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Open Thread: GEOS Discussion

Since there are more than 300 comments in the GEOS Rumours thread, I've decided to close the thread and start a fresh one here.



Now confirmed sold to CHCH manager. Evidence is letter to agents in Auckland and internationally. GEOS in NZ finished. Management has cut and run. This is the second domino. Have Japanese blogs realised the huge significance of this? Next North America? Europe? Asia? And finally, what of Japan? The evidence is clear: If Mr K had the slightest intention of standing behind the international schools he would have put money in. It didn't happen. THe internationals are ALL doomed to be plundered or sold. Any agent or staff member who ignores this is just dim-witted. There is no will to keep the internationals open. A fitting end for a faceless international chain of 'Mc English' schools

So were some of the Aussie management lining up to buy out GEOS, and then backed out at the last minute, or something?

What a load of crock ... this sleazeball has done a dodgy deal with Mr K for what purpose? To save his own arse & that of a few other corrupt cronies! Let it fail & prospective students will simply avail themselves of better options in the NZ marketplace.

Mr K would've signed personal guarantees on the building lease agreements for all 3 NZ schools (this is standard practice there). Now he's got his fingers crossed while some stooge "covers his backside" in order to avoid these liabilities ... meanwhile the Kiwi clown tries to deceive people that Mr K isn't still behind it all. What a farce! Don't fall for it people, boycott the buggers.

Good conspiracy theory'It is all BS'. Wriggling out of lease agreements must have GEOS laughing all the way home. But where is your tevidence that the new purchaser is a stooge - and what is in it for him? Evidence please!

Hi All,

I live in a GEOS apartment and my landlord knocked on my door last Friday trying to tell me that the rent on my flat hasn't been paid. (He doesn't speak English and I don't speak Japanese) Anyway, nobody at my branch has had this occurrence, but I was wondering if anyone from other schools has had this happen to them. It could be a mix up or isolated incident, but I've heard rumors about NOVA teachers being evicted when the company fell on hard times.


You dont live in a Leopalace apartment? Wasnt the rent taken out of your last pay check? All Leopalace apartments are rented in the companies name so I cant understand why some "landlord" would be bothering you, especially when its not the end of start of the month. I havnt heard of anything like this happening to anyone else, but a lot of what you say doesnt add up. Also if you had no way to communicate how did you know it was about the rent?

Geos ONLY uses Leopalace. I requested a non-Leopalace and they flat out refused, impossible. I ended up finding my own place because Leopalaces are shit, but Geos wouldn't even act as a guarantor and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

The poster above is talking complete bullshit and no doubt just trying to stir up some trouble or gossip.

It's very true that Nova had stopped paying rent on apartments for lots of teachers in the final two months before it went bankrupt. Nova had also decided to stop paying rent on it's school locations which resulted in quit a few, um, "unplanned" closures on the final week running up the declaration of bankruptcy.

If you are working for Geos and your landlord has told you your rent is late you need to do two things: #1 contact the dept. at Geos that handles accommodations and let them know the situation & #2 go to the let's Japan forums and post a new topic that explains your situation so more knowledgeable people can advise you.

First, GEOS does use some non-leopalace apartments in some locations, usually the more rural ones.
Second, if you are worried about late rent, I'd advise doing 2 things.
One, keep you payslips, as this will act as proof of payment.
However, it won't stop the landlord changing the locks, so TWO, keep one months rent tucked away for a rainy day. That way you can show the Landlord you are acting in good faith, show him the receipt, and let him chase the company.
But that said, I agree the above poster is just stirring.
But if you are not, there's some free, good advice for you.

I work for GEOS and don't live in a leo palace. I know plenty of people who don't live in leo palaces. Especially in rural areas and up north.

The landlord needs a court order to evict you.
It takes about 3 weeks to go through
If your locks are changed call the police - but keep all your documentation showing you have the right to live there and you have paid your rent.

They can't evict you until you've found somewhere else to live. They can't throw you out on the street so I wouldn't worry about it.

Yep, it is the beginning of the end. Some advice to bear in mind.

The first day your pay isn't in the bank don't go to work (you'll still get paid for it in the end after bankruptcy.)

Stay in the apartment as long as possible, then crash at fellow teachers apartments while you secure new housing.

Don't listen to school managers (Brainwashed Nazi's who don't care about you at all.)

If you have a family bail now!!!! (Right Now, it is already over)

If you are young free and single have an exit strategy and when you return to your home country join a union.

