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Kusunoki Stomps his Feet

As I wrote previously, Oh to have been a fly on the wall at GEOS. You already know the obituary:

The failure of major language-school operator Geos Corp. occurred because the company didn't trim unprofitable branches fast enough at a time when the industry was facing a drastic drop in students, people in the industry said.

Although the bankruptcy of industry leader Nova Corp. in October 2007 damaged the image of the commercial language school industry, the impact this time is likely to be contained somewhat by the swift response of G.communication Co., another language chain that has offered to take over about two-thirds of Geos' branches.

"I think the biggest factor was the decline in students," said Masami Sakurabayashi, director of the Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education, a Tokyo-based organization that promotes sound management of foreign-language schools. Geos, the second major language school to fail in the past three years, is not a member of the group.

And you know that the executives filed for bankruptcy because the board members couldn't agree on whether to keep GEOS alive or not. Now there's this:

The decision to file for bankruptcy was not his, the president of language-school chain Geos Corp., Tsuneo Kusunoki, implied in an unusual statement released Thursday.

"The company's board of directors did not reach a consensus on filing for bankruptcy, and the action was taken by one director and some employees," Kusunoki said in the statement. "Although it has given the impression that the company filed for bankruptcy, it is actually not the company's will."

And this:

The founder and president of Geos Corp said Thursday he will ask the Tokyo District Court to avert bankruptcy proceedings for the major language school operator.

Tsuneo Kusunoki expressed his intention a day after Geos filed for such proceedings with the court, which ordered the protection of the company’s assets from creditors. ‘‘A company has come forward to extend financial support to Geos, so it does not have to go bankrupt,’’ Kusunoki, 62, said.

An executive in charge of financial affairs, who is one of the three board members at Geos including Kusunoki, decided to file for bankruptcy protection, according to Kusunoki.

The Geos president said he is considering taking countermeasures as he did not agree with the executive’s decision.

Shades of Sahashi? He claims to be acting in the interests of the students (who gives a damn about the teachers, eh?), but a power struggle like this strikes me as exactly the worst thing to do if you want to protect your students.

Kusunoki needs face up to reality and accept that it's all over. If anything, fighting for control of GEOS would further damage his credibility. How can he be trusted now when he said not long ago that the closure of GEOS Australia wouldn't affect operations in Japan? More importantly, GEOS teachers may not be paid for April. If the teachers won't get paid, then it's game over for sure.



That is just... sensational. I'm at a loss for words. This is descending to the level of a farce.

New contracts in from G.comm. Not bad all things considered. They will begin our pay period from April 16th, meaning that teachers will have only lost about half of Aprils salary, and at least part of that can be recooped by the government. So, if you're at a school that is remaining open its not the end of the world! Think positive :)

I have posted under the title "Why GEOS Is A Dysfunctional Family" and I also had a brief post yesterday in which I mentioned that Kusunoki had not signed off on the bankruptcy.

This scenario has all the elements of black comedy.
a) A man (Kusunoki) who has been abusing wife and family (GEOS management, staff and students) for years
b) A wife (top management) at her last wits sues for a divorce (bankruptcy)
c)A husband (Goshujin Kusunoki) counter sues against the divorce (bankruptcy)

Ah, yes, you gotta love the sweet, melodrama of the dysfunctional GEOS family.

Do you trust that? Really? In the wednesday meeting we were told we wouldnt get paid until 15th june, and then only about half pay. Have you actually heard first hand from anyone in g-com that this is the case? Or is this 2nd hand information you heard on the grapevine?
Seems like there is a lot of rumour flying about but very little information directly from g-com themselves. We have already sent an email asking for clarification but so far been greeted with deafening silence.

"If anything, fighting for control of GEOS would further damage his credibility."

What credibility?

"New contracts in from G.comm. Not bad all things considered. They will begin our pay period from April 16th, meaning that teachers will have only lost about half of Aprils salary, and at least part of that can be recooped by the government. So, if you're at a school that is remaining open its not the end of the world! Think positive :)"

This from Japan Today...
"the founder and president of Geos said he will ask the Tokyo District Court to avert bankruptcy proceedings for the company.

‘‘A company has come forward to extend financial support to Geos, so it does not have to go bankrupt,’’ Tsuneo Kusunoki, 62, said."

What the %&$'!!
I have just returned home unemployed because I wouldn't sign a new contract with Co.Ltd.
They told me to back date the new contract to April 16th and then I would get an extra weeks pay.
How can I have a contract saying I started work with Co.Ltd 1 week before the bankruptcy, when at that time I was working for GEOS with a valid work contract???
Something is very wrong here.

Think positive! we have just been scammed out of all our holidays, bonuses and work contracts. Not to mention the new contract expires when your visa expires (see employment period clause) so any body trying to renew their visa is pretty well F!"#$%$D!

I did think positive... I walked out the door.

You think all things aren't bad? Are you effing kidding me?
Sorry for not agreeing! wait a month so see if people who need visas start getting laid off.
And then wait until July to see IF they hire you for 210,000 yen.

Notice of Working Conditions

Employment Period
2010年 月 日から2010年7月31日又は就労VISAの期日までの早く到来する日付まで
2010 (month) (day) ~ July 31st 2010, or the expiry date of the working visa, whichever is the sooner.
Work Place
Branch (Transfer between branches is possible)
Work Duties
講師: 語学レッスンおよびその附帯業務・必要に応じ、業務内容を変更することもある。
Instructor - teaching lessons and related duties; the possibility exists of a change in job duties if

1. 雇用内容
Working Conditions
Working conditions will, in principle, be the same as those under the bankrupt company GEOS Ltd. for the duration of this
agreement, with the exception of the details listed below.
Payment of Salary
締切日:毎月末 支払日:翌15日
The final day of the pay month: the last day of each month Payment Day: 15th of the following month
3. 年次有給休暇
Annual paid holidays
The Employee is eligible for a certain number of paid holidays (10 paid holidays in the case of a 5 day workweek), in accordance
with Article 39 of the Labor Standards Act, after 6 months of employment with Co.Ltd.
Any paid holidays accrued or due under bankrupt company GEOS Ltd. are no longer available, including any paid holidays for
which approval has already been granted under bankrupt company GEOS Ltd.
However, notwithstanding the above, the GEOS period of branch closure from April 29th to May 5th inclusive shall be paid, under
the same conditions as those of bankrupt company GEOS Ltd.

4. 退職
・解雇 Resignation/Termination
In the case of voluntary resignation, the resignation form should be forwarded one month in advance of the date of resignation.
No severance pay shall be given. No bonus shall be paid.
The instructor will be discharged when one of the following conditions is applicable:
1. 天災等により事業の継続が不可能になった場合
Circumstances such as natural disaster that do not permit business operations to continue.
2. 事業の縮小等、やむを得ない理由により減員等が必要になった場合
Circumstances that require downsizing of the company.
3. 職務命令に対する重大な違反行為があったと認められた場合
Serious violation of company directive(s).
4. 業務について不正な行為があったと認められた場合
Dishonest act(s) in the workplace.
5. 勤務態度または勤務成績が不良で社員としてふさわしくない言動があったと認めた場合
Unsatisfactory work attitude/achievement; inappropriate conduct.
6. 精神・身体の障害または私傷病により、雇用を継続することに耐えられないと認めた場合
Inability to continue to work due to mental or physical reasons.
7. その他、上記に準ずるやむを得ない事情があった場合
Other reasons pursuant to the above.
* 雇用条件の内容は、異動等により変更となる場合があります。
* The details of the working conditions may change as a result of a transfer.

