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When G.communication scooped up GEOS I wondered how much blood they could squeeze from the GEOS stone. Apparently, they think quite a bit. It seems G.communication has gone on a media blitz this week with President Hideo Sugimoto giving interviews in the Yomiuri shiumbun, Mainichi shimbun, Sankei shimbun, and The Japan Times. The purpose of this interview was to stress that everything is under control and it's business as usual:

Sugimoto also stressed that the chaos at the time of the failure of Nova Corp., another major language school chain, will not be repeated because of his company's speedy rescue of Geos. G.communication took over operations of some Nova schools in November 2007.

"People may be worried because of the experience with Nova. In Nova's case, we took over some of their schools awhile after the company went bankrupt and we had to start in a situation where more than 1,000 teachers didn't have places to work," Sugimoto said.

"This time, we raised our hand (to rescue Geos) at an early time," he said. "If it was a week later, it would have been more chaotic."

The Japanese dailies, however, took a different angle and focused on G.communication having the Nova and GEOS brands. Sugimoto believes that the brands offer a choice to students and that there's value in GEOS' use of Japanese teachers, which he thinks will help attract beginners.

As the Japan Times story notes, although the foreign language market has drastically shrunk from 826,858 students in 2006 to 335,604 in February this year, Sugimoto aims to return GEOS to profitability within a year. It remains to be seen whether G.communication can pull this off, but it has a history of buying up failed or failing businesses on the cheap and turning them around. Unfortunately, that profitability will come in the form of cost-cutting measures which will likely be borne by instructors when they sign on to new working conditions once their three-month contracts are up. In the meantime, G.communication has quietly established itself as one of the major eikaiwas in Japan.


I have never been so disgusted with Japanese media ....
nothing is being done to help the teachers given no money....

"This time, we raised our hand (to rescue Geos) at an early time," he said. "If it was a week later, it would have been more chaotic."

I swear to god i hope that all those disgusting human beings all choke on their own shit someday....

What strikes me, is the fact that anyone is even willing to work for this G.Com outfit. They really do come across as scum of the earth, with only their own best interests in mind. Never mind customers or staff. *Sigh* What a sorry state of affairs. And when are the customers going to wise up and stop throwing their hard earned cash down the black hole of eikaiwa?

Okay, the majority of comments on this site mention how sick G.Comm is to scoop up the GEOS brand and company and how the foreign instructors should be paid the money they're owed.

What about in your country? Are workers who work for a bankrupt company paid their dues when another company takes over the business?

I don't doubt for a second that G.Comm are a bunch of steely-eyed b*stards who wouldn't think twice about firing the GEOS instructors in their entirety, but I can't help but doubt that no other company in the world would not do the same.
In my experience, companies, corporations and restructuring executives tend to be the same the world over.

How much of the hatred evident in the comments is directed against G.Comm specifically, and how much would be there no matter which company takes over GEOS?

I don't much care that G-Comm is a massive organization and seeks to cut corners to make a buck. That is the nature of the business. I own a business, myself, where I purposely offer a better price than my competators for a high-quality product. My problem with G-Comm is that their lying and cheating can just be down right ILLEGAL.

Have you seen the contract? They are essentially telling employees who work for them that they can pretty much fire them for any reason. Sorry, but even G-Comm has to play by the rules--or risk getting sued, which I suspect is probably going to start happening, if it hasn't already.

They--like many other English conversation schools--also tell teachers that they can't work another job because it is against the rules of the visa, which is complete BS. Civil courts have specifically ruled that it is permissable to have a second job or means of employment, as long as it does not affect your work output of the primary place of employment, which can be hard to prove.

I also have a problem with G-Comm hiring workers under one set of rules and suddenly switching things up to offer something totally different. At LEAST with Geos, they were as honest as they possibly could be about what to expect, so there were no surprises (this is a common comment I've heard from Geos teachers). I actually had it far better in my experience.

Actually in my country workers pay is protected by bankruptcy laws. That is to say, wages take priority over secured creditors. Personally, I think it should be the same in every country.

I am waiting for the Uri Carnat / GEOS Canada manager post of the day. It always comes during North American working time...Usually at the end of the work day, but sometimes earlier. A little bit silent on here right now, but do not worry folks it will come. Stand by...


It will come, say, around 5 p.m. EST. ;-)

Basket cases and feeble minds abound in what was once the voice of eikaiwa. あのやつおかしいとおもうわないの?

Yup, Uri is definitely back. Must be be having a damn hard time getting the straight jacket on after he was told he is just a lonely and not the big bad GEOS North American Vice President Super-God Big-Guy All-Knowing All powerful guy.

There would be nobody else who would be so bothered by some people mentioning his name. If it is the Uri Carnat guy that someone keeps taunting, well, the person succeeded in taunting you and getting a response. I would expect more from a manager type. Guess all those stories about the guy are true. And these posts always seem to come in the middle of the night Japan time/ during the working day. I am sure Shawn can see the person's IP address. Trust me, it is from Montreal. ;-)

P.S. To the person who likes to repeat Uri's name like a student writing on the blackboard, the other person is obviously not quitting. So looks like you have a lot of writing to do in the future.

These are the types of people who work at GEOS. Hence why I, as a manager of another language school in Canada, would never hire a teacher or manager that has worked at GEOS. Too much baggage.

