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Much Ado About Nothing

A quick blurb in the newspaper, the Mainichi reports that the three men arrested on suspicion of confining Sahashi in his hotel room have been released.

Apparently the police don't have much of a case on them. At any rate, the thugs caught with Sahashi are probably thinking, "Mission accomplished." They delivered their message.

Mainichi article

NOVA元社長事件:監禁容疑で逮捕の3人釈放 東京地検 



毎日新聞 2009年10月19日 20時42分


Sahashi, please take note of this:

Three men were arrested in Kanagawa last week for allegedly dumping the dismembered bodies of two men in Tokyo Bay in mid-June. The men are accused of severing the bodies with a saw in a hotel room in Chiba on June 19th. Police believe up to a dozen more men were involved in the deaths of the two men who are believed to have been having trouble with an organized crime syndicate.

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