I love how on the contract under working conditions it says

"working conditions will IN PRINCIPAL be the same as those under the bankrupt geos company"

in principal?! ha ha ha, them are some real tight legal terms you got there.

In reply to "Paid"....
The contract I was offered was from not G.comm and yes I can confirm that I was asked to back date the contract start date to April 16th!
How can this be legal? On April 16th I was working for GEOS, or was I?
The new contract also states that..
1/ it it only valid until the expiry date of your current work visa! So all those who had new contracts and were about new their visas may be in trouble.
2/ they can terminate you at any time with no notice or severance pay for "Circumstances that require downsizing of the company"!

So all things considered pretty Bad!

Anyway its only a 3 month contract.. after which who knows what will happen to the teachers.

Our manager however has been informed that her salary will be cut by ¥50,000 per month after July.
This is not speculation or rumor, I have seen and read the new contracts.

I will not be signing this contract.

@ Paid

did we read the same contract? We will be getting paid from April 23rd (today) to April 30th, in the middle of May POSSIBLY. Who knows? I dont trust any of these people anymore...and the hotlines dont work and theres a total VOID of communication here. Told us we had to fax the new contract before we started work today and we're STILL WAITING ON THE FAX NUMBER.

I taught one lesson for the students sake waiting to hear SOME kind of information, gave up and cancelled with my other class as I don't work for free. F*** all of this. And they want us to cancel our holidays next week if you had anything booked on days other than April 29th-May 5th. bollocks i say

You do not owe the students anything. It is there own fault for giving money to a failing company when they had so many other options. I certainly would not teach for free!

Id be taking that contract to the nearest labor office.
Surely, Surely, there is something in Japanese law about having to honor contracts if you take over the reigns at a company.
Also, every single teacher should say "hell no" to those contracts. Gcom are assuming you won't, and that's just shitty. If all teachers just say thanks but piss off, that'd leave gcom with 200 non functional schools. They won't let that happen. Where are they gonna hire 200+ teachers from overnight?
It's a confidence trick. Think about it. They are trying to make you believe you have no negotiating power, but you DO.
Who's gonna step up and take the lead?

not so bad!? Only for the teachers whose schools are not closing..
How about the teachers from the 99 schools that are closed, they're not getting any contract offers from G.comm.

I'd just like to point out that EVERY teacher at Geos in Japan was offered a job by GComm. Those who attended the meetings gave over their phone numbers and emails to be contacted about the hiring. Even those people from the schools that were closing immediately. If they couldn't attend the meeting they should contact head office to let someone know they still want to teach. Some schools aren't reopening until next week or after GW, but we were all promised jobs. If you haven't been contacted yet please be patient while everyone is being called or call head office yourself.

Bit of a prisoner's dilemma there. IF you got most of the teachers from the 200 schools together to demand a better contract then maybe they could actually get one.

BUT, knowing that they won't be able to all get together like that in such a short period of time, the individual teachers will take what they are offered because it is that or nothing.

Plus, this is hardly an employee's market. GComm has lots of teachers from the schools that are getting axed who would gladly step in to take whatever they have to offer if anybody tries to bargain over the terms.

Sad day to be a GEOS teacher. I worked for them about 10 years ago and just thank god nothing like this happened when I was with them. Good luck to all of you.

Though I remember being told at the meeting that GComm would 'try' to offer teachers jobs. Oh, and the sheet we were given says 'There is a mutual agreement with the succession of our company that the corporate sponsor will provide employment to employees.' But, notice the absence of a quantifier in that sentence, i.e. is it 'some employees' or 'all employees'? I really want to believe they'll provide us all with jobs, but I have my doubts. Yes, I'm being very pessimistic, but can you blame me?

Have they given us the fax number yet? did it with Nova and they are doing it with us... They will not hire everyone, let's face it, they don't have the space for the teachers... Having said that, how many people quit today? And better yet, how many will show up tomorrow? And after golden week, how many then? How many are sticking around for the first paycheck and then saying Sayonara?

So yes, they will do a Nova again. Where they fire teachers because they don't have the space for them and then they will call them back when the teachers they did hire walk out.

what I want from their lawyer is the Rishokuhyou papers (unemployment notice) so I can start filing for unemployment claims.

Actually we were given that paper at the meeting. If you didn't attend, then I'm sure someone can make a copy for you.

none of the japanese-written papers given at the meeting could be used. went to unemployment office and checked with them already.

Was it due to a lack of an official hanko or some such issue?

It needs to be hankoed using Kuzunokis blood. Thats what they told me.

Goes teachers are about to find out that what G-Con say in the papers and what they do on the ground are two TOTALLY differnt things.

Get out while you can.

there was defintiely something fishy about the pressure gcomm
applied to get teachers to sign up with them - very little information was
given and those "contracts" were almost comical

'in prinipal your duties, salary, and location will remain the same...unless they aren't"

It seemed to me that what they wanted was signed papers immediately
there was no mention of having time to consider the offer.

They rushed it through so fast that they still don't have a fax number to send the paperwork to.

In regards to the directors and Kusonoki falling out - what happened was that one of the 3 directors and few Hon-buchos filed the bankruptcy papers - one of the other directors (the only guy in the company with an iota of decency) strongly advised all employees to ignore the gcomm offer and started the process of disputing the bankruptcy.

As I heard it, gcomm agreed to come aboard as a partner but got one of the directors to file bankruptcy and released the info to the media as them taking over the whole company.

The bottom line is that if they can generate enough positive media buzz and at the same time set up some ropey infrastructure to
keep the schools running then they'll suceed in taking over the operations od geos.

But make no mistake - what they want is the customer base and thats all -they'll push all the students over to their nova schools and shut down the geos schools.

the smell is so bad it makes natto smell like sweet perfume

I can tell you exactly what they are doing. They are trying to get the GEOS teachers in the G.Ed NOVA fold as fast as possible. I am almost sure that some of the GEOS branches are going to be handed over to sister companies of G.Ed. In a few months another new contract will be offered. The newer contract will be much more stable but it will be a G.Ed NOVA like contract. Over time those who keep their job will end up working at a G.Ed GEOS, G.Ed NOVA or a sister company GEOS/NOVA branch. G.Com is gonna use the same method they used to get NOVA up and running again. It all goes in stages.

Keep your ear to the ground and be keen with these people but don`t fuck around with them too much. They will offer you something and you can take or leave it as far as they are concerned. They are in rapid rebuild mode and will not think twice about dropping just about anyone. Play it cool yall.

At this point, if you really MUST teach English, why not just pack up and do it in Shanghai? Plus you get to see the World Expo!

