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GEOS North America: Everything is OK

As has been mentioned in comments, the NY ryugaku blog has posted a memo from GEOS New York saying that everything is OK:

Announcement from GEOS New York Corporation (GEOS USA) and GEOS Language Corporation (GEOS Canada)

GEOS Corporation in Japan recently filed for bankruptcy, with some of its assets taken over by G Communications, a separate Japanese company, and some of its assets being currently held by a court-appointed trustee.

The ownership of the shares of the company in North America is currently held by a court-appointed trustee awaiting sale.

There has been no change in the legal or operating status of the companies in Canada and the United States, and we look forward to a rapid sale and to continuing to provide excellent services to our students and partners.

I really have nothing to add apart from we all know how this kind of reassurance turned out when GEOS Australia shut down.

Everything is OK. Don't worry!



Thanks for posting the above information on a new thread from what I put up earlier. It really deserves its own thread because this will be the next big news.

1) No one wants GEOS Canada as a complete chain. They might want the students from the Vancouver school, but Special K bled out any money GEOS Canada had last year for Turkey payments and Japan. Leases are up soon at many of the schools, agents are sending to a tarnished brand, etc.

2) GEOS US is a whole other animal with much stricter government control of visa and school accreditation. Can;t see anyone buying the whole chain, especially in the economic/ language market we live in.

3) The trustee deal is in full swing. Uri Carnat used to be the Director of Operations for GEOS NA, but has been busted back down to regular school manager. The trustees now have the power.

4) GEOS Canada is not hiring for key positions like Academic Directors anymore in a desperate attempt to save cash. GEOS US is probably following suit soon or now.

When will schools be sold piecemeal or most likely just closed down? Anyone's guess. But the above information did mention the trustee was looking for a rapid sale. There is not time left.

twelve schools!!

Boston, New York, San Francisco, LA x 2, Honolulu, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver Calagary, Victoria.

You are going on and on about 12 miserable locations that do not mean squat to anyone!

Yea, I could see why no one would be interested in the 'whole chain'... hahahahaha! Fook, it is NOT a chain, it is a collection of six in the US, and six in Canada. What the hell would they need and academic director for??? Unless of course they also doubled as school cleaner and greeter for walk-ins!!!

Get a life. then get a hobby!

I posted the second-hand media release about GEOS NA being in the hands of a trustee. I could not reveal sources because that would reveal who I am. Iam a competitor school, but not in Canada. However I can say that Languages Canada know about GEOS and are monitoring the situation regularly, Just as ENglish NZ monitored the NZ situation and English Australia monitored the AUstralian situation. What I am interested in is whether the Association in Canada lets GEOS sink with students losing their money, or whether they step in. Either way it is extremely annoying to pay for a competitor who recklessly discounted while other schools operated more conservatively.

Well, consider a couple of students with no real staff classifies as a "school" in Japan, GEOS North America looks like a huge corporation in comparison. And teacher

The reality is the GEOS Japan story is over as 99 schools went down the drain and it is already under Gcom control. The next, and final story, is GEOS North America. That will affect the whole NA language school market and set the tone for how global Gcom will ever be (it won't).

Anyway, obviously by the postings you are in the minority on this one.

The poster at 10:21 provided a decent, well-written comment. You, on the other hand, chose to take the all too often trodden low road. You are one of too many people here who indulge themselves in argumentum ad hominem for want of anything of value to express.

11:13 Oh, wow, whoever you are you just won me over with your ever useful posting...

PLEASE do not post useless garbage. It obviously does not work for you since your nemesis seems not to disappear as you please. Your ranting and ravings ("he/ you posts better than you!") sound like a 13-year-old looking for some sort of confirmation...You are good enough, smart enough, and darn gone it people like you!

Let's get back to useful postings. This is an anonymous board. You might have had some position of control in the old GEOS (real or perceived), but this is a whole new world and that doesn't mean squat on here. Telling people what they can an cannot post fails every time, if you haven't noticed. Get used to people disagreeing with you and you having no power to stop them. Deal with it.

10:21 was a good posting. The same person that brought us the info confirming the trustee position at GEOS NA and some info about the former director Uri guy, I believe. Keep up the good postings.

Confused by the person who just posted...Think you misunderstood the other guy/ girl at 11:13.

That guy doesnt understand anyone, just likes to rant!!!!

Lessons are going on out there, huh?

13:13 What are you referring to? GEOS Canada? U.S.?

Inside the lair known as GEOS Canada...

¥ It isn't just Uri Carnat that is pissed about this board and follow it regularly. Try GEOS Ottawa and GEOS Victoria too.

