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Eikaiwa in 2 Minutes

All you need to know about a day in the life of an eikaiwa instructor. This would hilarious if it weren't true.


Would-Be Viagra Dealers Face Stiff Penalty

Saw this on the Ch.6 evening news. Two men were caught trying to sell a Viagra-like product in violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. According to the report, the men are suspected to have sold a box of "Viasheets" in a vending machine in January. One box nearly six months ago? And this is news?

I didn't think much of the story until I saw pictures of the product:

New Nova Diplomat Lessons

Something for a laugh.

I think I've seen one or two of these floating around the internet, but Jordan Pearson has been kind enough to allow me to post them here.


Nova: The Movie

Another bit of humour, this time from Gaijin Navi. This video looks at the rapid fall of one instructor from hero to zero.


Living a Sham

Time for a little fun. This is a video put together by an englishman in osaka about a man in Japan living a sham. There's lots here that readers will identify with.


"Free" Reporter Butchers the News

When the bridge in Minnesota collapsed, FNN turned to Jerry Fisher (?) for a live report. Take it away, Jerry!

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