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GEOS North America Sold to Open Hearts International College

GEOS North America Announced on September 10 that it has signed a letter of intent [PDF] for the acquisition of all 12 GEOS schools in North America by Florida-based Open Hearts International College.*

When GEOS' Australia schools suddenly closed, GEOS North America was quick to tell its students that everything was OK. That didn't work out very well, did it? Now Open Hearts is making a similar statement:

Open Hearts International College, under owner and President Jenny Nieveen, has run a successful school in Miami for over 10 years, and with the acquisition of the GEOS operations, the goal of the company is to create the strongest and largest group of language schools in North America.

Upon the completion of the sale, GEOS North American schools will retain all staff and the company will continue to offer the highest level of customer service to both students and partners, local and international. The schools will also retain the “GEOS” name as well as relationships and commitments to all agents and vendors.

Open Hearts International College and GEOS North America look forward to building on the mutual strengths of both companies, and on becoming an industry leader in North America and around the world.

It's interesting that they are keeping the GEOS name given how quickly GEOS Australia and GEOS Japan collapsed earlier this year. Other than the press release, I know nothing else about the deal. Consider this an open thread to talk about the remains of GEOS North America.

*OK, the title of this post is misleading. GEOS has not been sold at this point, but expectations are that the deal will eventually be done.



From June '10, Open Hearts Global (apparently the agent arm of Open Hearts International) was listing the Montreal GEOS school as one of its referral options. That referral then gave access to the other GNA schools. Interestingly, OHG has current referral arrangements to English Language schools in many of the cities now serviced by GNA.

A visit to Sunbiz (Florida State Government):

provides some limited background on OHI.

I am sure there are more than a few ex-GEOS staff and current GEOS staff on here that would love to fill Jennifer Neiveen in on all the shenanigans that goes on inside the morbid GEOS empire. In fact, I encourage people to write about the now-defunct GEOS organization, being as specific as possible...

Here is a start:

- money gets shifted around to make things "look good"

- pre-payments of tuition are usually recorded as "current income"...GEOS Ottawa did this recently with a large private tour group who is actually not going the school until NEXT JANUARY. What if they cancel?

- The "Regional Director" is a smiley-faced used cars salesman that will tell you anything just to meet the daily Cash Target report. Beware of Mr. C (the new "K"), who is one of the most corrupt, unethical, and downright incompetent idiots around.

- agents do NOT like the GEOS brand...Change it to Open Hearts and you have a fighting chance.

16:31 Yup, noticed that too...Referring to schools in same cities is a definite conflict of interest. Wonder how that will be handled (or no handled).

Keeping the GEOS name is just pure vanity of the Regional Director. He has tried so hard to prove his little career path is valid and a "big corporation." Endless hours at the school for minimum wage essentially because he really has nowhere else to go in life. He loves throwing around statement like "the GEOS corporate network has over 500 schools" still! And he uses old "accreditations" that do not exist anymore on their new brochures (which he made himself), etc. Makes him feel big and special, I guess.

OH needs to do its due diligence or they will be in for a big surprise. The Regional Director will not play second fiddle out of extreme pride and arrogance. He thinks he is that good and has a bigger plan. Watch out, Jenny.

P.S. Oh, and Mr. C (Reg. Dir.) is still trying to take his philosophy degree and get into a PhD. program. So making it looked like he "saved GEOS" might give him some brownie points.

Open Hearts International College is a serious company and I am sure that before entering into such agremeent they must have reviewed the ins and outs of Geos North America. I am sure there is a due diligence in place.

Due Diligence? Open Hearts and Jenny need to look at the new financial target success rates for GEOS NA schools....The best one is making, oh, 33% of its monthly target. If the best school is making less than half of its target 50% through the month, then their is cause for concern. No mor big pre-payments to fudge the books?

I checked Open Hearts at that sunbiz link in the first comment. There is no Open Hearts Global listed there but there is a OPEN HEARTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - it's a not for profit corporation! Sounds like a made-in-heaven arrangement to me as GEOS was not for profit as well. They'll get alon fine! Now I'm trying to think of another not-for-profit language school to compare it with - any ideas?

It's likely not a pretty picture for the cold region Geos North America schools as they drift into Winter and the off-season. Financial targets, as you accurately suggest, are not being achieved. New student registrations are reportedly down on last month. Student extensions are fading off. And, altho they don't like GEOS, I've been told that agents are re-emerging as part of new student enrolments and thus sapping what cash flow the schools have. Meanwhile, the standing costs of running each of these schools is not going away.

I do hope that Open Hearts buys GEOS, I know of this corporation , and I know of their reliability. Open Hearts happens to have a very high accreditation, 2 campuses, 2 student residences and very professional staff. This is not just any school but one of the top schools in Florida.

In any case if they do take over GEOS I am sure they will immediately apply the same motto of operation as they do in Miami and slowly but surely bring the group back up.

I actually wish them good luck...

You are checking in for the wrong company. It is Open Hearts International College, Inc.

A for profit entity since 1998. I just noticed that...

HA HA HA - GEOS b/s thread is finally dead and done has been so boring, reading all this crap about a corpse for so long..............nothing to do with JAPAN........and has not for ages

Can anyone cast light on any Open Hearts' Colombia connections?

Open Hearts update:

- Open Hearts has two related divisions...still developing.

- For profit

- GEOS desperation lead to Open Hearts for a couple of reasons: SPANISH-speaker connections (Columbia, Mexico, etc.);

- This is not a merger of equals...The Regional Director in Montreal is looking to "take over" the whole operation in the next two years...He has a plan, however convuluted or unethical. Jenny Nieveen is in for a big surprise. The funny part is Open hearts is BUYING GEOS. not the other way around...Sad state GEOS is in when a much smaller school buys themmm....but...

