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ZAKZAK: Sahashi Strikes Back

In this ZAKZAK article, Sahashi gives an interview to the Shuukan Diamond and puts his detractors on notice that he is planning on striking back.

The former Nova president comes out of hiding to declare war

Defiant interview in business magazine


ZAKZAK: Part 3: The Staff's Final Throes

The final installment of ZAKZAK'S three-part series takes a at how the staff held up as Nova crumbled around them. Here's a translation of the article.


ZAKZAK: Part 1: The Bunny is Crying

In a three part series, ZAKZAK takes a look at what lead to Nova's demise. Here's a translation of part 1.

The Bunny is Crying! Nova's collapse and the staff Part 1

Mornings started with "Have we been paid, yet?


ZAKZAK: My Name is Sahashi

ZAKZAK takes a look at why Sahashi changed his name. Here's a translation of the article.


ZAKZAK: Sahashi's Pink Bunny Harem

ZAKAZAK explores Sahashi and the last days of his harem.As a side note, in this translation I've used the Japanese way of expressing names--using the last name first--since the article makes reference to a few historical figures.


ZAKZAK: The mysterious foreign holders of Nova’s equity warrants

It looks as though in trying to scrape together cash to pay everyone and keep Nova afloat somehow, Sahashi has made deals with some shady people. ZAKZAK ran an story yesterday about the president of Roots and the equity warrants Nova issued. Here's a translation of the story.

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