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Robots in the Classroom

Some time ago I took a look at the rise of English lessons offered online. With eikaiwa in ruins after the collapse of Nova, online lessons were slowly taking off by offering cheap lessons any time you wanted. Now it seems that South Korea has upped the ante and Japan must certainly be green with envy--South Korea has introduced robot English teachers into the classroom:


Kim Hyon Hui Holidays in Japan

For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around why Kim Hyon Hui is in Japan. She blows up KAL flight 858 in 1987, killing all aboard, is arrested, sentenced to death, pardoned, marries one of her bodyguards, writes a book about her days as a spy, and now leads a presumably comfortable but secluded life in South Korea. But because she met some of the Japanese abductees, Japan has seen fit to let her into the country despite her crimes where she has been kicking back at Yukio's summer pad in Karuizawa and is slated to take a helicopter tour of Mt. Fuji today. What the hell?

More on Judgment Day

Here's some video to show you what I'm talking about when I wrote about Fuji TV using The Terminator as their election theme this year:

Election 2009: Judgment Day

Flipping through the channels this evening, I nearly spat my dinner out as I landed on Fuji TV and caught one of their commercials for their coverage of the upcoming election. This is undoubtedly a historic election for Japan as all indications point to a major defeat of the LDP. So, how would you go about marking this momentous changing of the guard? Some sort of historical retrospective put to martial music? Something more somber with subdued trumpets in the background?

How about The Terminator?

The Japan Times Flames Itself

How did this get past the editors?

Regarding the Aug. 15 editorial "Dangerous revisionist sentiment": Little did I imagine that I would come across such an odious article. I totally agree with Toshio Tamogami, who has been bravely trying his best to convince the mentally retarded aliens who read The Japan Times that Japan was not at all to blame for World War II. The left is looking for ways to disgrace Japan, and The Japan Times is part of the left.


Would-Be Viagra Dealers Face Stiff Penalty

Saw this on the Ch.6 evening news. Two men were caught trying to sell a Viagra-like product in violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. According to the report, the men are suspected to have sold a box of "Viasheets" in a vending machine in January. One box nearly six months ago? And this is news?

I didn't think much of the story until I saw pictures of the product:

Step up to the Urinal, Mr. President

Engrish creeps up on you in the strangest places. A shot from the men's room:

While the Japanese is asking you to take an extra step forward so you don't dribble all over the floor, the Engrish remains a mystery.


"Free" Reporter Butchers the News

When the bridge in Minnesota collapsed, FNN turned to Jerry Fisher (?) for a live report. Take it away, Jerry!

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