- GEOS is intent on "managing" the sale to benefit them only in the future....Think get some money to survive, leaching off a smaller company, then use some "corporate" might and take over everything once back up to speed.

- GEOS and Open Hearts will work on Corporate contracts in regards to the hospitality industry mostly...Russia is a target...


HA HA HA - GEOS b/s thread is finally dead and done has been so boring, reading all this crap about a corpse for so long..............nothing to do with JAPAN........and has not for ages

Agreed. If GEOS NA has been taken over by an American school, there really is no connection to Japan any more. So no offense, but perhaps now all the people who have been posting incessantly about North American GEOS schools will find an actual American ELT website to continue their discussions on?

GEOS has not been officially taken over by the American school. They are still controlled by the interests in Japan. There is only a letter of intent, so hold on for a bit until things actually develop. Some of what is being said on here is currently getting looked at by Open Hearts. So if you have anything useful or enlightening about GEOS, Japanese owners, etc. please post here soon.

Once GEOS is sold, then it would be good to remove any reference to them on here. They will be officially dead and the GEOS name is only because of one individual's vanity in the company. GEOS will have failed completely, just as most on here predicted.

Another update:

It is confirmed that GEOS NA managers are watching what we post on this board. Someone mentioned it before, but now GEOS Canada made concrete efforts to address leaks to this board. They finally caught on to some leaks and shut down the communication source. Thanks for confirming you are on here GEOS East Team. :-P

Not over yet. Still in Japanese hands and obviously still due diligence to be done or there would have been a signature on the dotted line. Letter of Intent is just that, and means they are negotiating only with each other in good faith.

What needs to be investigated is the huge conflict of interest Open Hearts has in its other relationships with NA schools other than GEOS. Some big competitors (LSC, ILSC) on that list...How will it all work out? Or will it...

Another Japanese company bites the dust. Failed. More to come.

Oh, we will still be talking about the little Uri Carnat for some time....There are lots of Web sites and Blogs out there to continue the discussion and leak lots of info about the slimy, dirty, and immoral Uri Carnat.....

5:45 When seeing your post/ rant, I decided I will post every day on here about the incompetent Uri Carnat and others in the GEOS lair. Again, your attempts at board police have failed. Commie demands are never met with any respect. You just make things

Nope, you lost...Sucks when you cannot control the conversation by manipulating people and firing them, eh?

Thanks, 6:10. You shut the little guy up...Nice. He realized that if he tried to control the board again his name would be all over Google. ;-)

A couple of questions that I do not have complete answers to, but am working on:

* Full difference between Open Hearts school in Miami and the school referral site. Really odd set up and a lot of conflict of interest with regards to representing other schools...

* Will open Hearts just dump the contracts they have with schools like ILSC, LSC, etc.? Can they? Is GEOS tryingt o control the market

* Anybody else have a feeling this is not a long-term decision? This is only for GEOS to get out of their bankruptcy hole and then try to operate again?

* How much is this transaction worth? How much int he way of funds

At the end of the deal, most of us on here were right in saying GEOS would fail compeltely eventually. It did, even though early on GEOS managers were on here telling us they would not fail, they were "huge", blah blah....GEOS management could not save GEOS. They failed. They sold out.

Heard a certain manager at one of the Canadian schools was scrambling a bit on this very weekend to control the message. He and his cohorts had done a lot to keep the impending sale secret, to some success, knowing that this board and others might "cause problems" for a smooth transaction. Well, I can report that the manager-boy saw this site on Friday, gave out the obligatory f&%#$ers comments, and has done some "damage control" over the weekend with respect to open Hearts. Good luck... ;-)

So, the sale is delayed by a few days right now, as OH looks over things. I encourage anyone with concrete, real dirty info on GEOS NA and its dirty managers to e-mail Jenny Nieveen and Open Hearts and tell them the truth (this can be done anonymously, especially for people like me currently still part of operations). We do need is another scam operation that will further destroy the language school industry as a whole and hurt many teachers in the process.

P.S. A colleague also inside agrees that there is no intention of U ri C arnat being under Jenny Nieveen int he future and that GEOS could suck a lot out of Open Hearts to rebuild their operations and then dump OH later somehow...Hence the lack of name change.


Okay, Open Hearts is making moves in regards to demanding more financial information from GEOS NA before they sign any sale deal. This board might have delayed things a little because of what we have written and forced these new demands...

1. Al companies, when purchasing another, need to do due diligence in regards to financials, assets, existing contracts/ agreements, etc. Some companies are better at doing this and/ or better funded
to hire experts to do this. It remains to be seen if OH is doing proper due diligence (DD), and it also depends on what exactly their long-term plan is with GEOS. Maybe both .

2. Open Hearts, possibly after reading some comments, asked for MORE financial statements in regards to GEOS financials (Canada for sure)...Specifically, reports on school expenditures and revenue. While seeming normal in the DD process, it seems this time they were ordered after several employees visitesd

3. I really hope OH checks the reports closely and reads more on this board. Let's just say the financials for GEOS NA were massaged for so long it would not be hard to find some inconsistencies, if you were looking. They need to ask the hard questions about the inconsistencies and the comments made on here in earlier threads about GEOS bankruptcy. Hope they tale a week of so to read what is on here, because maybe they would be in for an eye-opener.

