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Sahashi Goes to Jail

I'll keep this short and sweet: The court found Sahashi guilty of embezzling money from NOVA's employee welfare fund and sentenced him to three and a half years in jail.

According to the ruling, on July 20, 2007, Sahashi withdrew ¥320 million from NOVA's shayuukai welfare fund, converted it into cheques, and then deposited the money into an account held by NOVA Kikaku, a company that he controlled.

NOVA Trustees Sue Sahashi

The legal woes of former NOVA president Nozomu Sahashi aren't about to let up. While a decision on his current trial is due to be handed down on August 26, the trustees overseeing NOVA's bankruptcy have sued him for aggravated breach of trust, seeking ¥2.1 billion (roughly $22.6 million USD) in damages over the sale of videophone units by Ginganet, a company in which Sahashi was the sole share holder, to NOVA.

Sahashi on Trial: Prosecutors Ask for 5 Years

Today was the final day of Sahashi's trial, and in their closing statement, the prosecution asked that Sahashi be sentenced to five years in jail stating that his actions caused severe losses to students and employees, and that his taking money from the shayukai fund was no grounds for leniency. The defense reasserted that Sahashi is innocent and that he was trying to save the company from bankruptcy.

In his final statement, Sahashi expressed his desire to do as much as he can to repay the money taken from the fund. The judge will render his decision on August 26.

Sahashi on Trial: Testimony Thrown Out

Day 6 of Sahashi's trial was today (funny, the papers seemed to have skipped reporting on the 4th and 5th sessions), and the notion that he might get off with a light sentence seems to have gained some ground. According to the Asahi shimbun, the judge threw out 2 depositions given by the assistant manager during the investigation in which he stated that Sahashi had instructed him to use money from the shayukai employee's fund.

Eikaiwa in Bad Shape

Terrie Lloyd's column in Japan Today is supposed to be a look at the state of eikaiwa in Japan, but it's a poor effort stuffed with meaningless business-speak. Teaching English has been on a downward slide ever since Japan's asset bubble burst. The collapse of NOVA only served to make things worse. Let's take a look at the column.

Sahashi on Trial: I Don't Remember

Update on the Sahashi trial today. According to the Sankei shimbun, Sahashi testified that he didn't know how much money was in the shayukai employee's fund and didn't remember checking the balance himself. He also denied that taking money from the fund was his idea.

Sahashi on Trial: Days 2 & 3

Sparse reporting on the trial, but this is what happened in the last two court sessions.

Sahashi on Trial

Sahashi's trial began today, and as expected, he admitted to taking 320 million yen from the NOVA employee's shayukai fund and apologized for the trouble he caused. His lawyers, however, claim that Sahashi's actions do not amount to a crime since as he was acting in the interests of the company.


Sahashi's Trial to Start June 1

The trial of former NOVA president Nozomu Sahashi is slated to start tomorrow, June 1, in the Osaka District Court. You'll recall that he was indicted last July on charges of embezzling ¥320 million from an employment benefit fund.


Decision on Unpaid Wages Reviewed and Overturned

At the beginning of July in 2008, after former NOVA president Nozomu Sahashi was charged with embezzlement, he was also hit with a charge of failing to pay ¥105 million in salary to 400 workers:

The Osaka Labor Bureau sent papers to prosecutors Monday on failed English language school operator Nova Corp. and its former president, Nozomu Sahashi, on suspicion of violating the Labor Standards Law for failing to pay wages to Nova workers.



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