Your Worst Personal Eikaiwa Experiences

What bad experiences have you had working in eikaiwa?

Note: Originally posted on the message board on September 22, 2001.

Trading Places Part 1

Guest post by barten

I came to Japan to teach English 6 years ago. I started in Sendai and thought I'd found my dream job. My first school was American Club, hallways bubbling with students, teachers' room full of banter and jokes. On a working holiday visa, I was started part-time for Y100,000 a month. I worked 12 to 6 and looked for evening classes elsewhere with no luck. They promised to make me full-time down the track, but they seemed to be hiring other people over me. Then the pay started drying up.

Vomiting Over a Guy in a Bar in Roppongi

I've always had a fascination by Japan and visiting the place but I never thought that I'd actually consider doing it. But, get a guy to work in the same crappy job and live in the same old place for long enough and he begins to think some crazy shit. And have that same guy think about crazy shit for long enough and you never know, he may actually do it. Just take a look at Michael Jackson's face and you get the picture.

Do I have the corporate vision, FatBoy?

I remember that before coming to Japan I researched the eikaiwa thing in depth. I visited all of the discussion boards and Web sites and became a pro-active member in the mass of verbal diarrhoea that is CyberSpace. And what I saw was a bunch of sissy-boy fuckers who couldn't cut it on their own and needed their mothers to administer a bit of hand action occasionally for them to get through life. I thought that the horror stories and propaganda were a big joke. How pathetic can grown people be?

Stuck in BumFuck with a deck of Mild Sevens and a Hard-on

If the title of this story is anything to go by then you'll probably think that what you're about to read is a tale of love, lust, excess, discover and the consumption of cured Albanian foodstuffs at a downtown yakitori bar. Please read on and make your own assumptions.


Top 10 Reasons to Come to Japan

#10:You like to live in a shoebox & sleep on the floor.
#09:Spending 10.00 US for a hamburger & fries seems reasonable to you.
#08:Standing in line for an hour and getting on a train to be squeezed like a sardine sounds like fun.
#07:Sumo;gotta love those fat boys.Anyone hungry?
#06:Where else can you eat raw fish & not look strange?
#05:J girls.Need I say more?
#04:You enjoy living in a country where you cannot understand anyone.Hey at least you don't have to talk to anyone.


My Gulag Part V: The Pope Smoked Dope

Guest post by Net Pariah


My Gulag Part IV: The Hungarian Hottie

Guest post by Net Pariah


My Gulag: Part III The Iron Sausage Continued

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My Gulag Part II: The Iron Sausage

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