¥ several postings on here about GEOS Canada have been spot on, to the disconsternation of the mentioned types above.

¥ GEOS Canada will not be bought outright. Others explained why.

¥ GEOS Canada school managers (you are right, Uri is only a school manager now no matter what his business card or talk says) are only looking to save thetmor jobs...this means lying, scheming and backstabbing continues, including with any potential suitors.

¥ you will see some school closures soon. The delay is not because of sound decisions or suitors lining up at the door...just utter confusion and incompetence.

Say anymore and I might be found out. Cheers.

Nice insider account. Good to see someone in the know. Unfortunately we probably will have to weed the GEOS school manager rants in response denying everything, disrupting the board. Usually comes during the work day North America time. Early afternoons and evenings. Heard a GEOS manager in an unnamed city loves to stay late in the day...Eh?

Uh, excuse me. But did you just comment on your own comment? Did you forget that you logged on as Not Stupid at 10:33 and again at 11:13? It appears to me that the 11:13 post was congratulating the poster at 10:33. Are you patting yourself on the back? lol

No, I just copied another poster that seemed to share inside info. I really do not want to get caught for obvious reasons, so putting in the same name confuses a little. People like you check those details, so I have to be general.

Actually, I was the one who posted inside info quite a while ago. Months back, but I must have done a good job since no one knew.

I will post later some more. Saw a package today. Missed some details but will confirm and clarify with a colleague who also has been on here. Cheers.

Sounds good. Look forward to some inside info to juice things up.


Everyone should go and re-read 10:21 and 11:11. These two obviously know what they are talking about.

As someone with some "special" knowledge, I thought I would add an update to their comments:

- 1:11 is right in that Languages Canada is monitoring the situation. However, LC does not have the funds to support all those soon-to-be disenfranchised students. They can barely run their own office and rely a lot on volunteer board members to do the work (the U.S. is much more ahead in this aspect).

- 10:21 is right in that no one (current schools) wants to buy GEOS Canada operations. But this is not only because of the debt, damaged brand, etc. Languages Canada has a system in place for placing students of affected schools or agents (those which fail and under the Languages Canada umbrella) in other LC schools. This way the student doesn't lose their tuition, for the most part. Most recently this was done when a Japanese agent closed up shop suddenly, leaving students stranded and did not refund pre-paid tuition. Schools like ILSC and LSC took on these students, but at a cost to them (students nor Languages Canada paid). Do you think they will be happy to do this again? No. But is it better than buying up the GEOS assets/ student contracts? Yes. Why wade into the murky and costly waters of buying a damaged brand when you can get the students for free and with no baggage by just transferring them over? Please the agents, students, parents at no real cost...Plus earn brownie points with Languages Canada.

- Do you actually think any properly run school in Canada actually likes GEOS and its management? Trust me, other schools know all about their shady tactics and are moving on with their own businesses. The fall of GEOS will just mean less undercut pricing that they have to deal with with agents.

Hope that helped.

Wow, excellent post above. Well written and definitely in the know. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Commenting on ones own posts is very sad indeed, the things people do for attention theses days no matter how trivial the topic is. sad sad people, get a life. and stop using my name!!! get your own!!!!

All very nice to have Brownie points with Languages Canada, but if you teach the students for nothing.. You lose money. I am not sure that shareholders are that impressed by being paid with 'brownie points' In the Canadian scheme, does this mean that no student will lose their tuition or accommodation entitlements
Did you know that tourist visa students at GEOS in Australia lost their money. And that in some countries their agents had to pay the students due to consumer protection laws. And so these agents lost a lot of money. Who will clean up the mess in Canada?

CAn you explain this comment?

8:55 is your life really that boring? See how easy it is to use someone elses name? Seriously, do you have super-magic-unbelievable powers to know if someone commented on their own posting on an anonymits board?

How about actually provide an intelligent, insightful response to the posting? Or maybe you can't because everything they say is true. The school manager in Canada must be staying late at the office tonight. ;-)

9:39 Easy. ACCET is much more strict with accrediting of schools in the U.S. It is much easier to open a school in Canada than in the U.S., especially in regard to the govt. Teaching standards usually are more strictly enforced. Actually, Languages Canada has based a lot of it's system on ACCET (and Australia). They have visited US schools for guidance.

Hopefully no one has an inferiority complex on here and can just accept facts for what they atmre. Languages Canada is headed there, but it has a bit of a way to go and has no real funding to do it. Anyone who has worked in business in NA knows the U.S. Will write a law or legislation, followed by Canada copying most of it two years later. Been like that for ages.