Japanese business honour is a myth. (Don't be relying on that which doesn't exist.)

Your best friend in this situation is you (and these words written here.)


The way the Japanese conduct themselves in international business is now before the world to see how much honour really actually means to them. I think that the days of large internationally respected brands has gone and it is back to producing post war cheap shit! The result will be the economy.

The Australian newspaper's Higher Education section carries two articles today of interest to the GEOS collapse. The first article by Nic White is not on line, so let's pick out the key parts.

"Japanese owner drained GEOS college of funds"

The GEOS English language college network collapsed because its foreign owners took millions of dollars from its accounts to prop up failing overseas schools, administrators and former staff say.
Administrators......found evidence in its financial records of regular money transfers to the Japanese headquarters through several years.
"Our preliminary investigation shows a substantial amount of money was sent to Japan, which contributed to the company's collapse." said administrator Justin Walsh, of Ernst and Young.
Sources in the administrators said the Australian schools were profitable and would have survived if the estimated $10 million had not been funneled offshore.
Gary Maserow, former principal of the Perth College, said GEOS chief Executive Tsuneo Kusunoki kept the Australian arm on a tight leash, demanding schools meet a monthly profit target and send him more than $100,000 a month in "loans" that were never repaid........
Mr Walsh said that administrators wanted a yet to be determined multimillion-dollar sum from GEOS International to help wind up the company.....
One administrator.....said that retreiving the money from overseas would be difficult and called on the federal government to assist. "The government will spend millions protecting Australi's reputation and finding places for more than 4000 students, so it's in their interests to help us," the administrator said.

See following post for second story.

OK, still with the Australian newspapers Higher Education section and an on-line story about the local "education" sector.

Private college numbers soar despite regulators' crackdown

Guy Healy From: The Australian February 24, 2010

PRIVATE college numbers have surged by 20 per cent in the past year, defying the federal government crackdown and prompting a warning the sector is still expanding too fast for regulators to cope.
As scores of colleges have collapsed or been wound up in the past two years, another 100 providers have sprung up mainly in key problem states of Victoria and NSW, latest official figures show.

"It's too much, too fast. It's exceeding the capacity of the regulators to keep on top of it all," the University of Melbourne's Leesa Wheelahan said.

"Education isn't a quick and dirty business. It takes time to build capacity and expertise."

Former Australian Council of Private Education and Training chief executive Tim Smith said the figures were unprecedented.

"The new compliance regime is biting and will drive quality improvement. But on balance it's healthy," Mr Smith said.

The comments follow evidence to the Senate by federal education department secretary Lisa Paul that 100 new providers had been registered, and Ms Paul expected the sector "to continue to grow". However, Professor Wheelahan said the growth in private providers had been "so big and fast", it had exposed problems in regulation and quality assurance. The figures highlighted the potential for "phoenixing", where businesses close down and re-emerge with a new name to escape debts.

"The various state governments need to explain the arrangements they have in place to ensure that a deregistered provider in one state doesn't pop up in another guise in another state," Professor Wheelahan said.

The figures come as Education Minister Julia Gillard announced the successful passage of the re-registration of providers bill, which will apply to all providers registered to teach international students. "Only those who have met the strengthened entry requirements will remain on the register from January 1, 2011," Ms Gillard said.

Yet the peak vocational regulator declined to say whether the 100 new providers would be subjected to increased checks.

Students affected by closures had been supported by consumer protection arrangements, ACPET chief Andrew Smith said

Two very interesting posts, one casting more doubt on the long-term future of GEOS, and the other showing Japan what it should have been doing years ago. Regulation, or at least an attempt at it.
From this it sounds like Australia is getting in a situation similar to the situation Japan currently finds itself in, i.e. One of over expansion and growth. Too many service providers in any industry will result in a poor service (like cooks and broth). An extended period of poor service (as in Japan for the last 10+ years) results in a large number if the student body being dissatisfied or disinterested. And when that happens there aren't enough students to support the running of the bigger organizations, which is what we are seeing in Japan.

Does anyone know what day our pay should go in this week. I have my doubts it will be on time.


I'll go out on a limb and say it will be on time... just like it has been every month before now.

Pay will be on the 30th.

Should be the 26th or 27th. If they have any sense it will be on time, or else you can imagine what will happen...

This is BS. You mean to say the landlord waited for 2/3 of the month before telling you the rent was late? Give me a break. Geos pays rent at the beginning of the month, so you should have kept quiet and posted this on March 2nd if you really wanted to cause trouble.

