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In Search of Answers

Old news is fun! The Japan Times reports on Yano Research's survey on the foreign language learning market in Japan, which I wrote about this at the beginning of August and touched on again earlier this month. The only difference with today's article is that the JT spoke with somebody at GEOS.

The Lingering Ghost of NOVA

It's getting close to Obon, so it's time for a ghost story.

Yano Research has released its latest survey of the foreign language market, which shows that the market is still in decline.

The two key findings are:

The Nova Bankruptcy Revisited

Not that you need more reminders about the fall of Nova and the chaos over the past year, but Jordan Pearson offers an excellent account of the collapse.

It would have sucked to be Jason Cornish:

Eikaiwa Still in the Dumps

A new report by the Yano Research Institute shows that the language study market is still feeling the effects of Nova's collapse.

Yano Research Institute Survey on the Impact of the Collapse of Nova

After a look at the declining fortunes of the foreign language market, the Yano Research Institute has published a the results of its survey [PDF in Japanese] on the impact Nova's failure had on the foreign language sector in Japan.


Rigged for Implosion

Just as Nova instructors were getting shafted yet again when g.communication reneged on its promise of jobs, the cover story of the December 26 issue of Newsweek was a special report by David McNeil on English conversation schools.

The Japanese Newspapers Slam NOVA

Internet forums and blogs are now rife with speculation about Nova's fate. Will it survive, will it get a government bailout, or will is go bankrupt? At this point in time, all anyone can do is speculate.

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