9:38 Good observation. Schools definitely do not want to clean up GEOS Canada's mess, but adding new students from GEOS makes the agents and parents happy. Languages Canada has flirted with a tuition protection scheme like in Australia and I believe the US. Except they have no money to offer it.

Let's just say no one wants to pay for GEOS Canada.

2:31 Thanks for your insight. I presently work for another school (GEOS competitor) in Canada. You obviously have worked or do work for GEOS or Languages Canada. Maybe we will cross paths one day.

@Ha The person actually admitted doing so a few posts back. So HA if you read the posts you would see a pattern emerging which is boring, not me. The poster also said that they use other posters names so as not to be identified. Conclusion this person is deluded to the point he/she is running around thinking that people are watching him/her. Time for Prozac. Who cares about Geos NA and the managers you know what they say about Canadians anyway. Life goes on!!!!!!!!!!

11:09 Not Stupid, as your claim to be...Are you really bored out there? Is GEOS Canada life getting you down? Do you have supernatural powers that you can detect all the shenanigans on this board? Do you want a Scouts merit badge for all your hard work?

Damn, you must work at GEOS Canada because for all I have read on here it really sounds like someone that would. Best part is, you offer nothing but whining and crying because you think someone posted a little too much info about your operation. Whaaaa! Get a life and post something of usefulness like 2:32 did. ;-)

I wonder if other schools in Canada will take the students affected by a pending GEOS Canada closure? As someone said, they already took students for free a while back under Languages Canada? While they might gain in the long-term in agent relationships and word-of-mouth, these schools will be going into the high season in Canada soon, with full classrooms. Do they really want to overcrowd classrooms for free?

@ 11.28 what sad lives you have running around thinking people are watching you from head office in Canada, if there is one, if anyone disagrees with you they are Geos Management, a stooge or even maybe a spy collecting all this data on you so they can do what? Go back to the doctor man! tell him the medication is not working and you need to be committed at once before you harm yourself. Fuck I am so glade that I am not in your headspace or be this obsessed that this is where you have ended up.

what sad lives you have running around thinking people are watching you from head office in Canada, if there is one, if anyone disagrees with you they are Geos Management, a stooge or even maybe a spy collecting all this data on you so they can do what?

I folks in NA, most particularly Canada are nut jobs. You come on here over and over spinning your theories of spies and some freak-master named Uri all the time. All of you GEOS teachers in NA are nothing more than high school educated, welfare recipent retards and who need to get off their ass and get a real job and leave GEOS behind. I know the job market is in shambles in NA, but seriously....why do you care about your $7.50 an hour job?? Is it for the students?? Dont bother saying that, because most of them couldnt give a turd about you. They have other things to do with their time in NA other than worry about their poor, pathetic, broke teachers...alot of them come to NA to feel what real freedom is like and enjoy spending time with other students...they are thinking about getting laid..smoking pot...getting drunk...masturbating about having sex with white people...shit like that...NOT their pathetic, scummy teachers. You are fooling yourself if you think they like are all forgotten about once they get back their home countries and start looking for work and getting on with their lives.

Those students who get burned doing business with GEOS NA has themselves to blame for taking that risk...and those with real resources and not on a shoe string, penny pinching budget will spend their money on real lessons from qualified teachers in certified schools.

Nobody is going to buy GEOS in NA....and if you happen to get lucky and have your school picked up by a buyer and keep your jobs...nothing will improve for you. You are low-wage workers and thats not going to change, because you can be replaced by non-paid interns in ads on craiglist. GEOS NA doesnt matter at all. If you think GEOS NA is important...its just in your one is spying on a bunch of minimium wage earning teachers, who dont even earn enough to qualify for unemployment benefits if they are fired or laid-off. You are replaceable..nobodys...nothing.

12:32 and 13:09 same person. Your IP gives you away.

Damn, you actually think we are going to quit exposing GEOS North American managers like you on here because you whine and bitch and keep posting? Nope, not going to happen. Just have to learn to deal with it. No amount of trying to control this board or reverse psychology will work.

By the way, no one said anything a "GEOS stooge" lately, only you. Feeling a little insecure? Actually the most interesting posts lately have been from GEOS Canada and they have provided interesting information. Maybe that is what bothers you.

Oh, and everyone of your moronic, no-information posts will be responded to, so keep your keyboards handy and your Internet connection open. Sucks when you have no power to stop information leaking out. Sorry, GEOS NA is now officially bankrupt, in the hands of a trustee (sorry, Uri), and on the verge closing for good.

Say hi to Napolean, rock star, and the writer for us. Hope you have dusted of your resumes. Only those in the know know what that means. ;-).

13:09 you obviously do not read well. Might explain why you are an "exGcomer."

