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Monsieur le Professeur

Well here it goes this is my first ever post on Let's Japan, a friend told me about this site and it's a refreshing change from all crap out there. I used to be hooked on then realized the news was fake and message boards were full of racist bigots.

Let me just start by saying that, as far as I know, as far as people have told me, and as long as nobody comes up to me wearing a beret and holding a bread stick under his arm than that makes me the only French teaching english in Japan. Although this makes me feel like jumping around singing the "Marseillaise" I'll just start by saying that I've had my shares of mesavantures! I came here on a VISA vacances-travail and I spent more than my share of nights at the gaijin house and even sleeping next to a vending machine when I missed the last train to keep me warm. I finally got a couple of interviews lined-up. First at GEOs than at NOVA.

The GEOs people were kind of weird. They seemed to think I needed to go back to France to get some kind of teaching license, which is absolute nonsense! I told them that if they think I'm getting on the next plane back home to get some stupid license in France they must be out of their little minds and left. NOVA people were a bit nicer if you believe it, they told me how they were trying to round up different teachers from different countries to provide a culturally-rich experience to their students. They already have a guy from Newfoundland, a guy from Ohio and 2 guys from Australia but I think they might be queer) Ok. Normally I don't like to be typecast as a French, but when people come up to me and start offering jobs, well how can I object, no? They asked if I could start the next monday (good thing they didn't test my english skills) I went home, smoked my last pack of Gauloises and here I was.

That was 6 months ago, as many of you know, life isn't always a walk in the park at NOVA, no pipi in class, no playing dice with other teachers and no playing the flute with students, but I don't like to complain about my "bread-earning" labor as we say back home. You should hear some of my students, by the way, they sound more French than that guy in the Matrix. There's so little tax here compared to my socialist home country that I don't see myself going back anytime soon, unless I find a way to get back with my earnings strapped to my chest in a money belt. My plan is to either hook up wih some of the students on my own and privateer for myself, teaching at the train station or at Gusto (I met these 2 bloques who do it) or just get back in film making only in Japan.

More about myself, I tried to get into film making in France but ran into some legal problems and my stuff was taken. I am a large eater, it goes back to my previous wrestling days in France. I smoke like a fiend, and I am a fan of other physical excesses. My body has already taken much damage, large gut, lungs full of tar I like the "cock piece hanging by a thread" expression I read previous.

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