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Be Yes! English Teachers

When I saw this story in the Japan Times for a webisode series called "English Teachers" about the antics of teaching at Be Yes! School of English, I thought it would be a live version of Charisma Man.

English Teachers - Episode 1 "First Days Suck" from Nameless Media and Productions on Vimeo.

So much for my suspicions. The first episode was good. I'm always a sucker for the narrated style of movie. I'm also a little slow on the uptake and thought that Be Yes! was suitably inane name for a school until I actually heard it spoken. Let's have a Be Yes! day!

The Japan Times' article mentions that the series draws upon the bankruptcies of Nova and GEOS. It'll be interesting to see what they do with that. Will the teachers be teaching for food in the park? Will they be lied to and robbed blind by the manager? I'm looking forward to more.

P.S. That has to be the most spacious eikaiwa I have ever seen. It looks like it was shot in a hospital. The water cooler in the lobby must mean that it is a serious, high-end school.



This school is really B.S. (bullsh*t), like how Esso is S.O. (Standard Oil).

What a riot! Shame whoever put it together didn't get paid for it---it's a valuable piece of work.

Could they have tried any harder to be 'Scrubs'?

The production values are good, as is the acting and the camera work. Nice one.

I'd reckon the director or writer stayed in Japan too long because he seems to have lost whatever sense of humor he might have once had. Pedestrian at best.

Reminds me of My Name is Earl...Of course Earl is much funnier. ;-)

Is that because they use so many Canadian actors?

Proud of that? Ha, ha! Earl =- Canadian. Reminds me of my trip to Northern Ontario one time. Classic.

There's a kid called Taiga who comes to English class only to piss about every Friday. He's so getting the book treatment this week.

:-) Ah, some little timbit is fast asleep. ;-)

I thought it was good. "Hat....its a... hat" - the look on his face is pretty funny.

I think they got all their stereotypical Eikaiwa teacher-types covered. The ass hole guy who has worked there for a long time. The white guy with dubious social skills who takes his martial arts way too seriously (for some reason I really enjoy the fact that they made him Australian). The strict no-nonsense female teacher. The narrator playing the role of the relatively normal but somewhat introverted dude. And the reveal at the end: the young narcissist.

The Japanese manager is pretty accurately cast too. We just get a brief glimpse of the underling Japanese staff member for a couple of seconds, hopefully she'll figure prominently into an episode as that is a key role. The lack of Japanese teachers (along with the above mentioned unusual spaciousness of the school) is one missing point.

This blog and many others like have identified, over many, many, many years, that Eikaiwa Operators are dishonest and evil people, worthy of utmost contempt.

They lie, they cheat, and they steal, and function outside the written and unwritten laws, applicable to country, as they are applicable to society and humanity as a whole.

Yes indeed, Eikaiwa is a despicable phenomenon, deserving of contempt and extermination.

If you work for an Eikaiwa, given the facts about Eikaiwa are broadly publicized and available these days, then you have decided to take a calculated risk, and are prepared to be exploited and financially exposed.

No pity can be felt for you, when worst comes to worst, and it so often does.

If you work for an Eikaiwa company in a “managerial” position, then, having sold your soul to Satan, you are also worthy of contempt. May God have mercy on you, when judgment day comes, for there is a welcome mat in front of the Gates Of Hell, with your name on it.

Awesome stuff and I can't wait to see more.

mother f ucker thats fu cking excellent funny stuff. Classic shi t man. Gotta love the fat fuc k who and that new chick is hot I'd definately giver her a one to one lesson. That female teacher is typicall of the breed that come to Japan and think they are real teachers and makinga difference but at the end of the day she still is only making 250.000 yen the same as the dude who does f uck all in classroom. Those female english teachers with their pants suits can shove their fu cking attitudes up their fucking arses for all I care.

It has better production values than I expected, but the humor is a bit flat--flat after you have seen The Office, its US version, and so many shows that take that sort of 'life-like' approach to humor.

Loved it!

Be Yes! Sounds like a rip off from Obama's campaign.

How about instead "Hell no!" when talking about any English teaching company in Japan and the majority having lousy working conditions.

Ha! I just noticed he is the same actor in My Darling is a Foreigner.

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