Most of the posts have been critical of GEOS NA and are from former staff/ insiders. I know of one on here that has provided excellent info but hasn't worked for a while for GEOS (they have a position that only you could dream of...). They have already said GEOS NA, especially Canada, is not worth anything. READ before you repeat stuff. You are obviously too dumb to get a job in your pwn country, so I see why you fled to Japan.


Wow, judging from the poster at 12:32 I can see why GEOS Japan failed so miserably. And given how much he posts on here he obviously has nothing to do. Jobless, are we? Soon to be jobless?

Everyone is "Not stupid" now! Haha! Everyone should use this name to really make the poster go even more crazy. ;-)

GEOS NA stopped producing their Agent Newsletter in March. I give the a month, month and a half to be closed down by the bankruptcy trustee. Then there will be nothing to talk about, much like there is nothing to talk about Japan.

GEOS sucks.

Nobody is going to buy GEOS in NA and if you happen to get lucky and have your school picked up by a buyer and keep your jobs...nothing will improve for you. You are low-wage workers and thats not going to change, because you can be replaced by non-paid interns in ads on craiglist. GEOS NA doesnt matter at all. If you think GEOS NA is important...its just in your one is spying on a bunch of minimium wage earning teachers, who dont even earn enough to qualify for unemployment benefits if they are fired or laid-off. You are replaceable..nobodys...nothing.

The Best summary I have seen yet about you shitty Canadians and trashy Americans. You are not going to have a job in about 40 days. But dont fret, Target and Wal-Mart always needs cashiers for $6.50/ thats the best you GEOS NA trash will ever get. Get your welfare application in order, because its about time you hand it in and collect your food stamps. You deserve to be on the street for working for a criminal enterprise. Mr. K really stuck you losers right up the A-hole.

@14.52 your point is? Thats right you are having fits of paranoia so there is no point. you are using my name again. I didnt think it would be so popular. feel free because people can tell the difference between the two.
Dont forget to take your Prozac like the rest of the canadian population!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the moron who said that you know they are the same poster because of the ip address. you are talking through a hole in your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are two differnet posts NOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Okay, I really like you guys. Just messing around since I lost my job in J-land. Really sucks and I really I really have nothing else to do these days than hang out here all day, like the other poster says. Honestly, I like . Yes, it was me that posted ant-NA rants in twos. Just pissed at my situation and really need to reflect on how shitty my life is right now. Will try to be a better poster so Shawn doesn't kick me off this board.

Yes, GEOS Canada is dead soon. Hope people have jobs beforehand because the party is over. I lost mine and have no other real work experience, so it will be hard to get hired. I heard that many still left at GEOS Canada are only there because they really do not have the skills or education like me to get a real job. Damn, go back to school and earn a better degree. Can't skate by on a fine arts degree anymore....God forbid if you have a philosophy degree because you are really screwed then.

¥ It isn't just Uri Carnat that is pissed about this board and follow it regularly. Try GEOS Ottawa and GEOS Victoria too.

¥ several postings on here about GEOS Canada have been spot on, to the disconsternation of the mentioned types above.

¥ GEOS Canada will not be bought outright. Others explained why.

¥ GEOS Canada school managers (you are right, Uri is only a school manager now no matter what his business card or talk says) are only looking to save their jobs...this means lying, scheming and backstabbing continues, including with any potential suitors.

¥ you will see some school closures soon. The delay is not because of sound decisions or suitors lining up at the door...just utter confusion and incompetence.

Interesting for sure. Could you share more? From my limited experience I know most GEOS Canada locations bled money and gave whatever money they had to Special K. As a staff member at one of the schools (but I got out quickly), you wouldn't believe what I heard and saw. GEOS managers who sucked ass to Special K and turned right around and laughed and talked behind his back. Money being diverted between bank accounts or in-school safes, transactions being delayed or manipulated to benefit the weekly bottom line, and fudged paperwork just to delay payment to creditors, teachers, etc. Can't see who in their right mind would want to buy this corrupt mess. Since the GEOS NA trustee said they are hopeful for a quick sale, well, that pretty much puts the situation in prospective.


The GEOS Japan trustee said that they were looking for a quick sale, but I have not seen any indication that there is a GEOS NA trustee per se. Moreover, because GEOS Canada and GEOS Corp (USA) are separate entities, different sets of law apply to the NA schools. Therefore, I would expect different trustees in Canada and the US. Is it even clear that the bankruptcy filing in Japan made any mention of the disposition of the NA properties? I have not seen any such indication myself. At this point, the NA schools just have all the appearance of abandoned cars that had been in too many wrecks.

Does anyone know differently?

