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General Union Still At It

The General Union is still nipping at's heels over the raw deal instructors were given when they were effectively fired by not having their contracts renewed. UPDATED 03/18

The Union Steps up the Pressure on Nova

The General Union held a protest outside the the Labour Standards Office in Osaka today and filed a complaint against Nova for delaying wage payments to its employees

The Japan Times:

According to the union, salary payments due in mid-September were delayed for some 4,000 foreign teachers and Nova notified them that the payment scheduled for the middle of this month will be postponed until Friday.


Teachers Protest in Osaka

It's starting. From the Daily Yomiuri:


Nova Union Missing in Action

With employee salaries unpaid, where is the Nova union in all this? They have fought for the longest time to get teachers enrolled in shakai hoken, but when the teachers need union representation the most, the union is strangely silent. What's going on?


Collecting Unemployment Insurance

There are only two things that can save Nova now, neither of which appears likely: students inexplicably return to Nova in droves or an angel investor bails out or buys them. Given the uncertainty surrounding Nova's future, it's time to review how one goes about collecting unemployment insurance in the event that Nova goes bankrupt.

If you currently work for Nova, you have two choices: you can quit now, or you can wait for Nova to go bankrupt.


The good: If you quit now and manage to find another job, you're safe. You're free of Nova.

NHK Report on Problems with ALT Dispatch Companies

I mentioned recently in the forums that NHK was putting together a report on Nova. The report aired on NHK on June 30 at 7:30 AM, and had more to do with problem surrounding ALT dispatch companies than Nova. Fortunately, the report has found its way onto YouTube.



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