4. Or maybe they are just as corrupt as GEOS and using each other for future gain.

Anyone have a potential price on this deal? The only thing I haven't been able to find through my extensive contacts.

Jenny Nieveen , you need to read this board. Hope you do and feel free to ask us any questions. It is important to the future of your company that you learn what has gone on at GEOS in the last few years, how corrupt some parts of it are, and how you might get swindled by a little man in a big suit who loves to smile and bs people.

Determine a valuation on GEOS in North America using an Asset Accumulation methodology, Inside, and you'd likely see a figure approaching half of bugger all! It's probable that Open Hearts are a rational outfit whose advisors will caution them on the low profit margins, minimal assets and high risks associated with the Eikaiwa industry and ensure that that knowledge is reflected in any offer for GNA. It might indeed be that the curent owners of GNA are prepared to offload the enterprise for zilch in exchange for being quarantined from future debt liabilities such as building leases

Thank you, OldCPA. Your insightful analysis is much appreciated.

I have some financial/ accounting experience, but not as much as you. So please chime in anytime.

Another thing to consider is the expensive, long-term lease contracts they currently have. I know of several schools that are shoehorned into small, expensive contracts compared to their competitors. When do these contracts expire and how are good questions to ask? Fixed costs might be high for some time.

Another issue is the overstated student population totals of schools in their newsletters. For example, looking at GEOS Montreal and you would think they own a skyscraper full of students with their "225 students this month" bs. Reality is, this and most of the other GEOS NA schools cannot even hold half that much due to size constraints. Of course this harder to hide in direct financial and related statements, especially if you have a good CPA/ financial auditor.

Another update today:

It's official! Uri and company caught wind of a little leak they had online and shut down the access to the site. Funny part is that leak only accounted for, oh, 20% of the leaked info about GEOS on here. The rest is coming form inside connections, for which Uri and his little GEOS gang can not shut down. What is he going to, fire everyone like Umima? ;-) Good luck.

Jenny Nieveen, keep watching these boards or you might get yourself into more than you can handle soon.

The updates will continue...


"Uri and company caught wind of a little leak they had online and shut down the access to the site."

What site? What are you babbling on about? Why would they want to shut down anything?

Please elaborate or take your rambling & mental problems elsewhere.

Ummm, if we gave away all of our secrets they would not be secrets anymore. ;-)

The people who used the site for info about GEOS on here know what we are talking about. Those who don't do not need to know. And , again, the "blocked site access" only related to some of the info we have...The rest is from human sources. Harder to control them, eh? Funny part, Umima wasn't one of them but she got booted anyway. The others are much more careful, but they still like to babble no matter how much you threaten them.

Smile. :-)

Since January 2009 GEOS Ottawa have been leaking information from their email system to the public internet as a result of mail bounce. GEOS have closed the leak in the last few days but the GEOS Ottawa manager exceeded himself in the ammount of company information he put into the public domain on the last day.

In time of corporate turmoil, identity theft and terrorism, GEOS have been divulging information about:

*Corporate matters
*Student information - including email addresses, passport numbers and banking details

A report is being prepared for LJ to be published in the net few days. Management heads could roll over this.

That's excellent news. Let them ROLL.

The leak is very serious and has been going on for quite some time. The GEOS Ottawa manager supposedly made efforts only in the last few days to plug it, but info still leaked onto the public medium. Including a key financial report that could jeopardize the impending sale. The information was even more useful, and damaging, if you are on the inside or have inside knowledge of GEOS.

What is included in the privacy leak:

- Student contact information
- Student financial dealings with GEOS
- Passport information, scans, etc. Can't imagine the Saudi
- Key GEOS financial data and reports
- Management decisions, including on the macro level
- other important and supposedly private info

The only person to blame for this mess is the Regional Director in Montreal, who takes responsibility for everything (and credit, too) to do with GEOS these days. He approves everything and demands things his way all the time. Time for him and head office to own up to this serious blunder. Can't imagine Languages Canada would be happy about this, and I think LJ or others should inform them of the lost private data. This is serious and could hold repercussions for many.

Let's Japan, if you need anonymous assistance for your report from someone who has key details, please alert me. This could be the final nail in the coffin in the GEOS shameful saga.

Ahh, the smart-ass comments seemed to have disappeared. I wonder why?

The silence from GEOS managers is deafening on here. ;-)

It will be interesting to know if Open Hearts employs CELTA Qualified Teachers or not and whether or not it is an Accredited School. As mentioned before, if you are interested in making more out of your teaching experience in Japan or are simply considering a career in your home country in language instruction when you are done with Japan, then CELTA is a good starting point. It’s true however that in Japan, most employers don’t take a blind bit of notice of teaching qualifications. That’s my only comment, but let the insults fly. I am sure I will be attacked for pushing CELTA, but I am not actually doing that. I am simply saying, if you are even thinking about a career in ESL beyond Japan, CELTA is a good starting point. Proof of the pudding will be, if Open Hearts respects and targets CELTA instructors, and if they don’t, then I am pretty certain it will be because they are not Accredited. As I have said before, CELTA is a good starting point, on which you can build. It is not the be all and end all, but it is a good starting point.

Who cares what kind of instructors they employ? If they are going to buy up a shit show like GEOS then they are not worth the time of day. 'Open Heart' surgery anyone?

Oh, no, Mackorello is back spewing his CELTA-propaganda-lovin' vermon. You are really a lunatic that you spend all your waking life pushing nasty CELTA down our throats on here.

