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Sahashi Confined by Gangsters?

According to the Yomiuri shimbun, Nozomu Sahsahi, NOVA's disgraced and convicted ex-president, was confined in his hotel room for three days by gangsters. The police have arrested two men, one who is a member of the Yamaguchi-gumi syndicate, in connection with the incident.

Sahashi had apparently traveled to Tokyo, and when his lawyer became unable to contact him over the weekend, he went to the police. The police found Sahashi yesterday afternoon in his hotel room in Nihonbashi where they arrested two men whom they allege held Sahsahi for roughly 3 and a half hours. The men claim that they were merely with Sahashi (and that they didn't hold him against his will).

Many will be disappointed to learn that Sahashi was not injured. The police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Assuming it wasn't a social call, one possible reason for the "visit" may have to do with Sahashi's mysterious stock dealings as NOVA crashed and burned around him. Desperate to come up with some cash, he put his shares in NOVA up as collateral only to be swindled out of five million of them. One name that came up in the course of the dealings was Nishida Haruo, who appears to have made a career out of stock manipulation. Perhaps Sahashi owes some bad people some money. Then again, he is arrogant enough that you could not completely rule out him demanding his shares back, either.

Yomiuri article






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It went deeper than that my friend - how do you think Nova secured the sweet pickings of hundreds of prime retail locations? There were rumors for years, around Tokyo at least, that Nova were well in with the Yaks for that very reason.

This is soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome. The NOVA saga is like watching a cartoon; it's funny, but you can't take it seriously. Up until now, as much as a fool Sahashi has been, and as much trouble as he's gotten into, I just thought he was an egomaniac. It turns out, however, that he's just a cockroach looking up at the bottom of the feet of humanity who has to answer to other roaches - the Yaks.

HA! I hope all of you ex ATs BT and other pathetic management scum realize that you were pawns for crooks. All the Mickey Mouse policies you tried to enforce were just an attempt to make a couple of bucks for the Yakuza. You’re work experience at NOVA is on par with the ho’s that work at their Soaplands, except they actually pull in a decent wage.

Oh come on!

Think of the great opportunities your former President, Sarhashi, created for many Japanese and foreigners to share their cultures and languages, in a blue and yellow eikaiwa world that knew no boundaries, and passed no judgement, and give the man a god damn break. For crying out loud.

Is there anyone who is prepared to stand by the man who gave so much to so many?

How many of you living in Japan now, owe your start in Japan to this very man that you now want crucified?

Give Saruhashi the benefit of the doubt, and remember the wonderful things he did for so many of us!

I treasure my first Nova memories, and will never just sit back, and watch the man that made it all possible, burn in such an angry, mob justice way.

In some ways, you can say, he was the father of eikaiwa, an industry that supports you all.

Have a heart, and stand by the great man, in his hour of need.

Who is with me then, eh?

Luke O'Donnell seems to have a serious beef against ATs and BTs. What's the matter mate? So sad that you can't let go of your bitterness? Or so pathetic that you must continuly spew forth your poison too make yourself feel better? It's time for everyone to get over it. It's all in the past. Just let it go.

How the fuck is what you've written any better than saying that blacks in the US should be happy that slave owners gave them the opportunity to live in the US?

Why you ask...

Well, I had only worked in the Eikaiwa industry for a short time, about 8 months, but was so shocked and amazed to see how seriously people took their jobs, especially the J-Staff and gaijin management. I joined NOVA right out of college, but knew before I applied that it was not a serious job, let alone a career, just an easy way to make some cash while living in Japan. And I still think that is the only relevance it has ever had to foreigners, anybody who has tried to fool themselves into making it out to be something more significant than that is a moron.

Well, when I arrived there were plenty of people who did take it seriously and that made such an impact on me. I couldn't believe how many people actually went along with the petty little policies and games. It still amazes me how many educated people were willing to participate in such a backward excuse for a company, for years on end. Even more so the management who let their titles go to their heads. I could go on and on about how ridiculous these folks were.

Every day I would think to myself that someday these idiots would realize the worthlessness of their position and actions. Then people stopped getting paid. I thought a lot people would wise up then, but no a large number of teachers kept working for months without pay. That really blew my mind. I did keep showing up sporadically for about a month, but only for about 20% of my schedule to see if I could get fired an to raise hell. I thought it was fun.