The lengths people will go to ruin someones life.

"...Administrators......found evidence in its financial records of regular money transfers to the Japanese headquarters through several years.
"Our preliminary investigation shows a substantial amount of money was sent to Japan, which contributed to the company's collapse." said administrator Justin Walsh, of Ernst and Young...."

kind of puts the lie to that statement about Geos Australia being essentially a franchise operation with naming rights but not connected in any way to Geos Japan.

Can you provide a link to the story? Can't seem to find it on The Australian's website.



The article is probably and Op-Ed. From what the previous poster said, its not online. It may be later this week. However it seems like he pieced together his article from different sources and inflated it by doing so. I have not seen any other news article show that statement from Walsh. So I wonder were he got this. I have read Walsh state overseas operations, but not Japan. So I wonder if by reading forums, blogs, newspapers he's blended Walsh's statement with that of someone's sentiments from a forum post.

Pay will be on the 26th or 27th... not on the 30th, assclown.

How many days in February?

1. A quick search at ASIC shows that all the Aussie GEOS companies are directly linked to Japan via ownership, directorship and share holdings.
Searching NZ corporate records also showed (this is prior to any recently reported but not yet recorded sale) that GEOS NZ was similarly owned. Same goes for GEOS NY.

2. Nic White's article on GEOS is in the print but not the on-line edition of The Australian. I bashed in on the keyboard the salient parts of his story. If we want The Australian to maintain interest in the GEOS story, drop Nic an email and tell him you appreciated his story and how important it is. Contact address is:

Here is a that suggests the Australian ran the story on February 1, about money being drained out of Australia to support operations in Japan.

In addition to what some posters have said, I want to point out that there are other ways that GEOS Japan could have taken money out of Australia if the allegation turns out to be true.

Other ways that are possible:

1) charge a management fee to the Australian units that was unsupported or in excess of the actual activity contributed by the parent.

2) bill the Australian unit for services that were not incurred by GEOS Australia

3) claim that a certain percent of the revenue of GEOS Australia was attributable to the parent company in Japan.

4) Have GEOS Australia provide services to GEOS Japan that would not be charged to Japan.

It is not always a simple matter of someone doing a blind wire of cash money, or loading up the suitcase and booking a ticket to deliver it. Many times it involves accounting on the books and what assumptions are being made.

Google cache link

On the above post, I start "here is a" and for some reason I couldn't get this Google cache link in.

Hoofin is spot-on in identifying methods of shifting money around in conglomerate enterprises. Number 1 in Hoofin's post is extremely popular.It will be interesting to discover what GMS charged the units for its services.

Also there is the question of share transfers between individuals and corporates. A fun way of sucking money out of an enterprise.

All will be revealed, yummy!

Staff usually receive pay slips a couple (2 or 3) of days before payday. This month's payday is Friday (tomorrow at time of writing) and as yet, we have no pay slips.
That's not to say we won't get paid on time tomorrow, nor that we won't receive the slips some time today, just a point of interest.

If Geos don't pay on time this month, they're fucked.

I for one will certainly not work until paid, and then I'd be straight on the phone to the company that offered me a job starting in April.

Fuck Geos, their instability, and scammy 29.5 hours shit.

I would be taking that job anyway. Me, two weeks left and I'm gone from this 29.5 hour and shit conditions with a company that has no idea on management or teaching English.

All GEOS employees. We all know that we should be gettig paid tomorrow, and the fact that will still haven't received our pay slips has got me a little worried. I suggest if we don't get paid tomorrow then we all need to let the weekend start early. The managers my put up with not getting paid on time but they damn well better know Westerners will not put up with this shit. Who's with me?

That's my plan. What time should the pay go in? Tonight or Friday night. No Pay No Sensei!!!!

I've found that most months my pay hasn't arrived by 9am but it's always there by 11:30am. I would assume the same this month.

Pay slips are here, well at this school anyway.

So did you GEOS teachers get paid?

Either way you should get out of Geos, February being the final month on duty.
How do you know you'll get paid next month?
Do you like being worried?

What school do you work at?

As if anyone would be stupid enough to publicize which school they're at when they're slagging their company off on the web. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Head Office staff read these pages.

Protect yourselves and don't give away details of location or anything like that.

