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Attention Former Nova Teachers

This comes via allblacks in the forums who quotes a reliable source:

All ex nova employees who received part of their unpaid wages after the bankruptcy (most of you should have received 80% of what was owed to you). The trustees are in the process of organizing a further payment of part of the remaining unpaid amount. If you have changed your address since the last payment you will need to contact the trustees and inform them.


Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Nova and GEOS are under new management. The new boss is Kobe-based food and beverage importer and distributor Hanshin Shuhan. According to the Yomiuri shimbun, Foodys, the current parent company of Nova and GEOS, is to hand over its 50.98% share in the eikaiwa schools to Hanshin Shuhan by the end of August.

G.Com to Close Two Schools in Nagano

According to the Mainichi shuimbun, G.communication is to close two schools this month in Nagano. G.communication operates four GEOS schools and two children's schools in the prefecture. The Matsumoto school will close on the 20th and the Saku school on the 31st. A spokesperson called the closures the result of an "overall management decision."

Sahashi Appeals, Maintains Innocence

An update on former Nova president, Nozomu Sahashi's, appeal. You may recall that he was sentenced to three and half years for embezzlement last August. He quickly appealed his sentence, maintaining that he was innocent.

Open Thread: Rumours About GEOS and Two Years After NOVA's Collapse

Let's start an open thread for kicks. I won't call it an End of GEOS thread, but if you have have something to add, comment on it here.

Much Ado About Nothing

A quick blurb in the newspaper, the Mainichi reports that the three men arrested on suspicion of confining Sahashi in his hotel room have been released.

Apparently the police don't have much of a case on them. At any rate, the thugs caught with Sahashi are probably thinking, "Mission accomplished." They delivered their message.

Mainichi article

Sahashi Confined by Gangsters?

According to the Yomiuri shimbun, Nozomu Sahsahi, NOVA's disgraced and convicted ex-president, was confined in his hotel room for three days by gangsters. The police have arrested two men, one who is a member of the Yamaguchi-gumi syndicate, in connection with the incident.


In Search of Answers

Old news is fun! The Japan Times reports on Yano Research's survey on the foreign language learning market in Japan, which I wrote about this at the beginning of August and touched on again earlier this month. The only difference with today's article is that the JT spoke with somebody at GEOS.

Sahashi Appeals His Case

No surprise here. Sahashi officially filed an appeal of his three and a half year sentence for embezzlement with the Osaka District Court on Wednesday. Typical of his defiance during his trial and ever since he was ousted from NOVA, Sahashi asserted once again that he had acted to prevent NOVA from going bankrupt.

Asahi shimbun




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