Shawn, you know this will turn into a nasty mudslinging match with Mackorello. Please remove directly related non-Open Hearts comments. This is an obvious attempt to deflect the conversation away from the new GEOS info we have. It happened the last time we had inside information about GEOS that someone (starts with an "M") did not like...To everyone on here, do not fall for it. Ignore him. He just does not want us to tell GEOS dirty little secrets, especially with Open Hearts in the picture now.

TAGS: Uri Carnat, Jenny Nieveen, Matthew Chisholm


Okay, I am sure Shawn and the gang have a handle on the financials, personal information, etc. that was leaked bye GEOS publicly. If you saved a bunch of the files that appeared for over a year, you would notice a lot. The big leak on the last day that things were being spewed on the Internet by incompetent GEOS types, you will have two main files. Look at ALL pages on them (tabs)

You will notcie a few things:

* GEOS expects the sale to Open Hearts to go through for the start of November. Actually, they are counting on it because their schools are taking a hit revenue and expense wise and most will not make money in October. Huge financial entry changes for November, with it reflecting the supposed open Hearts operations taking up the marketing expenses or at least sharing them. Too drastic of a change for proper conservative acounting methods as there is always transition costs. But when has GEOS known about proper accounting in the past anyway?

*The best-performing school is supposed to be GEOS Ottawa (still wonder why the little booted the Queen of GEOS Ottawa some time ago?), but that does not say much. It will still go into the red in October.

* Numbers on several financial statements are obviously fudged, massaged or otherwise manipulated to look good, expecially if you are on the inside or have been. Some are more obvious than others.

* GEOS has been working overtime to "remove" the MMR on people's computers? Downloaded it? They are after it. Illegal? You bet. Should they get nailed for it? Absolutely.

I said it before and I'll say it again, what the FUCK kind of name is "Uri Carnat"?

Guy sounds like he should be bending spoons and befriending Michael Jackson.

Since you obsessive dipshits feel the need to keep going on about this Uri clown, I just can't help but think it would've been a whole lot less irritating had he been named "James Smith" or something like that.

Yeah, his name (Uri Carnat) is pretty annoying......But the person himself is even worse.

P.S. You failed to mention that Jenny Nieveen and Mathew Chisholm were also mentioned...You really only seem to resent Uri Carnat...What gives? :-D

But do not re-direct the conversation...This is what really matters:

The leak is very serious and has been going on for quite some time. The GEOS Ottawa manager supposedly made efforts only in the last few days to plug it, but info still leaked onto the public medium. Including a key financial report that could jeopardize the impending sale. The information was even more useful, and damaging, if you are on the inside or have inside knowledge of GEOS.

What is included in the privacy leak:

- Student contact information
- Student financial dealings with GEOS
- Passport information, scans, etc. Can't imagine the Saudi
- Key GEOS financial data and reports
- Management decisions, including on the macro level
- other important and supposedly private info

The only person to blame for this mess is the Regional Director in Montreal, who takes responsibility for everything (and credit, too) to do with GEOS these days. He approves everything and demands things his way all the time. Time for him and head office to own up to this serious blunder. Can't imagine Languages Canada would be happy about this, and I think LJ or others should inform them of the lost private data. This is serious and could hold repercussions for many.

Let's Japan, if you need anonymous assistance for your report from someone who has key details, please alert me. This could be the final nail in the coffin in the GEOS shameful saga.

Mackorello, you're simply repeating what I said a long time ago on NTU, that is, if you want to develop an English-teaching career, get a recognized TEFL certificate or an MA. It sucks, but it might be better than doing the eikaiwa gravy train at Nova.

Try and think of something original to say in future, instead of copying other people's words.

Yahagigawa, do you mean recognised, or accredited?

Japan or Open Heart Surgery Clinic don't give a rat's arse about qualifications.

Are you collecting commissions from CELTA?

I think you and Mackorello are probably one in the same.

Look up in the sky. Is that a plane? No. Is that a bird? No. IT'S CELTA MACK! Oooops, typo...........IT"S CELTA-YAGI!

You just think you are better than everyone else, because you did a CELTA certificate course.

But actually, you are just another drone, rudderless, in Eikaiwa world, and also, you seek to distract from an important topic in here, as usual.

Poor Uri Carnat is not in a good mood these days. Thought he was skating until a little MMR trouble.

Be advised, the little guy hired someone to retrieve files of you computers. Check your Internet security and call police if anything seems fishy in regards to those files you downloaded from GEOS.

Looks like the resident nutjob is imitating other posters and sock-puppeting on here as usual. Fact is, he

a) tries to deflect attention away from the topic, as usual

b) is jealous of, and fixated with, a poster called Mackorello

c) has violent, sexual fantasies about "Mackorello" being a "CELTA teacher"

d) has no job or no life whatsoever, since he messed up at Nova, and at life in general, to be continually posting about it on here

e) attacks the poster, not the post

f) would be best advised to to turn off his computer, do something else, and quite possibly seek help

g) will respond with one of the following: "cry-baby", "judgemental, insecure CELTA teacher", "projecting", "CELTA Mack", "Whacko Macko", "over-sensitive" etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

I think it'd be best if his comments were deleted, lest he starts another verbal riot on here, and buries the topic in a slurry of "anti-Mackorello" abuse, bloodlust and sexual violence like he did last time.

What the hell is Mackorello? Isn't that a cheap European marshmallow & chocolate bar?

Mackorello, tastech ze softech chocolat mit marschmelloch arschen.