1:49 Good observation. Can't say I know anymore than you. But I do know that the April 30th release that got leaked (not put up on GEOS NA sites, conveniently) stated a trustee was looking to sell ASAP. But nothing much more, except my odd connection to GEOS. I am not at GEOS now, thankfully

But I can confirm that Uri Carnat used to be acting as the big whig in North America, especially once Mike left in New York. But a friend who still works part-time at GEOS told me to look at the Web sites and other agent material more closely. He said you will see that all mention of Uri as VP of North American Operations has been removed. A wink and a nod later, and it proves that a trustee (Japan, I guess) is in some sort of control because the trustee would strip any director powers and take control of the helm. So this must mean a trustee has some contact/ power, but how much they are actually doing remains to be seen. Gcom doesn't seem to have a clue and no one in Canada at least has been approached to buy the organization. To me this indicates that they really are looking at a full closure of schools, but hope a white knight might be able to offer some cash at the last minute.

All in all, it seems like an absolute mess and very much that GEOS NA was abandoned (and now operating on their own, directionless).

Uri Carnat is NOT the VP of NA Operations and hasn't been for a year! People keep throwing that out on here. Actually, he practically gave himself the title and if you look at his Linked In account it only lasted a couple of months. Yes, Special K was not happy with it and busted him down to "Regional Director", which is a glorified marketing position from what I have heard.

(Uri likes big titles, because he calls his School Manager position on Linked In "Montreal Business Manager"! Ha, ha! Was he managing Montreal?! There is no such position at GEOS, nor ever was. Maybe the title of School Manager at GEOS really does carry a lot of shame.).

Oh, no...The troll will be back for sure now because he doesn't like his name being posted on the board. Look for him between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST, right at the end of the GEOS Canada work day.

By the way, if you haven't noticed they are more than one on here mentioning about GEOS NA, Uri, etc. Time differences, writing styles pretty obvious. It is called a discussion board. Deal with it. You are not the board police, so get use to it. This is what we are interested in.

Have a great evening now that you are done at GEOS for the day. ;-)

6:43 Looks like a GEOS stooge has a bit of an inferiority complex now that GEOS collapsing and AEON is still moving along fine. I guess that is what happens when the "power" is gone...No more free trips to "exotic" places, eh?

Interesting to see how Mathew Chisholm's name gets removed so quickly from this site but Uri's doesn't? Did you know him in Japan, Shawn? Did he contact you recently?

GEOS is a two-headed snake. One is the face of Japan, the other is North America. They live only to snipe at each other. What a pathetic creature it is indeed.

Yeah, but one thing is the same...they are both falling and soon to be gone.

No. I thought the posts were senseless, so I removed them.


There have been a lot of useless posts over the last while. Hopefully those others that were copy and pasted, and just designed to disrupt the board (not stupid), got removed too. Good to see you on here bright and early. ;-)

To the person who wrote 9:55...Too bad it is kind of stupid and you have a lot of time on your hands. Next time, do not use G.E.D., since there isn't such a thing in Canada. Obviously you are American and probably one of the jobless in Japan right now.

GED test centers in Canada

www (dot) a2zcolleges (dot) com/exams/ged_contacts_canada.htm

Who cares, boys?!?! Seriously, this is not GED site or whatever it is. Wow, I am proud if that is what you got and why you are in Japan doing real well for yourself. But who really cares? Are you that bored in life?

Okay, so if there a lot of know-it-alls on here, when will GEOS Canada collapse? Come on, but your super brains to work and predict when it will finally close....Waiting.

I do not expect an answer, except "no one cares about Canada...blah...blah..." Because you have no real answers.

GEOS NA will close on Monday the 17th.

BS alert. Maybe you should have chosen a Friday to be more believable. Why in the heck would they come back in after a weekend to be told it is closing. Damn, you are not very good. haha

Operating as units abandoned by Japan corporate, cautious agents and sensible students, GEOS NA schools will see what little cash reserves they may have had quickly dwindle away. Then rent day - the real killer becuase while you can fob off teachers you can't fob off the landlord - comes around and that's it...all over. Uri would be counting the precious cents and the remaining minutes right now.

The silicon chip inside Uri's head
Gets switched to overload.
And nobody's gonna go to school today,
He's going to make them stay at home.
And Mr K doesn't understand it,
He always said GEOS was as good as gold.
And he can see no reason
'Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to be shown?

Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.
I've got to shut
The whole damm NA operation down......

10:27 an intelligent post. Uri is doing so and has been for quite some time. An exact day is not yet predictable (look at all the other happenings in Japan), but when you put "rapid sale" on your quick announcement, everything is NOT alright.

It is soon, though.