If I were a GEOCommer, I'd probably sign the new contract, teach a few days so I can hand out my contact details to students for private lessons (especially the hot ones, no more worries about getting busted for dating students eh?) while definitely NOT teaching or selling shit, or even wearing a tie (if the staff even dare to call you on it, just say "the stress made me forget, sorry" every day), but just do total gossip and news exchange. Take the hypothetically paid Golden Week, then call in sick from May 6, claiming stress, stomach ulcers, suicidal thoughts or something, until the May 15 payday. Your time will be better spent at the labor office and chillin at home for mental health reasons than at GEOCom. Oh, and don't even bother contacting any sort of labor union. If you get the union thoughts going through yer head, remember, this "job" is not worth fighting for.

Go home. Working at friggin Starbucks for $10/hour is better than this shit, both financially and mentally.., oh, AND career wise.
No, seriously.

This must really suck if you're a Euro and that volcano doesn't stop.

BTW, can we call it GEOCom?
How about GEOcon?

GEOCon sounds great! ;-)

Personally, I think it was over ambitious of GCom to think they would pull off the logistical miracle of reopening nearly all the Geos branches after only 2 days of down time. Not only did we not recieve 'real' contracts to sign, there was not nearly enough information for us to make an informed decision to sign that bugger. I refused to teach my first two lessons today without a proper contract, so I just chatted with my students for an hour in the school's lobby.
Why is it that Japanese people can have such a lighthearted stance towards the absence of a proper contract? It seems people don't mind working for free. I can't understand how it would be possible to backdate those contracts to the 16th of April when we were still technically under the contract with Geos which forbids contracting with any other company. I suppose the fact that we've been laid off by Geos means that contract is now null and void. Still, if Mr. K is contesting the bankruptcy, I fail to see how he'll be able to recover anything after GCom gets all the students to void their contracts with Geos and have them placed under GCom.
I'm inclined to sign on with GCom because I have nothing better to do for the time being. If they're offering to pay me the same salary I was getting with Geos for a while, I'll take what I can get. I know there's a line of school-less teachers waiting to take my place if I don't sit down at the table.

What student would be willing to spend money on private lessons when they already have up to a year of non-refundable GEOS/G.Education lessons?

Well, one of the main concerns students seem to have is that they'll be able to take lessons with the same teacher. If they find out that their teacher will be different, then in comes of the flood of concerns over lesson quality and teaching style, etc. etc. Some students could hypotheitcally take the lessons they've got while also taking private lessons from their original teacher.

You know what we need? We need less speculating and less half-baked ideas at this point and more action, progressive action. We need clear communication and research into the law. We need actual consultation from someone who has helpful legal information, not website lawyers and paranoid naysayers.

Let’s suppose we, those of us in this leaky boat, say "hell no" as you suggested. Your estimate of 200 teachers is erroneous; the number is closer to 300 upward. This includes the 200+ teachers still at open schools and 100 teachers in limbo at closing schools. What if only half of those 200 teachers say no? That gives placement to the 100 teachers currently in eikaiwa purgatory.

And let's say they get the message of hell no and GCom decides to back out of the deal. Now we are definitely looking at 2,100 employees who are all shafted because they pissed away a back-up plan. It's easy to sit on your natsukashii porch, Gramps, saying 'if I was still there' and 'back in my day', but it doesn't do us any good. If you call people to action, don't put down the megaphone before you make your point.

I agree with you on a two things:

1) Teachers do have leverage in this situation, but being completely antagonistic is not the solution. I cannot speak for any other teachers, but personally this is not the worst situation I’ve ever been in. I am sitting in my apartment with electricity typing on my paid-for laptop. I’ve been through worse situations and I know that all of my friends have enough intelligence and self-confidence to get through this. What happened with NOVA is not the same situation, but we can learn a lot from that tragedy.

2) There needs to be someone to step up to band the shaken teachers together, find out about the legality of the contract, and ensure that all teachers are communicating. You mentioned you used to work with us, you have any leads on who could be the one to charge forward through this brave new world? Most people I know are too self-interested right now, and understandably so.

Not all of us are taking this lying down (or from behind) but even those of us who plan to say yes are fighting the best way we currently know how. We are calling each other, emailing each other, listening to each other cry, trying to network. We are real people, this is no farce. And once people stop freaking out and start sorting fact from fiction, as well as iron out their contingency plans (which we all need to have, GEOS teachers and otherwise), we can finally stand up and make a decision, yes or no.

When I first began working for the company formerly known as GEOS, it took a long time to ease into the job. It was my students who took care of me and made me feel a small semblance of home. For some people, it's easier to cut their losses. But in my town, they are the closest thing I have to family. When this news broke, they were the first ones to come to my aid. So I am going to stick this thing out with them, at least as long as I can.

But it all looks so simple from up high, doesn't it?

The move to Shanghai comment is a good suggestion. There is a company that has jobs for GEOS teachers who want to go to China. They have employed some of the Nova teachers a couple of years ago.

Apparently you can mail them directly @ or check out the site they have at They are advertising for GEOS teachers on

The teaching scene here now is dead!

You should all read how handled Nova's situation on this site (letsjapan).

Search = Neo-Nova "Fires" Instructors "fires" foreign instructors

Nagoya-based, which took over operations of failed English language school Nova, has effectively "fired" some its foreign instructors by not renewing some their contracts despite promises last November that it would re-hire them.


A 51-year-old Briton who declined to be named said Co., the unit of G.communication Co. that was entrusted to run Nova's operations, fired him after he rejected a request in February to be transferred to Kyushu.

The man said he told the company it is difficult to move to Kyushu because his wife is pregnant.

Search this site for ""

Go to China, teach the Japanese not to fuck with Gaijin. In the end they will be begging for us to come back and teach, thats what Japn really needs to get it together and devellop a real plan for the japanese people to learn English,use English in the way it should be, not as a way to make EASY MONEY. Yeah, go to China.

had a few beers sorry!!!!

good stuff

VERY glad I took all my paid holiday and got the hell out (screw the insane 4 months notice that they wanted) before the March 21-April 20 pay period started.

Thanks to guys like Shawn at sites like this, I knew what was up and made the decision to get out after the shit they pulled in Australia. Of course, when I questioned subs and trainers about late pay for some staff in Aug/Sep last year and the Australian thing, they just gave the bullshit company lines saying that everything is fine. Bloody robots...

Best of luck to everyone who got fucked over by the criminals running Geos.

I went to the unemployment office today and they said IT IS THE LAW, that GEOS gives us our termination papers (Rishokuhyou papers) the day we were fired (April 21). Since they didn`t do that, THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. So do something about it and go to your local labour ministry and complain. I did!

G.Comm is technically not responsible for providing you the termination papers. The lawyer in charge of GEOS bankruptcy is responsible.

Big suprise, none of the paper work we recieved at the bankruptcy meeting has his contact information. Only his name, Nobuaki Kobayashi. But I found his office address. Go there and demand your termination papers. I`m going tomorrow.