Then I got a job, outside of the Eikaiwa industry thank god, and worked for another year and a half in Japan and am now back in NY. You would think that I would've forgot about the NOVA catastrophe, but the truth is, it is still fascinating to think about its existence and the number of people who not only put up with Eikaiwa life, but embrace it. I had a blast in Japan and probably could have tolerated NOVA for an entire year, if they kept paying me. But I knew it was a joke, not teaching, not a career, not a decent company, not anything to take seriously. So now every time bad news comes out about NOVA I love to rub it in to the despicable losers who bought into the B.S. and especially those who held the illusion of power in NOVA. I guess I just like making fun of stupid people.


I think all would be wise to check out the shady / dodgy share trading history of the new G Comm Nova.

Yes good people, evidence suggests that G Comm Nova also has the smell of the YAK plastered all over it, and let’s face it, the whole appearance of G Comm as the new kid on the block really does smell rather dodgy vindaloo, to say the very least.

No-one has accurately stated what really went down in Eikaiwa-kusa town, that saw the fast food people holding the reigns to the horse with no legs, that’s for sure.

Is the horse with missing legs being run by the people with missing fingers?

It is known G Comm Nova DOES have a very checkered and well documented dubious history, relative to this very subject (questionable share trading activity), prior to embracing the Pink Bunny.

Is it not at all possible, in pristine Japan, that what the authorities have nabbed the bosses of G Comm Nova for in the past, is just a scratch on the surface?

If you smell Yak, then it’s the smell of ponzi scheme, or similar. With the decline of the industry per-say, logic determines that one could be forgiven for thinking as follows:

(a) How long before the boards go up across the doors of G Comm Nova?
(b) How long before G Comm Nova’s big wigs are held in their hotel rooms by the YAKS?

Who is it, that you are REALLY working for?

Up to you, but perhaps you should consider getting out now, while you still can.


Come off it. It all smells like a ruse to create some simpathy for the loser. He is just trying to stay out of jail and if he can have the courts simpathetic towards him he thinks they will be lenient on him or if the gangs are after him he could pose the hypothesis that the joint would be a bad place for him.

Well.... At least when asked, "What did you do in Japan?" Nova folk can say "I worked for the Yakuza", instead of "I taught three year olds how say the colors of their crayons”.

A ruse? Bullshit. You don’t get the leases Nova had, in terms of McEnglish outlets and billboards, without having interference by the YAKS (you stay, you pay), his business model very much stunk of YAK (it simply had to pop, and cataclysmically so, which was obvious years before it did go ding-a-ling, but on and on they went, it appears siphoning off what they could along the way), his stock market crony is widely reported to be connected to / affiliated heavily with the YAKS, Saruhashi and his immediate lieutenants look like YAKS, his LDP connections really did seem to stink heavily of YAK involvement – and thus, in summary, one can logically conclude, that there really does appear to be a hell of lot of YAK farts that envelope Nova. Some actually go as far as to hypothesize, that Saruhashi’s bets with the YAKS went so terribly wrong, a person was murdered, as part of an underworld effort to pull Saruhashi into line, and get him to cough up, before the place fell over once and for all, taking funds out of the enigmatic man’s control. What would drive you to steal from your employee’s nest egg fund? Just greed, or something more sinister? As for G Comm Nova, and YAK style stock market manipulation and game play – read the papers – it is all there.


"How the fuck is what you've written any better than saying that blacks in the US should be happy that slave owners gave them the opportunity to live in the US?"

Right on Brother!
You tell my man!
Lets organize a march.
How dare he! How very dare he!

I couldn't believe it when I was hit over the head, knocked out and smuggled to Japan to teach in the Nova slave industry. It is about time this international slave trade was exposed!

What's happening with Sahashi and the new guy Inayoshi just typifies the eikaiwa business in general. It's seriously rotten and generally run by, at best, unscrupulous types, and at worst, out and out crooks and criminals.

It's hard to believe that there are still a few die-hards like The Deli who've stuck with Nova all through the troubles of the past few years, and yet STILL want to work for them.

Get out now people before it's too late.

The Ripper

Comparing Eikaiwa to the slave industry is extreme, but while extreme, it does not mean that certain parallels cannot be drawn.

Instead of by whips and shackles, the collection of souls by eikaiwa is based on false promises (a year or a career, ability to save for a nest egg, the splendour of the orient, a position with a major Japanese corporate, excellent look on your resume, a stepping stone to a teaching career back home, and all of the insurance and accommodation scams thrown in for good measure, plus the rest, to numerous to state). The end result is the same – people working for little to no return, based on fundamental wrongs (labour collected by deception, as opposed to force). The fish hooks of eikaiwa are indisputably pure bullshit – mutton dressed up as lamb and gold plated dog shit.