SOME salient points.

pp 9 -10 'Reasons for GEOS Perth's Financial Difficulties'

"...the Company encountered a shortage in working capital as a result of:

    • A lack of cash made available to the Company after the sale and lease back of the school premises;
    • No money from the sale of the school's premises being re-invested to help offset the new lease commitments;
    • The disproportionate increase in expenses to revenue;
    • The financial difficulties encountered by other companies within the Group;
    • The inability of GEOS Australia Holdings and other related entities to repay loans; and
    • The inability of GEOS Perth to raise cash from other sources. "

Reasons given for increased expenses include - low staff turnover leading to increased hourly rates being paid to experienced teachers (like me!); increase in agents' commisions from 20% to 35% (gives the impression this was driven from GEOS Aust, not locally), and; increasing numbers of South American students paying lower tuition rates than other nationalities. But most of all, having to pay lease after selling the property!

p.13 'Receivables - Loan GEOS related entities'

"On 4 February 2010 the Administrators issued a demand on GEOS Australia holdings in relation to their debt payable to GEOS Perth. Given that GEOS Australia Holdings did not operate in its own capacity other than to act as a holding company for other members of the GEOS Australia group, the Administrators question the ability of GEOS Australia Holdings to repay the outstanding amounts. It is also the Administrator's understanding that a large amount of the funds provided to GEOS Australia Holdings were further lent to other GEOS entities globally and as such may not be readily available for repayment."
TOTAL VALUE: A$3,909,435

"The Administrators are beginning investigations into the recoverability of the loan provided to GEOS Canada. A notice of demand has been issued, but no repose had been received as at the date of this report."
(HELLO CANADA, HOW ARE YOU? Looking for alternative employment yet?)

There were also outstanding loans made to Cairns (A$25,400), Melbourne (A$75,000), National English Company (A$49,500).

Phew, more later... including pp. 19 - 26 'Administrators' Investigations'.

Man I hope those idiots st head office are Reading this it might make them stop sending those arrogant emails to all the schools and start looking for a job. They need to!

so sorry "LADY LADY LADY LOVE" that you feel my pseudonym is somehow less valid than yours. Lady, my name counts not. The name you can rely upon re: this information is Ernst & Young, the well-known and well-respected accounting firm who were appointed administrators and are the authors of the report from which I directly quote. I'd be delighted if you cared to follow up and get a copy of or verify the report yourself by contacting Ernst & Young on +61 3 288 8359 and discuss it with Leanne Williams.

post the link of the factual source please. for the admin post. not available. I only have a paper copy received the old-fashioned way. As I said, feel free to follow up with E&Y.

Lady, "it's so easy to post lies". Honey, did you READ my post? Nothing easy about trying to make that s#@t up. It's bad enough copying it from the report.

ok, no online post yet. if you could though, could you scan it to pdf, create a free website on a webhosting like cjb, and upload the pdf. i know it might sound like a lot of work, but i thin everyone will appreciate it. should only take 15mins. 5 min scan, 10 min website sign up, 10sec upload, done.

Sounds like a good idea, and I'll try to get onto it tomorrow...

Thank you.

I am working in the Hirosaki branch and my pay is not in the bank.
I have contacted friends in the surround cities and they too are
without funds.

Does this mean it is really happening??

Pay is not due until tomorrow or Saturday, assclown.

Couldn't you wait a mere 24 hours before hitting up the Geos website, picking a random branch, and running back here to play your pathetic little games? How much of a grudge do you have that you can't wait 1 day? Did kusunoki bust a nut inside your little sister or something?

Calm down. Payday is tomorrow.

It isn't pay day yet! Dag!

This resident "I'm a Geos teacher and (bullshit lies)" troll is pretty easy to spot. His command of English is awful and he always makes some kind of elementary mistakes. Often the stories just don't add up. Probably a (not very bright) non-native speaker who got knocked back by Geos. That would certainly explain his burning grudge. here's the administrators reported as referring to an entity called GEOS Australia Holdings and all the while we have been focussed on GEOS Management Services. The latter is recorded by ASIC as being under Administration while our new find GAH is, as now, happily registered and seems to be a "going concern," Anyone know what is going on????????

I went through the Nova bankruptsy and right until the end there were dipshits and retards telling us everything was OKAY..

One particular retard was Roald Kern (BT of Kumamoto) This jagoff worked overtime and kept saying "They wouldnt bring new people over if they werent gonna pay them"

Dont trust the trolls :)

Are you denying everything or are you in denial? Hey, what's the difference? Don't trust em - dipshits, retards, trolls!!!

"Pay is not due until Saturday, assclown."

I have never been paid on Saturday before?? Sounds like thhis faggot loves kusunoki. Seems happy to take it up the ass himself!