Kobayashi & Associates Law Office
Address: DIK-Koujimachi Building 3F 1-6-9 Koujimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan

don't be sorry, enjoy.

right on!--thanks

That contract is a pile of horseshit. And why the hell would you work for a company that is telling you to do something illegal--for THEIR benefit?


Just to cover a few points concerning resignation and termination:

4. 退職
・解雇 Resignation/Termination
In the case of voluntary resignation, the resignation form should be forwarded one month in advance of the date of resignation.
No severance pay shall be given. No bonus shall be paid.
The instructor will be discharged when one of the following conditions is applicable:
1. 天災等により事業の継続が不可能になった場合
Circumstances such as natural disaster that do not permit business operations to continue.
2. 事業の縮小等、やむを得ない理由により減員等が必要になった場合
Circumstances that require downsizing of the company.
3. 職務命令に対する重大な違反行為があったと認められた場合
Serious violation of company directive(s).
**Not a good enough reason for dismissal. Completely invalid and can be challenged in court come dismissal time.
4. 業務について不正な行為があったと認められた場合
Dishonest act(s) in the workplace.
**Not a good enough reason for dismissal. Completely invalid and can be challenged in a court.
5. 勤務態度または勤務成績が不良で社員としてふさわしくない言動があったと認めた場合
Unsatisfactory work attitude/achievement; inappropriate conduct.
**Not a good enough reason for dismissal. Completely invalid and can be challenged in court.
6. 精神・身体の障害または私傷病により、雇用を継続することに耐えられないと認めた場合
Inability to continue to work due to mental or physical reasons.
**Violation of labor standards law and a bit arbitrary. Can they just decide that you are not able to work? Or can you decide that? Not enough information.
7. その他、上記に準ずるやむを得ない事情があった場合
Other reasons pursuant to the above.
**Bullshit. This opens the flood gates for anything, including firing you for not having your tie tied in a doble knot. Get outta here.
* 雇用条件の内容は、異動等により変更となる場合があります。
* The details of the working conditions may change as a result of a transfer.
**Bullshit. You have to be upfront about those conditions and the employee must agree.

your are correct 5 million percent

Yes you may be transferred. Especially to those teacher's whose schools are closing.

You should ask for your unemployment papers, and go to hello work, Everyone paid into the unemployement insurance, so you can get unemployment benefits to tie you over while job hunting. You can get that for up to 3 months. You will start getting benefits after 2 weeks of applying.
Ask now.

If i might add, correct me if I am wrong all that is really legally needed is a two week notice provided it is within the same pay period.

And from what I understand the norm of most of these eikaiwas are that most of these bonuses are monies taken from your salary and later given back under the guise of a bonus-does not sound like kosher business practice that they would keep that said money if it was in fact yours to begin with. again if that is wrong feel free to dispute.

Why is Gtaste doing what they are doing its simple because they can. Do you think the Japanese govt gives a rats ass about stupid gaijins. The japanese beaurocrats are too busy wondering what to do with all the money they are getting than give a shit about Goesers. It's obvious if you are in prison and you complain about the food you are fucked, if you complain about your contract they will just tell you to get fucked because they know how desperate you are. I left Japan because I was sick of being treated like an imigrant fucker. If I'd just been a Geos and I got the new contract I'd sign it because if you don't sign it you have to look for another job and you won't get one. I think Japan english teaching wise is pretty fucked these days, if you are single and love asian pussy so much china, malaysia or taiwan or korea is a good idea all though the money is shit living costs are low and you can still get asian pussy and eat it and suck on tits get your cock sucked maybe lick some girls ass juts by being a white guy. You can even be an ugly fucker but yoiu will still get quality pussy because in their eyes you look pretty good and earn good money. I think if you have some quals in english teaching you might be able to get a job as long as you have enough savings to keep you going while the other gaijins start falling one by one and going home. Put yourself in thier position, why would they bother giving you a good contract if they don't have to? would you they have nothing to lose if they don't. In the next few weeks the yakuza are going to be hired by the japanese govt to start disposing of unelpoyed gaijins so next time you look in the bin don't be suprised if there is a gaijin chopped up into thousands of tiny pieces.
They said on 2ch that geos went bankrupt because the gaijins were shit teachers but that's total bullshit it just explains the xenophobic attitued most male japanese have towards gaijins.
But in america we are no better most of us hate blacks and would never give a job to a black dude or hispanic or mexican or any other kind of person like that. Its a normal attitude.

right you are that is normal attitude and it is extremely unfortunate, hurtful and unfair that it is another minority (here) even at the disagreement of their own demographic are doing their part of that being perpetrated here. never more than a few days goes by that I hear a colleague saying something anti-feminine/anti-semitic or just flat out racist-no particular order. Very few teachers speak this way, but unfortunately it seems that that is the lead being followed f^&ing it up for the other minorities and peers that absolutely do not feel this way.

Any word on the release papers, taxes or any of that stuff?

Any teachers with information about their schools know the general situation?
I only know one other GEOS teacher and she is on holidays (great timing btw :D) so I have no other info... My school isn't in Tokyo so I can't really find out what is going on... How many people are quitting? Are the schools holding up? Have students started to scream and assault staff?
Today I went to work, talked to my students and told them the truth, that I knew some schools were closing, not ours... That I was told schools would be closed later in the year and that I will not be paid for the last month of work. They gave me this really pitiful look... That just made me feel like a real ass wipe. Guess I am for being in this situation. They asked me if I would continue and I said I didn't know. Can't give them much more than that. But my students are nice, they bring me gifts and snacks and god knows what else now and then, I will miss them... But I've got to take care of me first. I'm telling prospective employers the truth: I was fired, I am working with no contract and I would like to work for a company on a long term basis and not on a three month contract. They have all been very nice and they all want to hear juicy gossip about GEOS, so I just try to be professional about it while giving them a bit of what they want.

Anyway, please share your stories without uncovering your white lily ass :D
Oh, another thing... The Japanese staff don't seem to be too bothered... I was talking to the other teacher and explaining that G.Com will f*ck us over and all I got for an answer was "nnehhhhh" and shrugging of shoulders... Is it just this teacher or Japanese in general who seem to have very little notion of seeing the signs? Is it because they are Japanese that they think they will be spared?

The next few months we will probably see more schools closing. about 25% of my students will finish on or before August... What are the chances of renewal? Or getting new students? And how many of the students will ask for a refund? It doesn't take much to turn a school into a mess. Students also follow each other, I've seen it before... If a student gets twice a week the others want it too. If a student quits others start contemplating it...

I didn't get any bad attitude from students, but then again I only had a few today and the kids parents will be the real test... I heard some of them were really edgy and getting verbally aggressive.

Oh! What I do know... One of my students quit at the end of 2009, she filled out all the papers and stuff. She hasn't got her refund yet. We are so not going to get paid anything... Its part of their plan, keep us hungry and needy.

Came here in 1999 with Nova. Been at Nova ever since and worked on a part time basis for one year with Geos outsourced to a private company about 7 years ago.

