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Sahashi on Trial: Prosecutors Ask for 5 Years

Today was the final day of Sahashi's trial, and in their closing statement, the prosecution asked that Sahashi be sentenced to five years in jail stating that his actions caused severe losses to students and employees, and that his taking money from the shayukai fund was no grounds for leniency. The defense reasserted that Sahashi is innocent and that he was trying to save the company from bankruptcy.

In his final statement, Sahashi expressed his desire to do as much as he can to repay the money taken from the fund. The judge will render his decision on August 26.

Comment: It looks like he will do jail time. My guess is that for those affected by Sahashi's actions, five years isn't enough.

Asahi article

猿橋・NOVA元社長に懲役5年求刑 弁護側は無罪主張







Jail time?

I will believe it when I see it!
And why is he the only one facing charges?

I saw a G Com Nova ad on TV the other day,
Are they back?

5 years... suspended.

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