Checked the bank and my cash isn't in. It's only 7.00am so I will reserve judgement.

Couldn't you wait a mere 24 hours before hitting up the Geos website, picking a random branch, and running back here to play your pathetic little games?

Yep, this poster is a bona fide GEOS management stooge.

Several weeks after teachers have been cheated out of salary and evicted from their apartments, he’ll continue to defend his company.
Why do these stooges do this? It’s simple, the only success these rejects have ever had was getting a promotion at an Eikaiwa, so they desperately hope, beyond the reality of the situation, that everything will be okay, cause they’ve got nothing else going for them.

Face it stoogie your charade of being somebody significant is coming to an end very soon. You weren't fooling anybody anyway, except yourself.


I don't doubt that the excerpts from the E&Y report are true. A few commenters have demanded links to the report but I think you need to stop and consider the source. E&Y are under no obligation to release this on the Internet, hence the paper versions. Not everything is available on the Web. It would be nice to see some scans, though, because I'm sure everyone is curious to see what GEOS Japan has been up to.


'I am working in the Hirosaki branch and my pay is not in the bank.
I have contacted friends in the surround cities and they too are
without funds.'

What kind of shitty English is that?

GEOS payday - it's nearly 9am - the countdown begins.....

Will pay be in the accounts at 9am?

Will it be in at mid-day?

Will it be in by 5pm?

Only time will tell..... The clock is ticking.....

If pay goes in tonight and we can access it on Saturday which is strange, it still means the pay is late and Geos is trying to delay whatever payments they can untill the last miniute.

Anyone know where R.M. Dharmadasa is living? Is he in Australia or Sri Lanka? Anyone know?

I have contacted friends in the surround cities.

The word 'surround' is the dead giveaway, I'm afraid. It should be 'surrounding'. However, apart from that, the style of the rest is, whilst not grammatically incorrect, one that few native speakers would employ.
You should have said something like: 'I've contacted a few people working at other branches in my area and they haven't been paid either'.


Can anyone confirm reports coming through thay GEOS teachers have not been paid this morning? I've been told that teachers have simply walked off in some places, refusing to teach until the money goes in. All power to 'em I say! Things must be pretty close to chaos in many branches if these reports are true.....

No pay No Sensei!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been told that teachers have simply walked off in some places, refusing to teach until the money goes in.

By whom? Where did you hear this? Give us some more details otherwise it just sounds like an unfounded rumor.

?? but at one minute past eleven there wouldn't have been any schools open.

I think they are all either 12-9 or 1-10 these days

sounds a bit off

What time is it in Japan? Did you get paid or not at the normal time?

Walked out at 1 minute past 11, almost 2 hours before showing up for work? That doesn't even make any sense.

Seriously, some of you guys are fucking stupid. Can't you post a single lie without fucking it up? Given your failure to notice the time, I'd wager that you're not even in Japan. And you are clearly a non-native speaker. So which shitty 3rd world country are you posting from and what's with this huge, desperate grudge?

This is so funny to read... and I work for the company. I'm worried about the company but all the terrible liars are just funny. Saying they haven't been paid and walked off before work started for any NET teacher.

"Pay is not due until Saturday, assclown."

I have never been paid on Saturday before?? Sounds like thhis faggot loves kusunoki. Seems happy to take it up the ass himself!

Checked the bank and my cash isn't in. It's only 7.00am so I will reserve judgement.

He didn't say Saturday, he said "tomorrow or Saturday"... tomorrow being Friday at his time of writing. I like how you deleted the Friday part in a desperate attempt to look big and clever. And what's with all the question marks? Are you asking us or telling us?

And yes, as you're clearly not a Geos employee (but rather a 3rd world troll with shitty English), I don't expect that they're going to pay you anything.

My pay never goes in until well after lunch. Don't get all frantic until later today.

GEOS NZ Ltd has changed its name effective 26 Feb 1010 to New Zealand Languages Centre (company number 248543). And guess who the director is? Yup, Mr Tsuneo Kusunoki. And GEOS Corporation Japan is recorded as owning 247, 000 shares in the new name entity. What tangled webs are woven in this industry.

Haha..... I got paid!
Now you all have 33 days to write wonderful posts about the chaos, the panic and the running of teachers in March. Sorry to disappoint you all- and good luck trying to amuse yourself for the next little while.
Toyota and their probs seems like a good idea- or the Olympics- or wait how about plans for the next holiday. Those of you outside Japan- which judging from the posts are the majority- must have some holiday period coming up. Spring break anyone?

