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The End of ALTs

Forget about the popularity of eikaiwa online, it's iPods for everyone!

An elementary school in Wakayama has recently had an open English-language lesson using iPod Touch, with students watching video images of a native speaker on the small display of the digital handset.


Engine Noise as a Feature

For the past while, I've been seeing reports on TV and in the newspapers about the danger of hybrid vehicles being too quiet when running on battery power at low speeds. This isn't something new, but as more hybrids take to the roads, pedestrians are worrying about their safety. The Japan Times reported on it last month:

Car Sharing

Regarding my comments previously made about people giving up their cars in favor of bicycles and car-sharing, here's a clip on Orix's car-sharing business:

OCN To Institute Daily Upload Limit

I received a postcard in the mail toady informing me that as of August 1, OCN, the internet provider operated by NTT Communications, has decided to impose a daily upload limit of 30GB per day.

Is Technology the Key?

The Japan Times has an article on Toyota North America President Jim Press who said that technology is key to solving the auto industry's problems.

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