Everyone notice when Uri and company get called out on the carpet, there is always Mackie and others on here trying to disrupt the . The same people who call out some for not having a job seem to have a lot of time to post on here trying to deflect the fact that...

a) Student personal information, including ages, billing amounts, passport data, pictures, etc , where shamelessly thrown out for almost two years on the PUBLIC Internet under GEOS Ottawa and the Regional Director's watch.

b) Even when the found out, sensitive financial and student data was still released on the

C) U C. and company have attempted to "retrieve" the MMR and other documents leaked from personal computers, a federal crime.

I guess the best way to handle the deflectors and other idiots is just to keep posting more of that information onto the Web every time they try to play board police. Sorry, GEOS and company, but your scandalous past is catching up with you...Be very aware of this, Jennifer ..Nieveen and Opern Hearts. Be very careful of the smiling monkeys in Montreal and Victoria. Do not put your reputation on the line.

To be honest, if I here from Mackie or any other whack-o GEOS manager or staff type on here, I will start re-releasing at that PUBLIC GEOS data that I have, including some interesting financial records that can be disputed. I am sure Jenny Nieveen would love to see highlighted portions of massaged.

Go ahead, try to discredit or otherwise deflect the blame/ facts. You will lose in the end because I do not think some people will have jobs given the large amount of info some of us have about GEOS on here. Time to play dirty? You bet. Is it illegal? Not a bit...At least on our side. GEOS providing extremely private passport and embassy data to the public from Saudi students and official...Well, I am sure the Saudi embassy would love to get the info sent to them. Might even send them a package with photos and all. Go ahead, call our bluff. Dare ya...

Aren't private Internet cafes fun, GEOS Ottawa. :-D

"highlighted portions of massaged financial statements..." should have been written. Late to a meeting, so writing quickly.

By the way, the only way to bring the is have Mackie disappear altrogether. You wouldn't have "anti-Mackie" comments on here if you did not have Mackie in the first place. Keep Mackie off here, and you will keep the conversation on Opern Hearts and the GEOS mess. But that is exactly what certain types do not want discusses on this thread...

Last time I checked, this was a Open Hearts and GEOS thread, NOT a Mackie or CELTA thread. Enough said.

You see, this is the trouble you can cause when you start impersonating "Mackie" and other posters. A seemingly innocent "game" on the Internet can have serious repercussions around the globe.

Knock it off now before this escalates into another irrelevant flame-war and verbal riot.

Agree. Back to GEOS and Open Hearts, little guy in Montreal...

Did anyone have their GEOS Ottawa MMR .

I hsve some interesting public files that might help your report. By the way, when is your report being posted? Doesn't come soon, I might post my own comprehensive analysis of many documents. These include ones you might have missed from a while ago...Look closely.

P.S. Anyone notice that GEOS NA is supposed to go through for November start?

Be advised, the little guy hired someone to retrieve files of you computers. Check your Internet security and call police if anything seems fishy in regards to those files you downloaded from GEOS.

If this is true. Actually, my computer security software blocked an "intruder" recently. When I checked it, it indicated the same MMR file I downloaded that everyone is talking about (those in the know, at least). Poor Open Hearts just might take on one of the most corrupt organizations out there. Hope they know what they are getting themselves into.

What is included in the privacy leak:

- Student contact information
- Student financial dealings with GEOS
- Passport information, scans, etc. Can't imagine the Saudi
- Key GEOS financial data and reports
- Management decisions, including on the macro level
- other important and supposedly private info

Everything above is correct. Good work.

Key people you absolutely need to keep a watch on, according to my colleague still working inside GEOS: Uri Carnat (everyone knows that by now), Mathew Chisholm (GEOS Victoria), and Rita Chen. These are key players and seem to want to control everything.

Shawn, would love to see that report soon. There is a lot to glean from the financials. Ge it out soon, as I heard Uri is making phone calls and trying to put the sale through quicker. Wonder what he is scared of?

It is official!!!

My GEOS insider has confirmed that Open Hearts and their team of attorneys and CPA are completing their DD and that so far numbers are what was expected. The sale is still a go. Student registrations are solid and, even though it has been stated otherwise, the company is doing fine.

Little guy in Montreal not so little anymore

Ah, good to see Uri Carnat working late to correct the info....Poor guy cannot get a break, eh?

It's official!!! GEOS will be no more!!!! Will be sold (out) to Open Hearts. GEOS failed as we predicted. Gone soon. Name only, but it failed because management was so incompetent. You do not sell good companies to little businesses.

Bye, bye, GEOS! You failed!!!!

I think I'm speaking for 99% of people on this forum, when I say "who gives a flying fuck"

99% do give a fuck, you're just the sole nut job who imagines everyone thinks as you do.
Hey, The good news is that the incompetent management of GEOS will probably end up with leaving the workforce, there's no place for them is this economy!

3:01 Perfectly true. This is why GEOS manager types (Montreal, Victoria, etc.) are trying so hard to save the defunct organization known as GEOS. They have no future anywhere else, especially with a scandalous, scum-sucking, failed business model of a company on their resume.

Notice how certain GEOS staff type disappeared after they almost had more financial reports and emails re-released online? The power in in our court. ;-)

99% do give a fuck, you're just the sole nut job who imagines everyone thinks as you do.

Actually, I don't give a s**t about GEOS NA either. I check this site to read about teaching in Japan, not the US or Canada.

I give a shit about GEOS NA. And I read on another blog similar to this one that supposedly the little guy in Montreal was scrambling last week to suppress the damage and any possibility of Jenny Nieveen knowing the whole truth. A few f-words and bitching and moaning, and he was back on the phone and computer trying to sugar coat the situation. Funny stuff, really. A heck of lot more interesting than the rest of this board.