Did not know this was some kind of a contest! It is interesting watching this story though. I suppose Geos employees not getting paid would have been more interesting if you want to look at it from that angle.

Speaking for myself, I did not think Geos would go down this month (with the money they got from Australia etc.). While I have zero inside information, common sense should tell you that they are in big trouble though. Don't you agree with that?

Anyway, my point is simply that this. Some people are cheering for Geos downfall. That hardly makes any difference at all though. That smart money is on that company going down before the year is out.

I was paid as well, however it was not on time for sure. Since I started working for the company, I was paid on the last weekday of the month well before noon EVERY time. However, today they were 2 hours late.

I have no confidence about next month.

Glad you got paid but really, but stupid are you - gloating over the fact that you got paid for your work - woopee. Everyone elso who works gets paid for it without the stress of going to the bank, heart in your throat, wondering if your salary will be in the bank. Bit ridiculous really if you continue working for a company where you're gonna be relieved each month that you got what was rightfully yours in the first place - a wage for your labour.

Paid in full and on time.

Thankfully I'm out of here in a few days, gonna pack up my bindle & hit the big city. I hear the streets are paved with gold and diamonds.

I can't wait to hear Geos' excuse for trying to stiff me out of my end of contract bonus, though.

Me too, no more Geos for me! I wonder how they are going to replace all these teachers that are leaving. There are only so many subs to go around.

I was paid as well, however it was not on time for sure. Since I started working for the company, I was paid on the last weekday of the month well before noon EVERY time. However, today they were 2 hours late.

I have no confidence about next month.

2 hours late? It's only just gone past 1:30 as I write this, but you somehow received your pay 2 hours after noon? Is this some kind of damage to the space-time continuum that the rest of us don't know about?

Also, do you expect us to believe that you've been stood in 7-11 all morning, checking your balance time and time again? Otherwise, how on Earth would you know what time the money was deposited? Bank statements only show the date of credits/debits, not the time. And let's not forget the part where you claim to have received your money 2 hours past noon when it isn't even 2pm yet.

Some of you clowns are truly pathetic. At least buy a new battery for your shitty Casio wristwatch.

Some of you clowns are truly pathetic.

They certainly are ... hoping that people don't get paid or the company goes bankrupt. What kind of people wish for such things?

Even so, you've got to admit that the long-term health of the company doesn't look good. It wouldn't surprise me if all this uncertainty drags on for months. The smart thing to do would be to look for other work in my opinion. At the very least, it must be difficult working there with all this negative stuff going around.

"...I can't wait to hear Geos' excuse for trying to stiff me out of my end of contract bonus, though...."

assuming they actually give you an excuse

from what I've heard they never explain how the bonuses are calculated.

you people are pathetic.. honestly, why do you wish such terrible things towards GEOS and their staff? do you like seeing bad things happen? i agree that it's difficult to see GEOS' future or how long this company will last, but you people go so far to even make-up shitty lies just to make people worry? come on, get a damn life. instead of putting everything you have into trying to terrorize people on here, why don't you put all that energy towards something productive? you'd be surprised at what you can accomplish.

of course this news isn't good news for people like me who work for GEOS, but i'm just trying to keep a cool head about it and do the only thing i really can do: trust what my company tells me for the time being and have a back-up job lined up just in case. the only thing i really can do: trust what my company tells me..........
Where do these people come from!!!???? This is a company that wrote to all its Australian staff on 4 December 2009 saying "trust us, all is fine...." sgd Mr K.

EY currently sending these reports to all ex-employees based on their respective employing schools. With a bit of cross-referencing on LJ we will be able to get a real picture as to how this outfit worked.

"trust what my company tells me for the time being"

Do you have any idea how utterly ridiculous that statement is? It is not wise to trust even the best companies in good financial health. To say that about a company like Geos (crappy in the best of times) at the edge of an abyss?!

I agree that those who think they can speed up the demise of Geos with silly posts that they obviously pulled out of their behinds are pretty pathetic but to say something like that is even worse!

Geos might be able to drag it out for a little while yet, but they are heading straight for a brick wall you are playing Russian roulette every payday. Do what is best for you but do not trust in Geos for heavens sake!!!

2 hours late? It's only just gone past 1:30 as I write this, but you somehow received your pay 2 hours after noon? Is this some kind of damage to the space-time continuum that the rest of us don't know about?

You have too much free time on your hands.


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