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nova We're Sorry, Please Come Back

The General Union has posted details of an agreement between G.communication/ on their website. As you are aware, ever since NOVA went bankrupt, the General Union has been busy trying to get G.communication to rehire all of the instructors that were fired when took over. It appears that they have succeeded.


How NOVA Lost in the Courts

The Nikkei published an interesting article last week [free registration required] on the legal battle leading up to the Supreme Court decision that helped push NOVA into oblivion. I had no idea that one man took on NOVA and changed things.


Sahashi Stole From Employees' Fund

The Yomiuri Shimbun has a story on how former Nova president Nozomu Sahashi as stealing from his employees.


The State of the Disaster

Nova's trustees have released a report [PDF] on the state of Nova's assets that gives us a look into the scale of the meltdown. The report is in English and is pretty mundane. There are a few nuggets that caught my eye, however.

Eikaiwa: Getting Ready for the Stock Market

I have no way of substantiating this, but it seems that G.communication may be getting ready to float the company on the stock market.


On Suing G.Education

I just noticed this in comments and thought it might be worth a closer look.

A reader has posted a guide on how to sue

Who's feeling vengeful?


Student Frustration Ready to Boil Over

From Gendai net comes a story about...wait for it...students having trouble booking lessons! It's deja vu all over again. (I'm sure I've used that cliche already. Is there an echo in here?)

Teachers Still Out of Work and Students Not Returning

If you've been following the developments of neo-Nova since its collapse, then The Japan Times story about Nova instructors and staff who are still out of a job six months after G.communication took over is old news.

G.communication's craptacular rebirth of Nova continues.


The List of 20,000

Apparently, G.communications has an "ace" up its sleeve. After posting the article about G.communication's plan for success, the Asahi ran ran a similar story a few days later but with a slight difference in the details.

Eikaiwa: Back in the Black?

A story in the Fuji Sankei Business i says that G.communication has turned things around and will be back in the black in May.



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