The crash in 2007 was scary. Students shouting abuse at teachers, staff and other students for long spells in the reception area of the school. Useless cunts in the head office offering little or no support. I had to panic sell my house and had less than ten thousand yen in the bank with a wife and disabled kid to look after and the rent due. The government reimbursed us about two thirds of what we should have been paid without too much delay.
In the first six months some of my friends were shafted by Gcom and some other friends were SEVERELY shafted by Gcom.
People like me who fought for their job, bit the bullet, kept their head down and got lucky stayed around and things since then have been far from unpleasant even though I lost 19.5% of my salary last year.
Geducation tell us each month how much profit or loss each branch make in my area of Japan to the yen. These people know how to run a business and how to make a profit. Drastic but sensible cuts were made by Geducation soon after Nova reopened.
There is very little pressure from above.

My advice to GEOS people is to do what Gcom suggest.
Don't panic. The contracts are not terribly employee friendly but what are you? A lawyer? No, neither am I.
You might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up with your arse handed to you on a plate.
Or you might end up with a decent job with a ruthless, sometimes clumsy and even on occasion cruel, but ultimately effective company.

These people know what they are doing unlike the useless dickheads who ran old Nova and Geos.
Good luck. Worse things happen at sea.

I agree with everyone's comments. After going to the bankruptcy meeting and talking to my fellow teachers, it became extremely clear that things were not going to get better.

I am happy to say, that I am former Geos teacher and will not be working at Gcomm.

To some bloke: First, let me say that I have no love for GEOS and I am generally suspicious of any eikaiwa business conducted on a large scale. Come to think of it, let me generalize even more and say I am suspicious of any eikaiwa business - period. I would also be very circumspect when considering a contract with a Japanese concern involved in the eikaiwa or mizu shobai industries.

Nevertheless, you make some interesting observations. Now, I still would not change my mind - mind you - but your observations deserve some attention. Perhaps, it is worth it after all for some teachers, particularly if the alternative is be cast out adrift like a ronin. So, yes, perhaps some should suck it up, sign the GCom contract and live for another day.

I draw my conclusions from the world of sport. In professional sports there have been many organizations, many bad ass, foul mouthed head coaches and general managers who got things done by not being "Mr. Nice Guy". They were winners first and foremost. Hey, it's a business. If you are a manager in the business world, you are not performing if your staff is not performing. If I were the coach of a professional team or the manager of an eikaiwa, hell, yes, I am going to cut someone who is not good for the team. I know I have tread on some toes here, but I just think you have a point.

If you have been working for GEOS for at least 6 months, you qualified for unemployment insurance as of April 21, 2010. The GEOS bankruptcy lawyer was charged with giving ALL employees their rishokuhyou (letter of release). You need this document to file for unemployment. Another poster listed the address for the lawyer.


Withholding the rishokuhyou is ILLEGAL. Get it and get your money!

As posted earlier, this is the lawyer that has your info:
Kobayashi & Associates Law Office
Address: DIK-Koujimachi Building 3F 1-6-9 Koujimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan

Just some points from the Nova debacle with how to handle G.Com:

  • If there's a choice between starting work now and starting it later (in a few months), START NOW. G.Com promised to employ Nova teachers after a couple months off (and paid them over 100,000yen to tide them over) and then in January 2008 decided not to employ them. The ones that started working in December 2007 were kept on.
  • If your employment history isn't that good (late/absent for work a few times) then G.Com may not employ you. They have lots of teachers to choose from, so will only choose the best (i.e. the ones who can come to work on time)
  • Expect changes to the company's culture. At Nova they increased maximum class sizes from 3/4 to 5. They relocated branches into smaller schools (in some cases instructor rooms were made very small). Refresher training sessions were held that wanted you to behave more Japanese. New contracts were designed that let them change your schedule month-to-month, and ask you to relocate to a different city if they need you to. Student files were computerised and netbooks were sent to each school (not enough though for one per teacher)

By the way, were Geos teachers allowed to socialise with students outside of Geos? If so, it'll be interesting to see what G.Com does. They still forbid this with Nova teachers. It would be unfair if they had one rule for G.Com Geos teachers and another for G.Com Nova teachers.

I suspect that as soon as they have the money of as many students as possible and selected the "final cut" of teachers for their evil empire, they will tell the teachers and students that things are a' changin'.

Nova was evil, but I heard that G-Con was by far more evil.

To Anunymiss
Head Office spins stories to the Japanese staff, and they believe it. They didn't give any of us a heads up about the bankrupcy-every is fine, we're making a profit from the overseas schools. You need to take care of yourself. The students will be offered classes with the new company, whether they can book classes or get access to a nearby school is another matter.
I and several other good Tokyo teachers that worked hard and were loved by their students, staff and praised by Head Office, quit on Friday. These are teachers from the big branch schools who have been working for the company for a while and were extremely popular. Everyone is owed money. Some managers were transferred last month. They had to fork out for the key money for another apartment. Where's their help/salary?
There's a lot of panic and students and staff are not happy in Tokyo. Which teachers came to work and found the doors locked last week?

  • There is no refund for students
  • The chance of contract renewals are negatory, the new company cannot support that many teachers at a loss
  • I suspect many teachers will again be shafted by Gcommu
  • Even Some Bloke said teachers were shafted, and many cuts were made


If you have been working for GEOS for at least 6 months, you qualified for unemployment insurance as of April 21, 2010. The GEOS bankruptcy lawyer was charged with giving ALL employees their rishokuhyou (letter of release). You need this document to file for unemployment. Another poster listed the address for the lawyer.


Withholding the rishokuhyou is ILLEGAL. Get it and get your money!

As posted earlier, this is the lawyer that has your info:
Kobayashi & Associates Law Office
Address: DIK-Koujimachi Building 3F 1-6-9 Koujimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan

Lower-management is in complete chaos right now and nobody knows what's going on. Upper-management is unreachable. Nobody knows when we can receive that document. At the same time, they're trying to get us to sign a shady contract starting work for Gcon. As soon as I sign the contract, it will disqualify me from collecting unemployment, right?


here are two sites for Japanese Courts:

If you know someone who can wax Japanese Legalese with you...

The way it was told to me was that these sites (relevant info in Japanese only) have information on where you need to go and what to do to if you need to have a summons issued to get your unpaid salaries. (under around a million yen give or take i believe). Also from what I am told they do handle unpaid salary disputes as long as its within the small claims price range. I believe the cost to you would be about the ichiman-niman range.