Was the slave trade worse than Eikaiwa? For sure it was, but it does not make the eikaiwa scam right, not by a long shot.

Some people get confused by their love of Japan (it is no crime to love life in Japan, although the longer you stay, the clearer the reality becomes – first appearances do create a false impression), and what actually got them to Japan. They thus tend to defend Eikaiwa, based on feelings of nostalgia, and not reality. Also, while they may hate Eikaiwa (most do), they see it as a security blanket of last resort, should their time in Japan be seriously threatened – “as a last resort, I can go back to Eikaiwa” – while they may not like it, it comforts them, that it remains, should things get really tough.

The most interesting thing is that many Japanese subconsciously view Eikaiwa as being a soft form of slavery, and get a perverse pleasure from being able to visit their play thing, in the structured and controlled setting of an Eikaiwa booth. Nova spent enormous money on advertising, targeting this reality (the infamous Nova Viking Ship Commercial, featuring instructors on oar and in chains, being forced to row in time to the dictates on the Japanese – a Japanese child, I recall, although I have not seen it for a while, because it made be feel sick watching it). Does anyone have a link to a copy of that commercial? It would be relevant, if you do, to post it now.


The eikaiwa industry is probably best described as human trafficking. Bringing people into a country under false pretenses as to the type of work they will do or misrepresenting the amount compensation is part of the definition of human trafficking.

Thanks, Thorn.

I'm the one who made the slavery comparison, my point being that just because that NOVA provided us with some oportunities, it doesn't justify crime.

For those who think that current and former NOVA employees should just be thankful for the opportunity that NOVA provided for them, and that we should be uncritical, as if the end justifies the means, perhaps you'll be willing to criticize NOVA's top brass for not having the guts to come out and say the truth:
"When you work for NOVA, you'll be supporting organized crime."

Luke, You are trully a sad individual!!
The fact that you get such pleasure looking down on people who you seem to think are lesser than yourself. At least these folk you look down on aren`t foolish enough to state openly in public, like yourself, their sad, indeed, sadistic feelings. I have to say that I truly feel sorry for you. But then such sympathy would be wasted on you.
Perhaps, you should take a closer look at your sad soul, or lack of understanding of what loyalty means. And then, when you stop and think about the numurous unknowns about what a foreigner here in Japan was entitled to, blah, blah, blah, perhaps you might afford yourself the luxury of getting off your self-righteous high horse. You master of such wisdom, knowledge(serious tongue in cheek) and callous.

A survivor!!

Luke is alright – he just calls it as it is, rather than pretending the whole eikaiwa farce is anything but what it is. While it hurts some, who have limited their options by being sucked in by eikaiwa for too long, eikaiwa really is for losers, so why deny it? In that loser job, you can still try to do your best by your "students", and that is commendable, but really, that’s the only thing you can hang your hat on – eikaiwa does not give a fuck up you – you are just another number, another stupid foreigner, ripe for a good ass fucking, no matter how long your length of stay. I know it is kind of awful, but I don’t blame Luke for laughing at people who still take all that eikaiwa shit seriously, and I especially don’t blame him for aking a swipe at all those gaigin "manager" vermon, who actually got super sucked in, and took all the eikaiwa propaganda and bullshit seriously – it is hilarious, since it is SO obvious that eikaiwa is a total scam, that even a retard would pick up on it, in seconds.


HA! I would truly be sad if I was still working at an Eikaiwa.

Let me guess you are one on those dip shits who took a management job and NOVA or some other shitty Eikaiwa. A couple years ago you thought you had it made. Big bad manager running a tight ship. Making sure everybody’s top button was buttoned and shirt tucked in. Logging every little discrepancy in your secret notebook to give to your block trainer, to make you look good. (By the way if you ever get a real job, supervisors don't do that shit, just so you know.)

Don't tell me, you got married to one of the J-Staff. One who had been ploughed by a couple of dozen guys like me before, but she was creeping up on thirty, so she needed to find some sucker to marry her before her worse nightmare came true, single at thirty. And there you were, the nice safe guy who always came to work on time and kissed the right asses, a manager in a seemingly growing company or industry. At the time you weren't too bad of a guy to settle for.

But then, not all of the sudden, the gossip had been spreading for a while and obvious cutbacks were happening all around, your illusion of grandeur fell to pieces. How? Why? Why you? You were a good little drone. You always tucked in your shirt. You always prepared crafty ideas for voice. You always sucked up to the parents. Most importantly you always kissed managements ass as hard as you could. How could it be that the "career' you had built over the years shit tanked just like that.