Seriously, folks. Those repeating posts above say a lot about the sad state of GEOS and its managers, and why we have already concluded not buy anything related to GEOS Canada for own operations.

I am waiting for the Uri Carnat / GEOS Canada manager post of the day. It always comes during North American working time...Usually at the end of the work day, but sometimes earlier. A little bit silent on here right now, but do not worry folks it will come. Stand by...

This person was right. Here it is the middle of the NA work day and Uri is back trolling around. Nice, childish posts above. To Mr. Carnat, if this is you, just deal with the fact that you got called out on something and your system collapsed. You do not have control over this board, nor should you. You know, at the end of the day there is more that could be posted on here about you and some of your dealings. Maybe take a breather and relax, clean up your resume, and start looking for a new job. It is a much more professional way to deal with things.

I looked up the trustee info but no luck. Actually, a friend a mine who currently works for another language school operator in Canada tried to inquire directly to GEOS Canada about it with no luck. Seems they are not talking, so once again the lack of GEOS transparency rears its ugly head again. Maybe the Canadian management is pulling a Kusunoki and trying to stop any sale. Can't see why though since things are collapsing around them. But who knows with this mess.

To the poster at 3:49. I would have to agree with you although I do have some qualifying comments. It is easy, of course, to make assumptions on a "guilt by association" basis. As always, I would require that a resume be sent to me by email before I arranged for an interview (first a screening over the phone). However, if there were nothing remarkable about the person's experience and education outside of the GEOS experience I would not afford the person an interview or phone screening. For the curious, yes, I have attempted to hire a GEOS teacher before - but I knew that person personally.

Like you, I am also more convinced than ever by the type of comments on this site, that character, not just experience and education, is an important and necessary consideration in the hiring process.

Absolutely, character is of utmost importance. Unfortunately the person writing Uri Uri really typifies some of the antics I have seen out of various GEOS locations. Don't know if it is systemic or just the reality of workers left in a dying entity that have no power left. Either way, of the ex-GEOS teachers (and including at least one current one that came to me for a job), I haven't been all that impressed. Can put my finger on it, but it just seems it is the way they were managed/ mismanaged as employees. Makes me second guess these people unfortunately. I am sure there are good people from GEOS.

Isn't it convenient that out of all the names that have been batted around on this site, including two other, the childish poster only took issue with the Uri Carnat name? I think we can all figure out who it is that is on here, trolling as some would suggest.

Yes well, personally I would never give a job to Iraq war vet. Comes down to character. Sorry business really, and I'm sure some of them are good people and all...................

I feel sorry for you. End of the work day again. Frustrated

Actually, I would much rather give a job to an Iraq war vet, not some big government or GEOS stooge. Haven't seen any character problems from them any greater than normal society. At the end of the day, an "Iraq War vet (why just that war?)" could easily get a job at GEOS...Can't say the same for the incompetent miscreants that call themselves GEOS managers and teachers, at least in North America.

06:45 Are you seriously supporting the immature, moronic actions of the GEOS employee who tries to disrupt the board with Uri Uri Uri posts because, well, he cannot stop his name from being used on here?

Wow, GEOS is full of morons.

...little morons. ;-)

Anyone know where I can find the Web site for these guys?

破産管財人 小 林 信 明

Of course not. I'm simply tarring all GEOS employees with the same brush. Wouldn't any self respecting human resources type do the same? Honestly now - can't be helped can it?

8:39 GEOS being "full of morons" did not say ALL are morons. Please read more carefully. Unfortunately, too many missteps and outright devious actions by so many at GEOS has already tarnished the employees reputation...Good or bad employees together.

I was not referring to the remark about GEOS employees being morons. I was referring to the attitudes in earlier posts. As far as I'm concerned, these 'professional' hiring types would have a hard time getting jobs anywhere else if that is the kind of thinking that goes into their decisions. As for broadcasting such attitudes on a site like this, well that makes them little better than the people that they are deriding.

An Iraq war vet could get a job at GEOS any day. Can't imagine any GEOS staff surviving a day in the military, let alone a battlefield, given their utter incompetence in running something as simple as an English school. I would take the Iraq war vet any day over a current GEOS staffer; my risks would be much less. Unfortunately the Iraq war vet would be way overqualified for a low-end GEOS manager/ glorified teacher position.

Not Stupid, well, I have said, "When one generalizes, he is generally going to be wrong."

By the way, I am a veteran myself, not Iraq mind you, but rather a little conflict that polarized the US and, I suspect, the world. I met a lot of other GI's back then. Some were smart, some not so much but there were a hell of a lot of alcoholics. Now, as for converting any of those fellows to teaching in the confines of an eikaiwa classroom, that's a crap shoot. When I taught college classes here in the US, I did meet a math teacher who was quite good at what he did in the classroom. He also spent some time in the jungles of Viet Nam. That was not so good. He told me that "Apocalypse Now"was not as crazy or surreal as the actual war.

One thing that I have done - I gave discounts to veterans and their families who wished to enroll their children in the learning center that I managed.

From what I have seen here, some of the ranting GEOS people in here could use a little bit of the boot camp training I experienced. Yes, and I mean everyone from incompetent managers to incompetent teachers. We used to say, "If your blood is warm, the military will take you."

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