Funny, when NOVA went under, we all had some of the same confusion. GEOS people trying to figure it all out would do well to listen to the former NOVA people here.
PAYDAY – I don’t know what you heard on Wednesday, ‘Friday @15:26’, but in G-Comm, any days worked in April are paid out on May 15th. June 15th would be your first full pay, so maybe that’s what they said. Other people who went to the GEOS/G-Comm meeting had that understanding.
‘IN PRINCIPAL’ – This means they want to help you out, but business is business, and if the bottom line says some guy from a bankrupt company they are restructuring must go, then tough luck. They’re a company, and a fairly odd one at that, so don’t expect charity. They said they’ll employ everyone ‘in principal’, and that means many people will choose to leave, some will be bribed to leave, some will be let go, and some will stay.
PAY PERIOD – If G-Comm says you can consider your pay period to have started on April 16th, then that’s exactly it. Your pay period starts. Not necessarily your pay. I don’t really know anything about this, but if I were you, I would avoid disappointment by only expecting to get paid for days you work. We had a similar confusion and were all pissed off about something like that in NOVA.
HOLIDAYS- Hey, all your old holidays were with a company that no longer exists. Japanese law says that you get holidays six months after you join a company. If you just joined G-Comm, who now operates GEOS, they don’t owe you anything, which is what we found out with NOVA. Now, it’s stupid because we all get our holidays at the same time, in May. G-Comm would probably change it if they could, but it’s the law. They’re not stealing your holidays. You’re starting a new job, which just happens to be where your old job was a few days ago.
FAX NUMBER FOR CONTRACTS-I’ve seen it on the thing that GEOS people got at the meetings – it’s the same as our Head Office number we use. Maybe there were different papers, but I’ve seen three white pages in Japanese stapled together. It’s on the third page, halfway down. I know because my buddy asked me what it the number was for.
UNEMPLOYMENT PAPERS – Yeah, like ‘Saturday 1:54’ said, G-Comm doesn’t give you the papers you need for Unemployment Insurance. Those come from the Trustees, lawyers appointed by the government to handle the break up of the bankrupt GEOS. For Nova, they came pretty fast actually, but it really didn’t matter because unemployment insurance is a pain. Even on the fast-track, because Nova was bankrupt, it would have taken us ages to collect anything, and most of us hadn’t been paid for at least two months. Every person you spoke to at Hello Work gave a different answer, and there were stories of people getting emergency cash, and others getting told to come back three weeks later. If you’re trying to put food on the table, don’t expect Hello Work to help much, even if you get the documents from the trustees.
LEGAL CHALLENGES- Who you gonna sue? G-Comm? They just took over. No court will hold up your suit, even if you find a lawyer, because as far as the court’s concerned, they just offered you a new job, and you’re biting the hand that offers to feed you. GEOS? Can’t sue them, they don’t exist. They’re bankrupt, remember? The Trustees? Why sue them, for your Rishokuhyo? It’s coming. The court would tell you to get lost. Sue for unpaid wages? Not gonna work either, because there’s a process for that, and you’re just supposed to sit tight and wait your turn.
Finally, yeah, G-Comm is a crazy, weird outfit. Yes, I and many others have plans to leave when we can. But it’s a job. It’s a different job than the one you had before, probably not as good. You could spend the next two years like people here going ‘But in the old company, we….’ or you could save yourself some time and just get used to the idea that old GEOS is gone, and this is something else. And, you could always just get out of this crazy business…….Hope this helps.

Does the new contract say to backdate your starting date? Is the backdate before GEOS filed for bankrupcy?

I am curious. Is gcomm recruiting many new students or are most of those currently studying there holdovers from the Nova days????

With so many schools out there, I would be surprised if that many would want to go with Nova after what happened. On the other hand, the Japanese never fail to amaze me with their actions at times.

The letter that was given to you at the meeting on April 21, 2010 is completely different from the document you need for unemployment. THis form is not simply a letter.

Hello Work doesn't always know very much. Your best bet is to speak to someone in the Labor Standards Office.

Good on you!!!! It had to be said. These big companies just want to exploit foreign workers, and how easy is it when they are not getting paid and are desperate for money. Unfortunately, with all these little branches all over the place, it's hard for teachers to put up a united front.
I knew people who lost their jobs when nova went down. G-Comm promised them a lot that they didn't deliver. One friend was told that he could keep his job as long as he was happy to be transferred from Kanagawa to Nagoya. Meanwhile, they were playing this game with other employees all over the country, so that when workers quite reasonably said that they weren't in a position to transfer (private accomodation, family committments etc), G-Comm could say these people wouldn't follow company orders and that's why they were let go. Most of the people kept on were those with family ties in Japan, who actually looked like they were in a position to sue....
Stand up to them!!!!

That was meant to be a reply to "If I were still at Geos"...

Yes I was told to backdate my new contract to 16th April.

Once you get your unemployment papers, and if you have your unemployment registration paper (you got after working for 6 months with geos). You can get unemployment within 10 days. Don't listen to people who say it will take longer than that, they are trolls.

I never got any papers from GEOS when I hit the 6 month mark...
And right now I have no idea how to get them.
And it begins to bother me that tax papers were filed in March I think... What kept them from keeping that money in their pockets?

I understand posters here and on other posts saying that G.Com has picked up the slack, I do agree and I do think it would be worse if they hadn't... But I also think that staff and customers have not been given the correct treatment.

Anyone got their contract? Lets face it, you sign it and fax it, until you get a version with your sign and their sign on it, what have you got? Nothing.

The contracts they gave you should have already been signed by the trainers, and you would have signed it and sent it back. You should have photocopied it.

I'm worried about my taxes also. We need to receive tax papers from GEOS.

When gave new contracts to the Nova teachers, they signed it. put a lot of teachers on "Standby" where they waited for news about which school they would work at, and they were asked to transfer. Or were told sorry we couldn't find you a position due to the economic climate. Geos teachers beware.

G-Comm is not the good guy coming in save all the Geos staff and students!
G-Comm have engineered the whole event. The deal was signed on the 14th, well before GEOS filed for bankruptcy.
G-Comm organized the bankruptcy so that they wouldnt be liable for any of the GEOS debts! Like all the Teachers pay and bonuses owed. Not to mention all the student refunds.
They are not picking up the slack or helping anyone but themselves. This was a highly organized and hostile takeover!
Dont be suckered. How else could new contracts be back dated to before the bankruptcy!

I agree with Anomity. Funny how gcom stepped in so quickly. and had new contracts for students and teachers. Why is the media not reporting on this anymore? because Gcom came to save everyone. So let's sweep it under the rug.

You need to fight for your rights. If you let this die down in the media Gcom will retract contracts and fire teachers like they did with Nova teachers. When you sign that new Gcom contract backdated before the bankrupcy maybe you will not be able to get support from the Labour ward. Is it a trick?

Geos signed a deal to take over on the 14th. So on the 22nd when GEOS filed for bankruptcy they were already controlled by G-Comm and everything that has happened since the 14th has been carefully orchestrated by G-Comm.

G-Comm is just a company. Companies care about the bottom line. They took over whatever they could get for as little risk as possible, and as little liability as possible.

They are not inherently 'evil', any more than any other money grubbing company.
Now, in terms of competence, there's a good question. We NOVA people spent months arguing about whether they were malevolent evil or blisteringly incompetent. Opinion now runs towards the later.

So, the words 'carefully', 'orchestrated' and 'G-Comm' should probably never be used together in a sentence, unless it's a punch line. Case and point, they've now got METI on their backs because - and I bet you anything - when they decided GEOS students could call them, they wrote down the number, distributed it all over Japan, and staffed not even ONE more person to answer the phone line than was already there.