It's sad that you don't realize your "career" and company is a joke. Did you think you could continue to make money doing that shit? Scams last a while, but every entities that doesn't produce value ultimately fails.

I don't look down on people who teach English, just those who aren't realistic about it.

P.S. Thanks for comments Thorn!


Spot on there. It really is HT. Same has been said many times about a large percentage of the Snack Bar / Hostess Bar gig in Japan, and of course, Eikaiwa is frequently compared to that "industry". Basically, if you work for Eikaiwa, you are not much more than a common whore, and you naturally get treated as such.

Really, embassies and/or the home office should run educational campaigns about the reality of eikaiwa, so innocent nationals can at least make an informed choice.

Personally, I am surprised the Japanese governement itself, especially now that the fingers in the pie LDP has been chucked out, have not intervened, and outlawed eikaiwa businesses period, since they are such a BAD advertisement for Japan.


No one by the name of Luke O'Donnell was ever employed by Nova. It is possible he is using a fake name to hid his shame.

Thanks for the information Sarubashi. Could also run a check through the Nova archives, and see if Thorn in Nova's Vagina was ever registered as a worker at Nova? I suspect Mr. Vagina is also hiding in shame.

Anders Lungtwist

Scams last a while, but every entities that doesn't produce value ultimately fails.

That's exactly it - a shoddy product like the one that Nova was dishing up will fail sooner or later. Successful businesses build up a good, honest relationship with their customers, and provide a quality product and service. While these types of businesses may not take the rich-pickings that Nova did, they'll ultimately last the distance better.

It amazes that certain people (The Deli comes to mind again!) have actually tried to justify the wrongful actions of Nova by saying that lots of other companies behave in the same way. That's as may be, but ultimately, as Luke points out, all such companies will collapse. And the people who slaved for them for all those years are the ones who have to ultimately take it up the rear end.

The Ripper

Are you referring to Paulz Deli by any chance? Rather sad about him actually, in that he recently had a full-scale nervous break-down. I actually blame Nova for it, since he really beleived in the Nova cause. Apparently his kid used to go to school, and tell people he worked for the Pink Bunny, with a big, proud look on his face. Kind of sad really. They found poor old Deli completely naked, sucking his thumb, sitting in a Nova toilet, and he had been banging his head against the wall for so long, his forehead had started to bleed. Typical Japanese, in that the staff could here the banging for three hours, but did not want to interpupt anyone during their toilet time. Anyway, he got shipped out in a straight jacket, so guess we won't be hearing about Deli anymore. Sad, all very sad. He was probably once an OK guy. Just another Nova mess, truth be known.

I've read his posts on here and other websites, and I don't quite understand why someone like him would keep sticking it out at a place like G Com, when he's clearly capable of better things. Not to mention living in denial about the sleaze-ridden history of the company, and still being proud of having his job with them and putting his all into it.

The Ripper

Paul is not well Ripper, and that is the simple reality of the matter.

In some ways, he views himself as being Japanese, and thus the whole sacrificial lamb, job loyalty has come into play.

To bury/disguise/water down his obvious non-Japanese reality, and to do the same regarding the absolute lameness of his job, he seeks Japanese approval and adulation in other ways, and the path he has chosen is to mimic crazed Japanese loyalty to “the company”.

Unfortunately for him, he does it on such a scale, he makes the G Comm Japanese staff look like they are bad gaigin.

What better way to ward of criticism in Japanese eyes (concerned family and friends) is there, than by throwing yourself under the oncoming tank with but a hand grenade in your ruck sack, in the name of “the emperor/company”, there by displaying in flashing neon lights your supremely unselfish gunburru spirit and loyalty to all?

Isn’t it beautiful, just like the short but beautiful life of a cherry blossom?

It’s the remnant of the whole kamikaze thing, still very much a part of Japanese society, and, since he isn’t Japanese, with nothing else to attach himself to regarding hard core pure and idealistic Japan (marrying a Japanese person does not cut it, in their eyes), he hangs on to and gets as much mileage as he can for it, as if his very identity depends on it (and sadly, it probably does).

It is not just a matter of confidence issues and having bills to pay and kids to feed. Deli’s psychology is now deeply influenced by the East, and unfortunately for him, it is to his absolute detriment, since Eikaiwa cannot be classified as being deserving of any loyalty at all, not even when using Japanese benchmarks. They know what Eikaiwa is.

