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Help Douglas out by taking part in his survey:

Dear colleagues,

My name is Douglas Meyer, and I am organizing a nation-wide survey on our EFL profession. I am interested in the various working conditions, opinions and thoughts on language education in Japan, and have made an easy-to-complete (5-6 minute) anonymous online survey to gather your input. Please forward this message to friends if you have already completed the survey.


The Japanese Way

Comedy gold!

Page launched an unfair dismissal claim against GEOS, which comes under the umbrella of the GEOS Corporation founded by Japanese businessman Tsuneo Kusunoki.

But the company responded by claiming that Page "accepted understanding of the 'Japanese way' of doing business". They went on to say he was used to Kusunoki "ranting", "berating" and "humiliating" people "so this was nothing new".


Broken Reporting on a Broken Record

Recently, the Japan Electric Vehicle Club set a record for an electric vehicle (EV) by driving over 1,000 km on a single charge. The English version of the Asahi reported it as thus:

The Japan Electric Vehicle Club drove its test car 1,003.184 kilometers, far outstripping its own previous world record of 555.6 km.

The group will apply to register the new record with Guinness World Records.

Was There a Coup at GEOS?

When I wrote previously that the takeover of GEOS went smoothly, I remembered an old article sitting in my stack of stuff to do. It comes from JC-NET and was published on April 24, shortly after the bankruptcy was announced. As the title of this post says, the story suggests that there was a coup d'etat at GEOS that allowed for G.communication to swiftly move in and take over the company.

Sahashi Appeals, Maintains Innocence

An update on former Nova president, Nozomu Sahashi's, appeal. You may recall that he was sentenced to three and half years for embezzlement last August. He quickly appealed his sentence, maintaining that he was innocent.

Rebel Without a Clue

Yesterday's Have Your Say column in the Japan Times carried a reply to Richard Smart's article on eikaiwa being on the ropes. The author of the letter suggests that the media have not been reporting on the problems with the G.communication takeover of GEOS.

Eikaiwa Industry in Trouble

On the Comment Factory, Jordan Pearson has a summary of the state of eikaiwa following the collapse of Nova and GEOS.

JIOSU: A Website for Teachers, Students, and Staff

Novawhiz in the forums finds a website called jiosu.com:

ジオス.com A website for GEOS student, GEOS staff and GEOS teacher support.

ジオス.com (jiosu.com) aims to provide information, links and support for GEOS students, staff and teachers by providing an online forum where you can discuss the latest GEOS related information and events.

On Getting Paid

Tuesday's Lifeline column in The Japan Times featured a situation that illustrated just how fly-by-night teaching English in Japan can be:

Reader TS writes: "I return to the U.S. next week and I was supposed to receive my final pay check from a really bad ALT company . . . last week, but did not receive payment. I've called them but the secretaries say that the people in charge are not in the office. I called my direct contact and he has yet to call me back.

The Japan Times on the end of GEOS

The Japan Times ran a curious post mortem on GEOS. After reading it, I'm left with the sense that everybody is disappointed the company didn't implode like Nova. If you've been following the bankruptcy, the articles doesn't add a lot of new information. It's a fairly long read, so let's look at it.

I agree with Ken Worsely's assessment of the factors in GEOS's end:


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