GEOS Japan executives being involved in making a Director specific decision such as applying for bankruptcy provides a clear message to the Australian liquidators that ghost directors were part of the GEOS corporate culture. Australian executives, where does that leave you? The elephants are back, again.

Yeah. Like Bernie Madoff was "just" an investment advisor/stock broker.

We all know what happened to his clients, don't we?

Please don't kid yourself. G-Com is evil and they play the game well. That's how they make money.

I was lucky enough to be at a Yakiniku party with the NOVA staff in my area the other day. The area manager was there and was talking about some of the ongoing GEOS things. It was interesting enough so I thought I'd post some of the main points here. They're not in any order, or may not be cohesive at times, but I'm translating from Japanese, so bear with me

* GCOM picked up GEOS for the simple reason of expanding quickly and cheaply. The cover story is that "we care about the students of GEOS and want to help out" but apparently, the fact that the company could gain access to tens of thousands of new students with minimal marketing was a juicy factor as well.
* GEOS employs many Japanese instructors as well, and the idea seems to be to move them to the cram schools GCOM operates.
* Unlike NOVA, where at the beginning there were 10 instructors in a 3-person branch for the first month or so, GEOS branches will be staffed according to the most up-to-date figures. Meaning, a 3-person branch will have 3 instructors. Any extra instructors will not be offered the option of standby. They simply won't be hired back.
*Right now, GCOM staff are running around trying to pay landlords and whatnot money. This means, if you see any GCOM lapel pin and a bag, chances are, a fat wad of cash inside for any enterprising person. (Not that I'm suggesting you mug them....)
*Some managers are floating the idea of eventually allowing GEOS and NOVA students the option of cross-studying at either school. This is totally unconfirmed, just the manager speculating. However, he did seem to hint that many within the hierarchy are talking about this as a future possibility.
*GCOM is not going to coddle the returning instructors. The accomodating (include ironical usage of word) attitude toward the NOVA istructors has given way to a much more "take it or leave it" approach. I guess you could call it a "we don't need you as much as you need us" attitude toward GEOS instructors. Methinks this is designed to weed out the bad apples and keep only the dedicated few, the instructors married and with nowhere else to go, and the brown-nosers.

There you go, the scuttlebutt from the area manager himself. Let's see how it plays out, eh?

I am a former Japanese teacher.
I hope this information could be a little help for you to receive your unemployment benefits.

Q: I recently became unemployed. Can I claim unemployment benefits? 

A: Employment Insurance is intended to provide financial stability for a worker in the event he or she becomes unemployed. Appropriate allowances are provided through this program. In principle, it is required that all foreign workers be enrolled in the Employment Insurance system, with the exception of part time workers, employees who work less than 20 hours per week, and employees on contracts of less than one year. This has been recently been changed to include employees on contracts totaling more than 6 months.

By law a worker has the right to request their employer to insure them. To receive the allowance, the worker must have participated in the Employment Insurance program for at least 6 months (previously 12 months) - retroactive to the date the worker quit the company; if the worker is dismissed or if the employer is bankrupt the worker is eligible after 6 months on the program. The premium is split between the employer and the insured at specific rates. Generally the employee pays the sum of 4/1000 of their income (5/1000 in some industries).

- Changes to the Unemployment Insurance Law as of April 1, 2009


You can apply for an unemployment allowance at your local Public Employment Security Office (also called "Hello Work"). You qualify for the allowance if you are fired or made redundant, if the company doesn't renew your contract, or if you leave the job at the end of your contract. If you voluntarily leave your job before the end of your contract, depending upon your reason for resigning, you will have to wait for between one and three months before receiving any allowance.


How to Apply

1. If possible, when you are still employed, make sure you have a valid Employment Insurance Certificate (雇用保険被保険者証 koyo-hoken-hihokenshasho).


2. Make sure you check and sign a “koyo-hoken-hihokensha-shikaku-soshitsu-todoke” (雇用保険被保険者資格喪失届) and a “rishoku-shomeisho” (離職証明書) before your employer submits them to Hello Work.


3. After finishing your employment you should receive (in some cases have to get) your “koyo-hoken-hihokensha-rishokuhyo” (雇用保険被保険者離職票) from your employer. If your employer refuses to give it to you or is un-reachable, please consult your local Hello Work.


4. When you register at Hello Work you should bring the “koyo-hoken-hihokensha-rishokuhyo”, your Employment Insurance Certificate “koyo-hoken-hihokenshasho”, your Alien Registration Card, your inkan, a bank book registered in your name (not a postal account), and 2 passport photos (3cm x 2.5cm).


Once you have applied to search for work, you may receive acknowledgment of your unemployed status and receive benefits. Upon receiving unemployment insurance benefits you are required to visit your local Hello Work, once every four weeks to confirm your status of employment and to participate in seminars.



The Nagoya Employment Service Center for Foreigners

If you are qualified and wish to work, the Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work) can provide information on job availability, offer advice, and introduce job seekers to jobs at no charge. There are 5 offices in Nagoya City, one of which - The Nagoya Employment Service Center for Foreigners - specifically caters for foreigners. The Center provides work related advice and introduces possible job opportunities to the following foreign nationals living in Japan: those who have the appropriate status of residence to engage in work, students seeking to work in Japan after graduation, and those seeking jobs in special or technical fields.


■ Open: Weekdays 08:30 - 17:00. Assistance in English now available Monday to Friday (09:30 -12:00 & 13:00 -16:30).

■ Closed: Weekends and holidays

■ Tel: 052-264-1901

■ Access: Located on the 12F of the Chunichi Building; 1 minute from Sakae Station, exit 13 (see map).

■ Items Required: Passport and Alien Registration Card







How long can I receive benefits for?

If an insured person becomes unemployed after quitting his or her job and is unable to find a new job despite having the desire to work, that person can receive an unemployment allowance. Depending on the worker's age and years of service, the Basic Allowance (Kihon Teate) 基本手当て, gives the worker 50-80 percent (%) of his/her daily wage (limited to a pre-determined maximum amount depending on the worker’s age) for 90 to 360 days.

For example, if a worker was employed by the same employer for 1 year, is between the ages of 30 to 44 years old and lost their job, then they may receive unemployment insurance benefits for a period of 90 days and receive upto 7070 Yen per day before taxes (August 2004 level). There is also a ‘technical skills learning allowance’, a ‘lodging allowance’, an ‘injury/sickness allowance’, a ‘job starters' allowance’, and an ‘education and training allowance’.


Remember that if you choose to quit your place of employment you might have to wait for between one and three months before receiving any allowance. How many days you can receive the allowance for depends on your age and how long you have participated in the system (see below).


Voluntary Resignation or Retirement

Dismissal, Bankruptcy or Redundancy


All ages

Under 30

30 to 34

34 to 44

45 to 59

60 to 64

Length of Employment (years)

Under 1

90 days

90 days

1 to 4

90 days

90 days

180 days

150 days

5 to 9

90 days

120 days

180 days

240 days

180 days

10 to 19

120 days

180 days

210 days

240 days

270 days

210 days


150 days


240 days

270 days

330 days

240 days



Changes to the Unemployment Insurance Law as of April 1, 2009
In response to the worsening employment situation, the Japanese Diet has recently approved changes to the Unemployment Insurance Law in order to widen the safety net for temporary workers.

