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I was a Verbal Whore in a Cheap Suit: Confessions from a Nova Bitch

Guest post by Marth Reynolds

Even before I left England for Japan my brothers warned me about Nova, so I expected the worst. However, my first impressions of the company were good. They took the time to pick me up from the airport and escort me to my impressive, expensive apartment. It was three days later at orientation when the alarm bells started to ring.


The Cuckoo's Nest

So, you're thinking of working at NOVA and want to know what it is like. The first question to ask yourself is, "Am I a people person?" No, I'm not asking if you like socializing with your friends. Let's take an imaginary trip to the bus station to find out the answer.


Met at the Airport

Guest post by Rob S.

To the Let's Japan Folks,

If you have a fear of being met at the airport and being overwhelmed by the representative from Nova whose knowledge of Japan should be immense compared to your own then please continue reading.


A Day Off

I had to get a day off, which is not the easiest thing to do at Nova, with one week's notice. Of course I could have just called in and said 'not today I have suddenly found a great drinking buddy on the train last night so I won't be up to 7 seniles all day' (the first level at Nova is 7C and the students are rarely beginners so the lessons are frightfully boring for the students unless the teacher acts like a monkey or worse窶蚤 drunk lunatic desperately seeking intelligent interaction), which is what my schedule seemed to be full of at this point.


A NOVA Paper Chase

Many thanks to our Deep Throat for providing these documents. She tells me that these attendance sheets are nothing but a headache for managers when a student asks to see them. They are something that she would never show to a high level student and would use every excuse in the book to keep them from being read. For low level students, she would cover and read them, making up a BS story the whole time. Read them. They speak for themself.



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