10:34...And something else you might be able to give us, even through another song, that some of us would understand and then know you are legit?

Help us out, it is getting late. ;-)

BS alert. Maybe you should have chosen a Friday to be more believable. Why in the heck would they come back in after a weekend to be told it is closing. Damn, you are not very good. haha

The trustee knows the game. Closing on a Monday will allow the teachers and staff a chance to get some rest over the weekend...they will not be expecting anything to happen on a when they show up to work Monday morning, the doors will be locked with a note stating "SURPRISE!! You Lose!!", that way the teachers and staff will not have a chance to damage/remove property or remove student contact information for their own private lessons.

If you are a teacher in GEOS NA, you better remove your personal belongings out of the school before it gets locked down or they might get trashed during clean-up or stolen by the creditors.

Yes, and take as much contact/ corporate info you can. You will need it for private lessons. Textbooks are always a good thing to help you along.

Thanks for the info. Other signs: agent newsletters stopped, facebook and other marketing initiatives dead/ no posts.

11:11 It is not just the trustee's style; Uri likes too do this also. I saw way too many times staff and teachers getting let go at the end of a Friday when no one was around (still got the day of work out of them), or Sunday nights. The latter was so they could not make a stink about being let go for dubious reasons and do they could not say they were screwed over to the students and other teachers. Also Uri knew it put all the other teachers on edge, afraid for their jobs. Another reason is Uri did not want to get punched out by the affected employee. Let's just say he is not the biggest guy around.

Once again the silence is deafening. We all know something big is about to happen when this occurs, like it did the last time. Enjoy.

I do not expect any collective big bang this time around. We will more likely hear little pops and here and there as leases reach their terms.

So you do not feel all will close at the same time? There are a couple of Canadian schools near the end their leases or just extended fir a short period. But if the cash runs out, they will be locked by the landlord no matter when they are supposed to end.

The silence is most deafening from the couple of GEOS Canada manager ans staff that use to get on here telling us everything is fine and anybody who begs to differ is stupid, etc. Notice you haven't heard any denials of the latest news leaked out? There is nothing left to defend, that is why.

Good bye, GEOS Canada...

GEOS Canada will close in parts. Calgary, definitely soon. Toronto Web site just got updated. This is because they are trying desperately to sell off assets/ schools in parts or small groups. Uri Carnat is working through the weekend to try to salvage/ delay things, even if it is in vain.

One wonders why anyone would bother updating the Toronto web site. If it is hoped that the Toronto school is going to be sold, the web site updates do not add any value whatsoever. A web site is only so much text, HTML, Javascript, Jpegs and GIFs. There is no equity in a web site. Moreover, surely a new owner would change the site dramatically. If the Toronto school is going to be closed, it is even more ludicrous to update the web site.

Well, perhaps someone has time on his hands.

You would not believe the things a certain person would do...Especially since they are not a "directo" anymore (see trustee). Some call it stubbornness, some call it OCD...Maybe some even call it desperation; kind of like throwing your last dollar on the roulette table. Except in this case there is no pay off. A complete and utter waste of time, unless someone is just doing it to say they "completed an amazing transformation of corporate Web sites...blah, blah..." for their resume. ;-)

Scratchin' my head that ANYONE would be prepared to pay money and enrol at any GEOS school today. Are any students actually doing that now???
Ah, and our URi man, that Director title may come back to haunt him if/when the whole caboodle falls over and the creditors are unleased.
As an ex-GEOS person I find I'm moving now to a position of sort of relief that it's all over. My interest in GEOS is drifting away, and that's probably not a bad thing.

Same...the dying gasps of GEOS are upon us. Relief is one word...Feeling content also, but that is a long story...The final nail is about to be hammered down. Like some said on here earlier, the silence from the GEOS NA managers on here says it all.

Update GEOS NA

Someone mentioned about this coming Monday, May 17th, as the end of GEOS NA. My thoughts are do not expect everything to crash all at once. We might see a school or two close on that day...However another date is possible - Tuesday, May 25th. Monday is a holiday in Canada, so long weekend...Good time to get the hell our of dodge if you are a GEOS school manager. And Tuesday is a new session start date, so GEOS can scam new students of their pre-paid tuition and the lock the doors. Expect something around that time...

still not caring much about six schools in Canada and six schools in the US....

Too bad, because more of us on here care about what will happen to GEOS NA. Japan is already decided and over. The timing of GEOS NA closures will affect a lot of people, including the competition. I am the director of another school and we might have to take students in affected by a local GEOS closure. We are attached to Languages Canada. So there are people on here very interested in what happens next.

then shouldn't you be blogging on Let's Canada??

