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Sahashi on Trial: Testimony Thrown Out

Day 6 of Sahashi's trial was today (funny, the papers seemed to have skipped reporting on the 4th and 5th sessions), and the notion that he might get off with a light sentence seems to have gained some ground. According to the Asahi shimbun, the judge threw out 2 depositions given by the assistant manager during the investigation in which he stated that Sahashi had instructed him to use money from the shayukai employee's fund.

During the second session of the trial, the assistant manager revised his statement, testifying that he told Sahashi about the money in the fund but never received any instructions from him in advance. This contradicts the prosecutor's assertion that Sahashi gave directions to divert the funds from the outset. It also contradicts testimony from Sahashi who said that he was told about the money and understood that it could be used to pay for canceled lesson contracts.

This looks like a blow for the prosecution as it loses the testimony of a key witness. At the very least, some doubt as to whether Sahashi acted illegally has been introduced and this can only benefit him.

Asahi article

「NOVA元社長指示」供述調書却下 公判証言を重視





I would like to know the date the verdict will be handed down. I might even venture up to Osaka to see the monkey man myself.
Hope you can post the date!

Prosectors asked for 5 years for the monkey;

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