At the best, Japanese people think his imitating of samurai attributes is kind of cute, and they would no doubt withhold open criticism, but deep inside, they will certainly be feeling enormous sorrow for him.

I was joking about him sitting in a Nova toilet, banging his head against the wall until it bleeds, but sadly, he might as well be doing that.

Shawn of LJ mentioned that some fellow named Nishida, who was involved in NOVA's stock dealing towards the end, was a yakuza who was arrested for shady practices. His MO was to get failing companies to announce that there was going to be a cash infusion, which would allow him to pump and dump the stock.

This could explain the October 5th, 2007 meeting at NOVA that never happened; a few days prior, all the branches were called and told that we were, "about to turn the corner", because someone was going to bail NOVA out.

Of course, this was also an attempt to keep the employees in their chairs.

Fuck NOVA.

This is how eikaiwa generally operate, with Nova being the grand master of them all. They're prepared to literally murder you in order to save their asses.

The Ripper

I think the guy's reached a point where he's got no choice but to keep thrashing himself at Nova on a daily basis. Obviously he's built up a salary with Nova but has family to feed, maybe a mortgage to pay etc. Or maybe leaving Nova and finding a better career is too much hard work for him to stomach. After all, "working" at Nova doesn't develop your skills, nor does it get you accustomed to hard work.

Sad really.....

I believe that NOVA was working for the mob, but it wasn't completely obvious; NOVA was a publicly traded company with branches everywhere, which to most people would make them seem legit. I don't think the employees, workers, and most poeple in general had strong reason to believe that there were mob connections.

Besides, who do you blame for a rape, the drunk girl in the short skirt, or the rapist? Being naive isn't a crime. Rape is.

NOVA was the rapist.

Pauls Deli reminds me of that other guy, Coburg, who used to haunt just about every Japan site known to mankind, for years on end. He too, was totally brainwashed by the Nova cause. Have not encountered good ole Cobbie for a while though. He was a mate of that outrageously outspoken and stuck up former AT from Nagano “JULIA” (man, she was a pain in the ass, in addition to being a total retard). She basically vaporized with embarrassment the day Nova finally went under, but Coburg hung around for a quite a bit longer, in disbelief, still thinking the cat, skull squashed and gizzards popped on the highway, was one day going to come in through the door as usual. What ever happened to Coburg? Is he still trying to promote his blog “Nova Reality”, or has he finally given the ghost up on that too?

Frankly speaking, Nova really did warp quite a few of those “long-termers”, but when you look at the stats, they were actually very few and far between anyway. The majority of people actually quit before their first year was up, no joke.

My guess is, they (the likes of Deli, and Coburg) were probably nuts to begin with, and Nova was just the icing on the cake, that finally really tipped them over the edge. I mean to say, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

You are quite right, in that both cases really are quite sad. May be Deli and Coburg are one in the same, who knows?


"The most interesting thing is that many Japanese subconsciously view Eikaiwa as being a soft form of slavery, and get a perverse pleasure from being able to visit their play thing."

Just because you talk crap in a reasonable way doesn't make it true.

"Some people get confused by their love of Japan (it is no crime to love life in Japan, although the longer you stay, the clearer the reality becomes – first appearances do create a false impression), and what actually got them to Japan."

A stated I wasn't imported as a slave. Came to snowboard & meet women! Wasn't kidnapped. Was paid more than I would've been first year out of Uni. Was wined and dined by students who treated me more like a king than a slave.

Stop talking complete crap. Get out of Japan because you clearly hate the place and have overstayed.

"Let me guess you are one on those dip shits who took a management job and NOVA or some other shitty Eikaiwa. A couple years ago you thought you had it made. "

Your story has me hooked already.

" Big bad manager running a tight ship. Making sure everybody’s top button was buttoned and shirt tucked in."

This stuff is great! Very compelling.

"Don't tell me, you got married to one of the J-Staff. One who had been ploughed by a couple of dozen guys like me before, but she was creeping up on thirty, so she needed to find some sucker to marry her before her worse nightmare came true, single at thirty. "

Amazing plot twists!

"And there you were, the nice safe guy who always came to work on time and kissed the right asses, a manager in a seemingly growing company or industry. At the time you weren't too bad of a guy to settle for."

Oh the human drama of it!

You should quit your job and take up story telling full time!

From your padded cell.

Well Jeff, atleast you admit that you took an Eikwaiwa job to meet women and snowboard. I hope you don't make the mistake of decieving yourself into believing it's a career. If you have any ambition to embark on professional career, don't stick around too long.