No, since this is really about GEOS as a whole. Read back a few months and you will see a lot of interesting discussion and ties to GEOS Canada. A whole lot of money transfers from Canada and other "interesting" connections to GEOS Japan.

your classes must be one thrill after another....

But will you get any money for them? And why is it taking so long.? Surely not a buyer? Mad mad mad to by this tainted mess


Is that Monday, May 17th guy/ girl still around? Have an interesting question for you.

Close downs in NA happening real soon. The rent moneys gone and payment days approach. "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, what I do?" says you know who in Montreal.

What does Uri Carnat in Montreal. Sorry, but that douche bag needs his name called out on here by the way he has treated teachers and the like. Looks like Napoleon's empire is crashing down on him. Would love to be there over his shoulder today watching him count his pennies.

Question is: Does the little NA fiefdom crash all at once, or close school-by-school like someone mentioned?

Have a friend in Japan. He did NOT get his pay for the last month at GEOS. things are not looking good. No money there, definitely no money in North America. So I am starting to believe the closures will happen real soon.

Hey, you don't run up 750 billion of debt and leave money in NA by choice. Read the posts about Australia - 'that sucking sound' Patterns repeat (except in NZ where the regulator protected the money and defeated Mr K) so the money has almost certainly gone. Surely word has got out and most students are not arriving now. Only a buyer can prevent impending disaster (and a buyer will not put the $10 million or so fees in advance in needed to restore a zero balance. Unless they are private equity fund pre-2007 possibly?

Anyone with inside knowledge about NA schools? Can you predict the day of the first closure and where?

Anyone with inside knowledge about NA schools? Can you predict the day of the first closure and where?

Just 2 or 3 people and a few lawyers know whats happening in GEOS NA..and they are not going to come on here and spill the beans or give anybody a tip. We all know time is short. If anybody has any fantasy about coming through this mess with their jobs still intact are fooling themselves. GEOS NA going under wont even make the news in NA. How many people work at GEOS NA??? 14?? Just a very tiny drop in the unemployment bucket.

For some of us the fall of GEOS NA will be sweet. Won't make any news, but will definitely mess with a few people's lives that should be messed with.

More interesting will be if the other schools under Languages Canada foot the bill and take affected students for free. Heard some grumblings in this area since other schools feel they are paying for GEOS' mess, which they are. Interesting to see if other local schools take up the students quickly and efficiently and not under Languages Canada official direction...Languages Canada has been struggling to gain the kind of power and respect that its U.S. and Aussie counterparts have. Let's just say it is years behind and pretty clueless at times. Also with GEOS undercutting on pricing (desperation), it will be interesting to see if competitor pricing moves higher/ less price pressure, which actually might help the industry.

Can't forget that the Aussie an Canadian money transfer regimes that Kusunoki milked will be finally closed...

Best part: certain dipshit GEOS Canada managers will be hitting the unemployment line. Can't imagine any other school taking those hooligans on their staff. An a few equally dumb, lazy teachers will have to look for real work with REAL responsibilities. Some on here know who I mean.

Oh, and something is definitely up at GEOS NA since a couple of my contacts have gone silent also. Happened like that just before the big bankruptcy announcement several weeks back.

Not that is is a huge number, but GEOS Canadian schools usually employee about 8-10 part-time teachers, a manager and Academic Coordinator, 3 or 4 support staff, free interns, etc. Sites like New York are much bigger. So not 14 total, but more than 100 (12 schools total) definitely NA-wide. GEOS schools are usually bigger in NA than in Japan, save the Tokyo/ Osaka ones.

I think right now they don't have to - agents have had enough warning. People see it as a GEOS problem, not a Canada problem. Not to bail them out will teach the hungry agents a strong lesson about nailing good schools down to the floor with the justification 'well GEOS is paying much more than this'

I say let the commission hungry agents suffer student and parent protests

Yes, the agents in Canada are dirt bags for the most part. Couldn't care less about their students or quality of the school they are sending them to. They just make schools go nuts on commission. GEOS Canada was offering the usual 25%, but then they jacked it up to 35% and more with bonuses in a desperate attempt to get students/ pre-paid tuition/ cash flow. The agents then expect all other decent schools to offer the same. Nuts.

8:03 But this is a problem, in itself. Languages Canada is trying to prove to the government and schools that it is the umbrella/ protection organization of the private school market. They took control when a Japanese agent left many stranded with no school (they stole student tuition), arranging for students to be split up amongst two large Canadian school chains. So what is their official reasoning for not doing the same with GEOS? Going forward, and trying to legitimize their place in the Canadian market, ad hoc "rules/ policies" could come back to bite you in the ass. They need

I do know LC has been on the phone with Uri Carnat at GEOS Montreal to see how things are transpiring. I am sure he advised that "everything okay", but by now the excuses have run their course. Are there any other avenues to mitigate the fall out of GEOS closures in Canada besides forced placement in other LC member schools? Can't see GEOS Canada paying back pre-paid student tuition.

