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Shilling for Interac

A few days ago a reader commented on Interac's odd (new?) hiring scheme: Refer a friend to Interac and they'll make a donation of up to 500,000 yen (in your name?) to UNICEF.

Here's the pitch from the Interac newsletter:


Interac No More

As of October 1st, Interac will cease to exist, being bought out by Advantage Partners. This comes from the General Union, which cites an August 24 official government gazette containing the notice of the buyout. More about the buyout can be found on ESL Cafe and Hoofin's blog.


Become Bipedal with Interac

Does the company make the man? Interac seems to think so. Just think of the adventure that awaits as you are transformed from an amoeba-like university graduate into an upright-walking sensei! Um, yeah...

h/t Fucked gaijin

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