Don't Feed the Gaijin

In 1993 I spent my first Christmas in Japan. At that time I was a faithful GEOS employee. I did a lot of things for the company that would be unthinkable now. I really wanted to get along with everyone and do my job the best I could. I even considered a career at GEOS! I had bought into the program.

During a school meeting in early November the subject of the school's annual Christmas party came up. "Cool!" I thought.

"Because it's Your Job!"

I made it to work at 10:45 am, the unofficial official starting time for GEOS gaijin staff and punched in. They told us in Vancouver that the starting time was 11:30 am but that's not true. Punch in later than 10:45 am and eyebrows were raised all the way to head office. I started the coffee maker, put the flowers I bought that morning in a vase, put them on the counter, grabbed the paper and headed for my room to prepare for my 2:30pm class.

About 15 minutes later, Tomoko, the sales manager walked in. I was half way through a (Mike) Royko column when I heard the shout.


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