Well, this is my story. Probably not very interesting and probably going to be flamed because almost no matter what you write there usually seems to be some jerk on the internet that wants to flame you. And if you post on Gaijin Pot, then it is absolute surety that there will be multiple jerks flaming you...including threats and even stalking, which the GP moderators allow. Man GP is a cesspool. Anyone else here hate GP? But I digress. Back to the point, I am posting this because I think I offer the perspective of a student who was seriously interested in taking classes and decided against it. And since declining student enrollment seems to have been a factor behind the collapse of some of these chains, I think my experience is relevant.

So last year, I decided to start studying Japanese. Initially, I checked into taking classes in my area of the U.S. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately as it turns out), only one college offered them in my area. The college that had Japanese classes was about an hour commute away from me and is an ivy league school. They wanted several thousand dollars in tuition each term just to take a single class. Of course, I laughed at this. For several thousand dollars I could fly to Japan and spend a short but lavish vacation or a long and frugal one.

So I decided to just man up and study on my own. Twenty years ago, this would not have been very easy to do I am sure. Maybe even ten years ago, it would not have been easy. But now, I found it very, very easy--surprisingly easy--to study alone because of the internet. On the internet, I found dozens of sites offering Japanese drama/movies with English subtitles as well as many free pages that explain and discuss Japanese grammar and vocabulary. I also found computer programs that allow me to do self studying and I can order pretty much any book or workbook from anywhere in the world with Amazon or other places.

Anyway, after about half a year, I suddenly found that my Japanese was getting better than I expected and after reading various message boards, I became interested in taking the jlpt. I took some jlpt sample tests and old tests and figured out my jlpt level. About this time, I got a little bored with studying on my own and thought it would be fun to learn in a class with other people. So I thought that since there were no classes locally, then I would check into going for an intensive class somewhere in North America. There aren't too many language schools that teach Japanese but I found a Geos Canada school that has Japanese classes. I called them and spoke with a Japanese woman about taking classes there. First strike: She told me they don't have intensive classes and encouraged me to take private lessons at $50 an hour. Uh, no thanks. Strike two: She sent me a battery of Geos placement tests for Japanese (three all totalled). I spent hours completing these and sent them back. Then she informed me that I was qualified to study for a jlpt level that I can already easily pass (I know this from taking sample tests and because I have a good friend from Korea who has passed the jlpt 1 and who has a college degree from Japan. I speak to her in Japanese and she told me which jlpt I should try to take and her assessment matches the outcome of the sample tests I have taken.) So basically, Geos Canada wanted me to waste my money taking a jlpt prep class to study for a jlpt level that I can already easily pass on my own. That told me one of two things...either their placement tests don't accurately assess their students' jlpt level, in which case Geos is incompetent. Or else they want students to take too easy of jlpt levels so that the students will be assured of passing the jlpt without Geos actually having the responsibility to teach anything, in which case they are running a scam.

As the final outcome, I decided that Geos had nothing of value to offer me and that taking Geos classes would be a complete waste of my money. I found that compared to what I am getting for free or very cheaply on the internet and with books, Geos just wasn't a good value. I am sure that I am not the only person who has decided that as much as it is fun to study with other people, it isn't worth the cost considering everything that is now available for free to anyone who is hooked up to the internet. As much as is available to an English speaker who is learning Japanese, there has to be 10 times that much available for Japanese speakers who are learning English. There must be dozens of nintendo ds learning programs and computer programs as well as many websites devoted to learning English. Basically, formal classes are no longer the only option. And of the many options out there, taking formal classes seems to be the most expensive. I opted for the cheaper alternatives and I am sure many other students are doing the same.

By the way, Geos Japan collapsed just a few weeks after I had contacted Geos Canada. So just for fun, I called Geos New York City and also the Geos Canada woman I had been in contact with. I asked them if they were going to have any problems due to Geos Japan's bankrupty. Both locations assured me that they are completely separate entities and that everything at their locations was business as usual with classes continuing. I found it interesting that they claimed that they are not somehow tied to Geos Japan as I know that has to be a boldfaced lie. Both of the women I spoke too seemed to be made very nervous by my questions. Their voices sounded strained and the tone of their voices and the way they answered made it clear to me that they were not telling me the truth. Their answers were evasive at best. I am curious to see what transpires for Geos NA.


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