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Become Bipedal with Interac

Does the company make the man? Interac seems to think so. Just think of the adventure that awaits as you are transformed from an amoeba-like university graduate into an upright-walking sensei! Um, yeah...

h/t Fucked gaijin


A chimp in a suit is still just a chimp!

I think this is horrible. Is this an actual recruiting ad placed by Interac?
I hope the guy featured in the ad had no idea what the photos were going to be used for. If he thought the photo shoot was an ad for a Museum of Natural History then his compliance is acceptable. This is pretty offensive. It implies that we as English Teachers, or generally foreigners in Japan, were not enlightened until we caught a flight onto this quirky little homogeneous Island.
Shawn, where did you find this? I would like to write a complaint to Interac on this one.

Hysterical!!! Certainly the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.
It reinforces everything that I have posted on this forum about Eikawa enthusiasts and management trying their damnest to con the world and themselves into believing that they are authentic business professionals.

Head over to the Interac website ( and wait for the Flash introduction to load and start scrolling through the slides.


Very funny- Interesting enough, I was just thinking earlier on how Interac are almost becoming the new Nova, in the sense that they are importing gaijin over in vast amounts!

It's so true! ALTS - and JETs - are nothing but untrained monkeys in suits! (without the intelligence though LOL!)
Good work Shawn for exposing this scam, good work.

How did JETs suddenly come into it?

I have the dubious honor of being an ALT and the Japanese teachers mocked me for six whole months for wearing business suits and generally looking like I was trying to be the guy in the AEON posters. Now I mooch about in sweaters and white trainers does this mean I'm regressing?

Seriously though Interac has failed evolutionary theory big time. Species do not intrinsically move from lower to higher forms of life, they just change over time as certain genetic traits that allow individual forms of life to produce a greater proportion of viable offspring become more and more common. In different environments different traits are more or less advantageous but I can't think of a single environment where striding around with a permanent rapist's grin will help propagate one's genetic material, certainly not in an elementary or junior high school.

P.S Note that the "advanced" drone has lost the bag. Not being able to carry teaching materials and use your hands at the same time seems to be a pretty harsh trade off for a posture that makes you look like you are being led around by your permanently erect genitalia.

Sorry, I got it all wrong...the graphics are all about the leaving, rather than the joining, of eikaiwa...note the sense of confidence and relief as the gent exits stage right.

"How did Jets suddenly come into it"

ALT stands for "Assistant Language Teacher".

JETS are assistant language teachers. They are the same thing.

The only difference is that the average JET has the ego the size of a rather large ex convict colony (where they are mostly from)

What they don't show you is the final stage in the progression, where the guy has stopped shaving, has long since given up trying to get the chalk dust off his suit / marker pen off his hands and generally just shambles about grunting fragments of elementary Japanese or English while stinking of stale tobacco. Or was that just me?

if they are coming over in boatloads..maybe i can still sell off most of my crap i got here instead of leaving it for my cunt landlord to pick up when we abandon this sinking island of idiocy!

anyone need a decent desktop PC cheap??

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