Who the fuck is Jeff?
I stayed one year and then came back home, never met anyone called Jeff.

Is this a touch or paranoia you are experiencing.

You think everyone here is called Jeff?

I was bang on with the padded cell cell advice!


Liam or Jeff or whatever your name is,

The name at the top of your posts for both "Luke O'Donnel" and "thornsvagina" says Jeff. Look back at your post dumbass.

Hmmm, snowboarding and meeting chicks – now that is what I call a sensible approach to the eikaiwa experience, and in general, branches near the ski-fields (Hokkaido etc), well, they tend to be a little on the more quiet, and thus sane side.

However, if you want to make the most of your work experience in the snow, I suggest a more meaningful, and frankly more respected line of employment, like empty out restaurant trash cans, at the snow fields, rather than diminishing yourself to a role with eikaiwa, in or near the snowfields.

Hmm, treated like a King, first year out of Uni. It is fun to reminisce about the good ole days……yes, hmmm, the good ole days, bring back the good ole days.

Yes, treated like a King, banging pussy, and snowboarding. Ahhh. Sexy. It sounds oh so lovely.

One could be forgiven for making a career out of that Jeff, you Charisma man you.



Well Luke, that is really what keeps Eikaiwa afloat - the dumbass factor. It really is a magnet, for dumbasses. Looking back, at those titled folk mainly, my God, it was just terrible. I don't like to say it, but I gotta tell ya, most of them, well, it was as if they were completely retarded. We use to refer to our AT as being Chief Nuff Nuff. He actually had a picture of that Nova sponsored racing car in his apartment. Sick, sick, poor sick, retarded fool. He now works as a waiter for a hotel in LA, by the way - no joke - sweet justice.


Ha! Chief Nuff Nuff is a waiter you say. Do you know what hotel? I go to LA about every three months.

Actually AT experience is the perfect stepping stone for returning to your homeland to become a waiter. First of all, the most important thing to remember at all times, if you’re a male server, is to act like you don’t have any balls. An AT’s role requires so much bitch work that the body surges estrogen production, eliminates testosterone, causing the poor bastard’s tiny balls to dissolve forever. After that everything else falls into place naturally.

I wonder if our boy Jeff is waiting tables near some sky hill, still trying to chase some pussy.


ANYBODY that was a titled teacher deserves the guilt trip. What happen to used car Ken? Douche. In hindsight they were the ones more responsible for the job going down the toilet. Yea......I'm happy to teach English in Japan. Really happy to see the AT/BT/HT/AAM crowd huddle together for easy target practice. F'them. How cool is it that we worked for the Yak? Doesn't really matter because the titled teacher crowd are such sociopaths that it would never seep in. Sad.....but their life is much worse. I hear from my friends things like "let it go"....but no way.....there are a lot of bad people out there and they need to be reminded of what they really are. Keep it up Luke.

"The Stratosphere", otherwise known as "DA SRAT".

Quite a handful of ex-Nova dumbasses ended up there, actually.

Check it out, if you wanna get served by a dumb ass.


Thanks Hank. Yeah, it's been over 2 years since i worked for NOVA, but ridiculing AT/BT/HT/AAM and anyone else who ever took that company seriously will never get old.


Da Stat. The place looks extremlely metro. I will definately have to check it out next time I'm out there. I'll request to be served by Garcon Nuff Nuff.



Why don't you see if the NOVA crew at the Da Strat can pull some strings to get you buss boy job, during the summers? You can continue your quest to chase tail and take up surfing.


Thorn wrote:

>He now works as a waiter for a hotel in LA, by the way - no joke - sweet justice.

There are a few well documented examples of Ex Nova-ites, who went on to much better things (Jero, and Edward Norton being the ones that jump into my head).

A couple of my coworkers later went into journalism, but you've gotta take what they say, with a pinch of salt, sometimes. One of my ex workmates INSISTS he's a journalist, but then will say, "but I'm teaching in Kawasaki, tomorrow".


Personally, I'm still teaching. It's all I know, and I'm a lazy bastard, with no ambition, and am only into Japanese girls - so I don't want to go home, ever. I do get the odd gig, as an extra, though, but ideally, I'm looking to make a living in porn - either acting, or writing.

What do you other guys, THORN, LUKE, etc, do now? Anyone flying high?

Hey! Where have the last couple of posts gone?

The one where Luke blubs about how he started at the bottom of the advertising tree and got a break in life?

And the one where he gets coated off for being a twat?

Are we being censored?


There's a threshold for trash talk and bullshit, and sometimes comments get axed.


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