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JIOSU: A Website for Teachers, Students, and Staff

Novawhiz in the forums finds a website called

ジオス.com A website for GEOS student, GEOS staff and GEOS teacher support.

ジオス.com ( aims to provide information, links and support for GEOS students, staff and teachers by providing an online forum where you can discuss the latest GEOS related information and events.

Another aim of ジオス.com is to help you find your old GEOS friends, students and teachers through the online forum. Once you find them, you can contact them privately via the websites internal messaging system. If you have a mixi, facebook, twitter, openID, Google, yahoo or windows live account, you may use that to log in and use the forum and online messaging system. The forum and messaging service are free of charge.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the situation, GEOS was one of the top 4 private eikaiwa, or English conversation teaching companies, in Japan. Language tuition in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Korean was also offered at some schools. GEOS offered many opportunities for students to study abroad through homestay programs at its international branches. After GEOS Australia filed for bankruptcy (leaving many homestay students stranded without accommodation), the Japanese based GEOS also found itself in financial trouble. On the 22nd of April 2010, GEOS Corporation officially filed for bankruptcy leaving thousands of staff without jobs and without paying their salaries. Students weren't much better off, with some students thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Fortunately for many students and teachers in Japan, G.communications will be taking over many of the old GEOS schools (as they did with the old NOVA schools). What that entails we don’t exactly know yet, but we are hopeful that some good will come of it. On that note, we hope that you find ジオス.com useful and that you find the information you were looking for! Good luck!

The forum there is a bit sparse, but maybe that's because it's new. Have a look.

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