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Japan Doesn't Need You

Over the past 10 years, LJ has gone from being a website that tried to warn others about the pitfalls of working for GEOS, to documenting the criminal activities that are a part of eikaiwa, large and small schools alike.

Robots in the Classroom

Some time ago I took a look at the rise of English lessons offered online. With eikaiwa in ruins after the collapse of Nova, online lessons were slowly taking off by offering cheap lessons any time you wanted. Now it seems that South Korea has upped the ante and Japan must certainly be green with envy--South Korea has introduced robot English teachers into the classroom:


See BS News

CBS News is all gaga over how awesome Japanese education is given how it stresses the importance of respect and how much they accomplish with so little is spent on it.

How do they do so much with so little? By investing in top-notch teachers.

"Teachers are given a good deal of respect; they're expected to devote their life," said Catherine Lewis, distinguished research scholar at Mills College. "The whole system is set up to emphasize the development of teachers."

Election 2009: Judgment Day

Flipping through the channels this evening, I nearly spat my dinner out as I landed on Fuji TV and caught one of their commercials for their coverage of the upcoming election. This is undoubtedly a historic election for Japan as all indications point to a major defeat of the LDP. So, how would you go about marking this momentous changing of the guard? Some sort of historical retrospective put to martial music? Something more somber with subdued trumpets in the background?

How about The Terminator?

Stuck in Traffic for 1000 Yen

The truth about cheap highway tolls:

Last weekend we visited my wife’s family in Iwate prefecture 530 km (320 miles) north of Tokyo and paid only 1,700 yen ($17) one-way in tolls, much cheaper than the 10,000 yen that it would have cost on a weekday. The shinkansen (bullet train) would have set the four of us back almost 35,000 yen.

Eco Pointless

Here we have the sequel to the 12,000 yen give-away:

The government will give up to 39,000 yen in "eco points" to buyers of eco-friendly home appliances under a new environmental program.

If you think you can use those points to purchase more stuff, just like you would if you were shopping at a major electronics retailer, you'd be mistaken.

Things That Drive Canadians Crazy

Jaw-dropping idiocy from Fox News assholes:

Slanderous Negative Websites About Eikaiwa

It's a slow news day at ELT News:

Language school owner condemns websites that allow anonymous posting

March 01, 2009

The Wrath of the Grape

By now, you're no doubt aware of finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa's embarrassing press conference in Rome:


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