My Gulag: Part I

Guest post by Net Pariah



Excuse me Satan, But Did You Just Shit Yourself?

Guest post by Skweekah

I have never found teaching classes too bad except for the fact that they can sometimes be so fucking void of mental stimulation. That leads me onto a negative experience with a difference, one of the olfactory kind. 6pm Tuesday evenings are a great time for class. The students are usually young tight arsed dummies who would without doubt offer some kind of cuisine of the palatable variety. I really like Tuesdays.

Lisa's Story

My name is Lisa, and I'm from Vancouver. Pretty much on a lark, I decided I wanted to move to Japan and gave myself one year to save as much as I could (very hard to do when you live in the city). I was interested in teaching English because the pay looked good, the jobs seemed plentiful, and I really was interested in teaching. I figured it was a great way to work and travel.


Two-bit Whore in a $100,000 Kimono Part 3

Guest post by Brett Tompkins

I couldn't quite get a handle on my role as an English teacher at the Sakai Eigakuin. For one, the students' range in ages was vast. One moment, I'd be teaching a gaggle of giggling high school kids, and the next, a group of somber housewives.


Two-bit Whore in a $100,000 Kimono Part 2

Guest post by Brett Tompkins

Masako, the girl I'd met at Lynn's party, was a willowy, quietly intriguingly sly creature who winnowed her way into my affections within minutes, that night at Lynn's. And within minutes, we were off to the sake machine around the corner to fetch a "last-call" sake before the automatic shutoff at 11.

We hit it off pretty much immediately. She was tall for a Japanese girl, lanky and demure. She laughed at my jokes, encouraged my poor Japanese. I was smitten.


Two-bit Whore in a $100,000 Kimono Part I

Guest post by Brett Tompkins

The first notion that I could get into real trouble was the uniformed officer who was waving people forward to enter the security line for the boarding gate area at Seoul's Kimpo airport. I couldn't tell if he was military or regular police, but he was wearing a gun, so I decided not to chance it.


Being Scott W.

First of all, I want to thank Shawn and Chris for giving me the space on their site to tell my side of the story. I know that Chris didn't even believe I existed. He wouldn't agree to letting me put a story on the site unless he met me! We met at a bar in Kawasaki and he was like majorly shocked to see me.


I was a Verbal Whore in a Cheap Suit: Confessions from a Nova Bitch

Guest post by Marth Reynolds

Even before I left England for Japan my brothers warned me about Nova, so I expected the worst. However, my first impressions of the company were good. They took the time to pick me up from the airport and escort me to my impressive, expensive apartment. It was three days later at orientation when the alarm bells started to ring.


The Cuckoo's Nest

So, you're thinking of working at NOVA and want to know what it is like. The first question to ask yourself is, "Am I a people person?" No, I'm not asking if you like socializing with your friends. Let's take an imaginary trip to the bus station to find out the answer.


Return for Deposit

I had decided not to renew my contract at Geos. It was made clear to me that Odawara Geos didn't want to hire me back but head office wanted re-hire me and transfer me to another school.


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