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Sahashi Appeals, Maintains Innocence

An update on former Nova president, Nozomu Sahashi's, appeal. You may recall that he was sentenced to three and half years for embezzlement last August. He quickly appealed his sentence, maintaining that he was innocent.

Kyodo News, via the Nikkei keizai shimbun reported last week that Sahashi maintained his innocence again at his appeal, saying that he took money from the employee's fund to help the company, not to line his pockets. The prosecutors, of course, are trying to have the appeal dismissed.

That's all the article says. Don't know where the appeal goes from here. I take it that for now, Sahashi avoids going to jail.


Why can't somebody just kill this guy?

I don't understand this "I was trying to help the company" argument; you can't steal money that doesn't belong to you. It doesn't matter why you wanted to take the money. That money was the employees money. It's kind like me robbing a bank to pay for a friends medical bills, and saying that I'm innocent because I was trying to help my friend, unless I'm misinterpreting what's going on.

If he gets off using that excuse, it's pathetic.


Grow up.

Well, GEOS North America has all kinds of excuses for not paying teacher wages, overtime, and outside service providers. Usually has something to do with repatriating funds back to the motherland in the name of Special K.

email sent by a director at 9:49am April 21st - minutes before the internal announcement to shut up shop and get to a gcom meeting




sorry guys wrong comments


Burn his last bridge by deed pole.
Tattoo the remaining saru kanji backwards on his forehead and pad it out with botox.
Get a large pad of red ink and give everyone who lost money to the tw*t the pleasure of using his face to hanko their cheques from his own secret accounts.
Tap tap, BANG..... ooops its smudged a bit
Tap tap, BANG..... not enough ink, one more time
Tap tap, BANG.....

After half a million facial hankos, losing all his ill-gotten gains and having his new name 猿 perma-inked on his forehead only the most short sighted, dimwitted obbasans are likely to jump in his bed.
I'd let him off a prison sentence for this.

I suspect the truth about Saruf**cker's money is that after almost three years of being unemployable (I mean, would you give him a job?) and paying legal bills, there is probably hardly any of it left. If his appeal is successful, which I doubt, he probably won't find life as a free man much more fun than prison.

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