P.S. If you did not , why would you click on it and respond. Why waste your time and attention?

I would comment further, but really, Yahagigi Whacko Mackorello's post says it all. I have seen a few, but this guy really takes the cake. What a nut job! It that the kind of person CELTA pumps out?


Unbelievable....Or maybe believable given the GEOS sketchy management history.

I was sitting at home looking at this site when I realized their was a sudden increase in posting to only one or two categories. These are not big news stories, so I wondered why. Looking closer I could see many of the posts just seemed to be filler, offering no real information, and they all came around the same time. But here is the kicker: my colleague still working at a GEOS school up in Canada e-mails me late...The person proceeds to tell me that GEOS management a) definitely follows everything on here, b) IS really pissed that stuff got out, and c) hold onto your seats, actually made a "strategy" to disrupt this board by responding...Supposedly they thought it would work to stop Jenny and company from seeing certain information (which he has verified as true) until the sale went through...

You have to be f-ing kidding me!!! This person from the school up north is very reliable and extremely professional, so for them to tell me something like this it is absolutely true. Absurd? Yes. Absolute waste of time on GEOS NA manager time. Yup. Must be hiding something from open Hearts? You bet! When you look at what went on in Japan about GEOS Australia, etc., it becomes even more believable.

What an absolutely shitty company to work for. I would never hire anyone from GEOS (except my colleague) no matter how nice they were. I would never take the chance.

Let's hope they are gone soon...Open Hearts buying them will end discussion on here about them and prove that GEOS management failed completely.

I got plenty of time. If you work at GEOS and aren't about to go looking for anything better, then of course I understand why you would be positively enthralled. But no, I'm not all that interested in these endless cryptic messages about people in your company. Nothing personal, and by all means carry on sending your messages to whoever.

00:29 What? Not clear...

I would say that most left in GEOS really are the type that have not much else to in the world. Honestly, and no personal offense, but anyone still working there after all the corruption, scandal, and just plain incomptence, Most have no other skills, education or drive to get out and work somewhere better. The languish in their own mess...Then, again, many are part of that corruption so it fits them well.

From anyone I have spoken with in the industry, there is too much baggage from GEOS Japan management and business styles/ training/ brainwashing to hire them at their school or company. Maybe it is best most of these people stay at GEOS and ride it out until Open Hearts takes over and hopefully cleans it up. But will they survive in a clean, properly functioning company? Only time will tell.

But here is the kicker: my colleague still working at a GEOS school up in Canada e-mails me late...The person proceeds to tell me that GEOS management a) definitely follows everything on here, b) IS really pissed that stuff got out, and c) hold onto your seats, actually made a "strategy" to disrupt this board by responding...Supposedly they thought it would work to stop Jenny and company from seeing certain information (which he has verified as true) until the sale went through...

What a nice way to start the day! I can just imagine management sitting at their gigantic table thinking up ways to disrupt this forum. Aren't there more important things that need to be done? Of course there are, but trolling is at the top of their list. :-)


Um, in this case they did.......I can second it, except it wasn't a big board meeting (for GEOS, what are those?), nor were there any braniac plans batted about. Actually, it was two people who have always posted on here from the heyday of the GEOS bankruptcy....Just a little disruption, gett he mudslinging going, and then let it take care of itself. Althought it always doesn't so they do come back from time to time.....And they do leave suddenly when soemone threatens re-release all those pesky documents accumulated from a little e-mail bounce, as Shawn can easily can see too. ;-)

There is also a lot of disinformation on here, but some of that is for good purpose. I am sure, Shawn, you can figue most out. Lot of bullshit too........But, I would like to see this magical report on the documents that got released by accident (or did they?).....What up, Shawn?

P.S. Did anyone send something to Jenny? Cuz end of the day today a certain someone wasn't looking too happy.

It's still magical. I don't know a thing about it and haven't seen anything.


So you thought that using a spam filter would be the end of the Big "M" didn't you? All I said was, if you are even thinking about a career as a teacher, then CELTA is a good place to start. That is all I have said. Nothing hostile. Nothing aggressive. Nothing horrible. That is the ONLY point I wanted to make. But you, with you Shawn, the leader of the pack, have isolated me, teased me, made fun of me, and most recently, humiliated me by banning me. It is not nice to pick on people you know. I hope you all feel better now. Anyway, like I said, CELTA is simply a good place to start. Nothing more. Nothing less. I hope I have not ruined too many people's day, by saying this very, very simple thing.


Spare me the appeal to reason. Try making your points without being inflammatory and insulting and you'll be amazed at how the spam filter leaves you alone.


Mackie really makes CELTA holders look like idiots that are obviously unemployable. I know, after reading CELTA Mackie's rambling and downright scary propaganda, I would not hire another CELTA grad without a in-depth mental check. No wonder people call it SELL-TA.

Shawn, keep the Mackie filter alive. It really has diffused all the bs and ranting on here. All he does is inflame things and be rude, and show us he is not quite mentally stable. Not to mention make CELTA people look like complete idiots.

We are living in a time of economic turmoil, identity fraud and terrorism. Entities such as GEOS NA would recognize this.

However, since January 2009, GEOS NA - as a result of permitting mail bounce on its email system - has operated a system where significant data and information that should have been secured has leaked onto the public web for general viewing.

Since January 2009 (for 18 months) the GEOS NA material has been available at:

where the year and month components of the address may be changed to suit. Once access was made to the website, navigation to other months could also be made by using the archive table there. It is important to recognize that the GEOS/Hostmonster site address was freely available to anybody using an engine to search the net. GEOS NA does not seem to have made any attempt to secure that site.

