEOS's Non-Apology

GEOS Judas president and CEO, Tsuneo Kusunoki has issued an apology for the closures of the eight schools in Australia. Sadly, like the brief blurb on the GEOS website a couple of days ago, Kusunoki tries to assure everyone that things are OK while denying any connection to the schools. The apology in Japanese can be found here [PDF]. Here's a quick and dirty translation.


GEOS Australia Schools Permanently Closed

Earlier today:

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) says it will protect the 2,300 students affected by the possible closure of a number of English language schools across Australia.


"If a decision is made by the administrators for the college to close, all overseas students will be protected by the tuition insurance scheme," she [Lynn Glover, director of the VRQA]said.


Damage Control

The story of the GEOS Australia schools shutting down has started to make the news in Australia and Japan. From Perth Now:

EMOTIONAL scenes erupted outside a Perth language school today after it closed unexpectedly due to financial problems.

Dozens of foreign students, who have already paid thousands of dollars for courses, were still arriving for night English classes at St Mark's International College in Perth tonight.


Eight GEOS Australia Schools in 'Voluntary Administration'

Add this to the list of GEOS's woes: voluntary administration.

Eight English language schools operated in Australia by the GEOS group have gone into voluntary administration, leaving about 2300 foreign students unsure of their future.

Justin Walsh and Adam Nikitins of Ernst & Young have been appointed administrators to nine companies operating the schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns.



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