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GEOS Tries to Spin Bad Press

Back in September, The Japan Times interviewed Susumu Ikegami, a spokesman for Geos, and asked him about the eikaiwa market. To no surprise, he said business was down but for some reason could not explain why.

Open Thread: Rumours About GEOS and Two Years After NOVA's Collapse

Let's start an open thread for kicks. I won't call it an End of GEOS thread, but if you have have something to add, comment on it here.

Rumour: GEOS Late in Paying Salaries

Novawhiz noticed an update to the GEOS Wikipedia page that was quickly removed:


Comments on GEOS

In light of the comments rumours here about GEOS's troubles or impending doom, I'll start a thread here to entertain those concerns. If you want to talk GEOS, do it in comments here. I have no idea whether the claims about GEOS teachers not getting paid are true or not. Judging by the lack of information and outrage in other forums around the internet, I assume that it's nothing more than a rumour.



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