It may be useful to see what type of information GEOS NA has permitted to migrate to the Hostmonster site and thus made available to general public view.

Types of Data and Information Leaked+ Comment

* GEOS NA Website logins and passwords = Security implications

* Daily Cash Target Calculators = Commercially sensitive

* Daily Reports - Commercially sensitive – included enrolment and extension figures, personal sales targets for school staff, financial/payment details, student names some customer email addresses, agent details

*BECAS Report
- Complete personal details of students

*Customer enquiries = Including customer names, address, dob, nationality, contact details AND in many cases passport number. Some references were also made to banking arrangements. Note that if you are a person who made an email enquiry of GEOS Ottawa in this period it is possible that the information you supplied has been made public on the net.

*Agent correspondence - Included scans of ME (Saudi) passports, scans of school documents (Saudi), letters of acceptance from Canadian Federal Government Departments, general correspondence with GEOS agents.

* GEOS Ottawa correspondence - Included contact with Saudi Embassy and with the Canadian Bureau for International Education and contact to and from the GEOS NA management units.
Management unit contact included extensive communications in 2009 regarding large target sums of money that Canadian and American schools were being required to raise for, apparently, transmission to Japan. This was a time when GEOS Japan was in a financial nose-dive. (Remember, 2009 was the year also when large sums of money were reported as being ripped out of GEOS Australia and sent to GEOS Japan HQ).

* GEOS Ottawa staff meeting minutes - Commercially and operationally sensitive

* Ottawa hiring activities - Such as hiring initiatives, cold canvassing from people seeking employment, applications in response to GEOS hiring initiatives. Such mail included application letters, rejection letters, cvs.
Note that if you applied for an employment position with GEOS Ottawa in this period the information provided by you may have been published and made public on the net.

GEOS NA appears to have moved to close their Hostmonster site and the leak of information somewhere about on the weekend of 18-19 September 2010. Two points are usefully detailed for the record here:

1.On 7 August 2010 a job applicant named CT advised/alerted by email the GEOS Ottawa Manager - Mr Niall Campbell - that her job application and cv that had been submitted by her to GEOS Ottawa was somehow available for public view on the net. CT asked the GEOS Ottawa Manager why this had happened. It will be interesting to hear, at some later date of an enquiry, what timely action Mr Campbell decided to take in response to CT’s information. CT was effectively advising Mr. Campbell of the GEOS Ottawa internet leak.

2.Further, in the last days of the GEOS/Hostmonster web site activity Mr Campbell excelled himself in that not only did he publish the then current Daily Report to the web, he also published the complete GEOS Ottawa Profit and Loss Statement for September 2010 along with his full Monthly Management Report for August 2010 together with a spreadsheet detailing his GEOS financial targets for Fiscal Year 2010. And, not stopping there, he also succeeded in posting details of GEOS Ottawa’s Plans to Achieve Local/International Targets. And to finish off, he somehow included a copy of what was apparently the GEOS Toronto school’s Profit and Loss Statement for an earlier date.

All this at a time of economic turmoil, identity fraud and terrorism. All this in a jurisdiction covered by our Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, (PIPEDA). (Does anyone know if the self-reporting of breeches amendment has got up on the Act?)

In regard to PIPEDA, it will be important to hear what response Ms Jennifer Stoddart, our Canadian Privacy Commissioner, might make to being informed about these GEOS internet privacy breech issues. It’s a bitter-sweet-time for our Canadian Federal authorities to be faced with a significant personal information data leak in an international trade market like Education given that the sensitive International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners is convened for this month.

Ms Stoddart can be contacted at:

Canadian Privacy Commissioner
112 Kent Street
Place de Ville
Tower B, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1H3

Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376
Phone: (613) 947-1698
Fax: (613) 947-6850
(The Dept won’t take emails)

Her US counterpart, who will likely also have an interest in these matters, is
Yael Weinman
Counsel for International Consumer Protection
U.S. Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Submitted in the public interest from a public internet access site where a cloaking program was also operational.

ATTENTION needs to to be paid to the above. In fact, we need people from Canada it submit to the privacy commissioner, as some of us are already doing. Niall and company knew about the leak for some time (applicants complained!), and Uri Carnat was informed given that he is the man responsible for this sort of thing, but nothing was done. It really looks like they only made efforts to cover it up and though no one would find it.

There is a lot of valuable and private info that was made available publicly and this must be reported to the commissioner as it is what is done in this sort of a situation to insure it does not happen again. This is not the breaches of privac committed by GEOS North America over the years. It is unfotrtunately quite common. Maybe someone who has the names of the two employment applicants should make contact with them and forward them this info.

P.S. Nice to see Shawn and company addended my original post and elaborated on the facts I already posted many times in the past.

I reported some stuff to the Canadian government. Actually, it was hard getting anyone who knew what to do...typical of the Canadian government, esspecially before ther.

The lady did inform me that submitting any is MUCH better if other people do the same. Because of the volume of complaints and lack resources (or government workers who actually do their jobs...), she informed me any complaint against GEOS has a much better shot being taken seriously by a top official if they get multiple complaints. It "triggers" their system.

PLEASE SUBMIT PRIVACY AND OTHER COMPLAINTS AT THE CONTACT ABOVE. Do not wait because the only way we can clean up this horrible industry mess is to do something about it. Take GEOS to task for its scumminess and arrogance.

If anyone else has ideas. please do tell. I am thinking of passing on the scanned passport files of Saudi students of GEOS Ottawa to the Saudi Embassy. Sound good?