The following 5 major changes have been made:

1) In order to create a stronger safety net for temporary workers:
- In order to qualify for payments, a worker must have participated in the Employment Insurance program for at least 6 months (previously 12 months); making it the same as for dismissed or laid-off workers.
- Before April 1, 2009 it was required that all foreign workers be enrolled in the Employment Insurance system, with the exception of part time workers, employees who work less than 20 hours per week, and employees on contracts of less than one year. This has been changed to include employees on contracts totaling more than 6 months.

2) Better Support for when Finding Employment Becomes Difficult:
- If a worker has been made unemployed due to dismissal or non-renewal of contract and due to their age or region finding employment becomes difficult, the benefit payment period will be extended by 60 days; for example the basic 90-day benefit period would be extended to 150 days.

3) Better Incentives to find get back to work:
- To reward early re-employment, the “Early Re-employment Allowance” (sai-shushoku-teate) has been increased from 30% to 40%, and in some cases to 50%.
- The Work Preparation Allowance (常用就職支度手当 joyo-shushoku-shitaku-teate) has been expanded to include freelance workers over the age of 45 (年長フリーター) and its rate has been increased from 30% to 40%.

4) Maternity Leave payments have been revised.
- The temporary increase in the maternity leave payment rate from 40% to 50 % has been extended until March 31, 2010.
- Previously, the maternity leave payment has been split between maternity leave and when the worker has returned to work. The maternity leave payment will now be paid in full during the worker's maternity leave for those workers who start maternity leave AFTER April 1, 2010.

5. Lower Unemployment Insurance Deduction Rates
From April 1, 2009 until March 31, 2010, the amount of unemployment insurance deducted from a worker's salary will be lowered from 1.2% to 0.8%.

- Please see the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare website for the original Japanese press releases.


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Here is the kicker...GEOS North America schools are still operating, if barely, and Gcom has absolutely no plan for them! In fact, they are so screwed up trying to take care of Japan that they have forgotten all about the NA schools and have given nothing to NA managers...Essentially, Canadian and American schools are operating on their own and bleeding money...Many branches had money sucked out by Special K last year, a few times, and now there is none to suck out.

With declining enrollment (or none at all), no strategic direction of financial support from Japan, one has to wonder how are GEOS NA schools legally operating? It does not look like Gcom wants anything to do with them with. Someone mentioned about a sudden rush to spruce up their Web sites and ad 'phantom' programs on there for a potential suitor...But one also has to wonder who can legally pull the plug and/ or sell off NA schools to other school operators...Not that any school in Canada is worth anything, save Vancouver.

It is also interesting to note, without any branches in NA under GEOS in the near future will severely damage their brand in Japan...And no extra "services" to sell to Japanese before they leave for NA or when they return...

Any input from anyone who knows would be greatly appreciated.

It is also interesting to note, without any branches in NA under GEOS in the near future will severely damage their brand in Japan...And no extra "services" to sell to Japanese before they leave for NA or when they return...

By "their" do you mean GEOS? If so, I would have said something like, "It is also important to note that, no longer having a presence in North America, GEOS will in the near future experience even further damage to its image in Japan. GEOS will not only be unable to market services abroad, but also prove incapable of providing for the students upon their return to Japan.

If this is what you meant, all I have to say on this is that GEOS is gone. There is no equity in the GEOS brand. There is nothing to sell abroad, Japan, Mars any place. Of course, the students have nothing to return to either.

I am really not sure if you had a point other than this. Your language was just not all that clear. Sorry.

If I can indulge in speculation, and why not, everyone else does, I'd say that G-com is either the owner of GEOS NA and does not care, or it did not purchase that part of the eikaiwa package, and, therefore, GEOS is the owner of GEOS NA and does not care. In either case, GEOS NA is no more important than a pimple on Kusunoki's butt. I further speculate that Canadian schools could be sold off piece meal or simply closed. I do not think that the schools in the US can be handled that way, however. It turns out that GEOS Corp is the sole authority that has the right to provide for student visa applications, that is, I-20's that are submitted to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). The result is that if one were to purchase a single US school, the owner could not issue I-20's. That means the surviving entity could only work with students from so called visa waiver countries (Japan is one as are several Euro countries) and people who opt for private tutoring who are already in the US on business visas.

I'd further speculate that US schools are operating on borrowed time and dwindling funds. From what I have seen, these schools also do not possess sufficient management talent to keep the school afloat much longer.

Don't take me to the bank on this. This is simply my speculation.

Let's say a teacher decided to take up's offer and work for them for the next 3 months. Would that teacher still be eligible for unemployment benefits if they decided not to stay after that 3 month period. Is the 6 month prerequisite effective across the board, or does restart if you change companies?

according to Tokyo Labor Consultation Center's Foreign Workers' Handbook:
"Unemployment benefit will be provided to an unemployed person, who was insured for 6 months or longer during the year prior to the date when he/she becomes unemployed..."

It doesn't say anything about changing companies. If they decided not to stay on after 3 months they might have to wait longer to actually receive benefit, but that's pretty much anywhere.

but i would consult labor consultation office to make sure there is no random fine print shituation or recent change (and usually there always are) for their particular case before they act on it.

On GaijinPot G.Com put up an ad today for one of their schools: NOVA Ibaraki Hitachi-eki mae. I would think that with all the GEOS teachers out a job, one of them would want a salary... Even if it means relocating. But then again, they haven't asked anyone have they now. It's better for them to hire people with no grudges in recent history...

One more thing, can anyone confirm the salary Nova teachers get?
The ad on GP states: The monthly salary starts at 210,000 yen (in case of 4days/week)
On their website it is much higher...

What is their policy anyway?
At GEOS I got the "punch in at 1pm and stick around until your last class" and got 250 every month, plus a living allowance between 10 and 20 thousand (depends on where u live). Does Nova have the same system?

Good luck people :)

I'm planning on going part time, several of them... If I'm working for 210000 a month and working for those fools I'd rather work for 11 ou 12 thousand a day at different locations on different days... And not to mention I don't get ripped off when it comes to long weekends :)

Geos New York Corporation (the GEOS NA owners) has at least one really savvy director on board. Gonna be some tough decisions taken about the NA units in the next few days if insolvency is in the offing.

I found the post about the differences between GEOS U.S. and Canadian locations, in regards to the visas...That would explain some of the confusion.

What I find most interesting is GEOS/ Gcom has absolutely no idea or plan for NA. Then again, what would we expect of such a f-ed up chain in the first place. It will be incredibly interesting to see what is done over the next few days or week.

"Savvy director"? Who? The director in Canada is not and Mike has been out for a while in NYC.

Any word from anyone on NA would be appreciated.

I found the post interesting...Sorry for the omitted word above.

I didn't have time to read the whole thing... did they assign blame to the instructors again, like with the Nova situation?

Except that our pay persion is from March 21st to April 20th
So where I agree that at least we will getting some money faster, we are still out all but 4days pay for that period

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