Agree........I might assist you on this matter. There really needs to something done from the stories I have heard and what I have read on here. The bunch in Canada seems really corrupt.

Type in that Uri Carnat douchebag's name in Facebook and you will see he had to remove his account. Better yet, check out the results of "Uri Carnat" in Facebook search....Go, Let's Japan!


From the CURRENT GEOS Ottawa

Other positions at GEOS Ottawa

No Positions available at the moment, please come by again!

GEOS Language Corporation has more than 550 schools around the world, located in 16 countries. Last year, GEOS schools in North America taught more than 8,000 international students over 60,000 weeks of language instruction. GEOS Canadian schools are certified by Languages Canada LC, the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools.

Looks like no matter how many times people inform GEOS Canada of their false information. They also might want to look at removing CAPLS from all their sites and literature, since it hasn't been in existence for a couple of years since the Languages Canada merger. Heard Uri Carnat is a little obsessed with showing BS "credentials", and forces this stuff to stay on even when local school employees try to remove it. Nuts! No wonder you saw all that private data leaked onto the Web and continue to be exposed even after outsiders and staff informed Mr. Carnat and Rita Chen about the private data being exposed by GEOS Canada on the Internet. Are they really that incompetent and corrupt?!!

If they taught over 60 000 weeks of tuition and if their net tuition revenue (after agent commissions) is say $170 per student week (this is low, but take into account specials), their net tuition revenue would have been around $10.5m.

Add on the enrolemnt fees, homestay booking fees we could assume a further $400k.

A tidy sum! Would be interesting to compare the audited financial results with this comment.

How do they calculate student weeks? Is a part-time student who has enrolled for 10 weeks counted as 10 weeks or do they convert it to EFT....that is covert this student to 5 weeks if part time is say 50% of full-time study?

Teaching 'over 60 000 weeks' is a LOT OF WEEKS!!!!!!!

And YES, last time I heard GEOS does not have over 550 schools. This is misleading and false and surely Languages Canada would demand that they remove such false claims?

Exactly. Maybe Jenny Nieveen needs to give the Regional Director of GEOS NA a call and ask why the current numbers they were given do not add up.

Maybe Jenny Nieveen is just as corrupt as the GEOS gang. If she isn't, then she needs to take a hard look at the GEOS mess and herself and think twice about getting into bed with a terrible scam operation like GEOS.

From what I see, I think this is only a temporary sale to inject some blood money into GEOS operation until they can jettison Open Hearts and go on their own once again. Hence the lack of name change on GEOS part. And when you look at the shuffling of GEOS Japan operations between different owners in a short period of time, it all starts to make sense.

Oh, do I miss Marth Munroe, former manager at GEOS Ottawa. She was a bit crazy but boy did she ever kick Uri Carnat's ass business-wise, with much higher student sales, etc. at a much less premiere location. No wonder the Uri-guy had to unceremoniously oust her....He was embarrassed by a woman.

Although I heard she has a much better job now. Anything is better than the shameful GEOS Language school group.

Didn't GEOS go bankwupt?

Yup. And the loser Regional Director is still trying to unload it but keep the GEOS name. Sad situation, really.

I wonder if Open Hearts knows that GEOS NA still owes money to the insolvent Oceania schools? I guess with the sale to, these debts somehow got lost in translation? Maybe she should give a call to the Administrators and find out just how much they owe!!!!

And with sales of over 60 000 weeks, surely they can repay these debts?

So, it did go bankwupt. That's the end of it then, isn't it?

Yup, GEOS NA still owes a lot of cash. Hope Jenny Nieveen is not too naive to be swindled by the infamous Uri Carnat. Most know he has not intentions of sharing the helm of their combined empire, and the lack of name change is proof that eventually he plans to leave altogether. Maybe Open Hearts is just used to shift things around even ore, inject some cash, and then be off and away. or maybe Jenny is getting a little payoff herself.


Oh, GEOS is going crazy about the Korean market. Not only is Rita Chen being sent there, but they are offering huge discounts once again.

"Seize the Day!" (that is the actual title, as retarded as it sounds)
- 10% off all tuition for Korean agents (what about the Japanese ones) until September 2011

- Commission is extended automatically to ALL student extensions

Guess the Koreans still do not have confidence in them. So much for getting of the fire sale discounts and going back to profitability. Oh, wait, they have 60,000 weeks/ years or whatever and 550 + schools worldwide, right?

Oh, wait, they have 60,000 weeks/ years or whatever and 550 + schools worldwide, right?

Are they really still saying that on their websites? They'd better get ready to slash that number by... well, 500 at least.

Looking at Montreal's website and their course offerings:

English and French Language Course Fees

Course Length Intensive English/French Full-Time English/French A.M. Only English/French P.M. Only English/French
31 Lessons/Week 24 Lessons/Week 12 Lessons/Week 12 Lessons/Week
3 classes/day 2 classes/day 1 class/day 1 class/day
1 Week $330 $290 $175 $175

So if a student has enrolled for a P.M. class do they count this student as 'one student week?' In reality this is only
.38 of an EFT (effective full-time equivalent). One can do amazing things with numbers to 'inflate' the situation. So if there is one 31 lesson p/w student and one 12 lesson p/w student are they claiming they have TWO student weeks? They really only have 1.38 student weeks.

Take it further.....assume there are 50 12 lesson p/w students and 50 31 lesson p/w students.....100 student weeks? Nope...only 69.35 EFT!!!!


GEOS is gone. Stop talking about them.


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