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No Remorse

This is revolting. Tatsuya Ichihashi has written about his 31 months as a fugitive while in prision. According to the book's publisher, Gentosha, the book is "'part of an act of contrition for the crime," and said he plans to hand over any royalties to Hawker's family.'"

Are you kidding me? The book describes how Ichihashi did everything to evade the law from "sewing his nose with needles in a public lavatory" to using scissors to slice up his lips, to cutting off two moles on his face. Then he went and had plastic surgery.

I agree with Caroline Pover:

Now I understand that there is human interest in this “story” and this book. I understand that human nature means that we are often interested in the sinister and the macabre, often for reasons we cannot explain and perhaps in a way we may not be particularly comfortable with. I understand that people are fascinated by how Ichihashi escaped and how he survived for so long on the run. I fully expected there to be a book at some point, and I don’t really blame the general public for wanting to read it.

What I don’t understand is how this book has been allowed to be released now. BEFORE the trial. Only in the past few days have tentative dates for the trial even been set — surely the publishers must have approached Ichihashi’s representatives knowing that they could produce the book before the trial, and Ichihashi’s representatives possibly thought to seize the opportunity to gain public sympathy.

She also gives contact information for Gentosha is you want to tell them what you think about the book.

I wonder if the book will influence the trial as Ichihashi may go before lay judges. If the judges lighten his sentence because they sympathize with his life on the run, then justice will not have been served.


Who's checking to see how much money comes in from book sales? Who gets to decide what percentage count as royalties? At the end of the day we have to accept this sleazebag's word on how much the book brings in. Then, of course, the family doesn't even want the money and probably won't accept it. So who decides what charity it goes to?Probably some group opposing the death penalty.

This is just a ploy to to make it look like there really is a shred of decency left inside. The message is, "I've suffered for my crime. A lot. So lighten up on me already. Give me a break. I don't deserve the death penalty. I've already started making amends and I can contribute to society. You can let me go free in a few years. It's OK." And we know from past experience that enough people will buy into it that he will undoubtedly be out on the street again in five or ten years.

I was afraid of this. Just watched Sunday Next on NTV (Ch.4) and they did an exposee on Ichihashi's book and life on the lam. They framed it as a tale of survival. The murder of Lindsay Hawker? Who cares? He survived on his own from Aomori to Okinawa, eating raw noni fruit and avoiding poisonous snakes. Ichihashi is a criminal and his time as a fugitive is not to be romanticized. What a terrible report.


Kind of reminds me of the Jesus memo; criminals writing stupid crap.

If this happened in the UK, the publisher would be in prison, disgusting ! No doubt this is full of lies, is there any mention of where he got the money for the plastic surgery ? [that probably gets his parents off the hook as well]. How can this not prejustice the case,i hope he rots in hell, fucker !

Though this is a disgusting ploy to try and get him a reduced sentence, I'm not really surprised by it. Stupid Japan.

I wonder how the Japanese media and public would react if the guy who did the Akihabara murders a few years back wrote a book about why he did it? Or if one of the child-murdering parents wrote a book about what they did and things? I think the only reason that this has been "accepted" (not saying that everyone likes it, but must be enough if the publishers decided to go through with making the book) is because a foreigner was the victim. Why not just go out and say "murdering foreigners is ok because you can write a book about it and become famous, but if you kill a Japanese, now that's a sin!"

The whole thing makes me sick.

So I guess they should pull WOLF CREEK off the DVD shop shelves, on account of that block buster movie being insensitive to the families of the victims Australia serial killer Ivan Mellat.

Damn ignorant Australians.

Mate, Wolf Creek was a work of fiction. The only connection to Ivan Milat was that the fictitious murderer shot some backpackers. Ivan Milat in no way benefited from the movie. Ichihashi - on the other hand - is benefitting, financially (may help finance his legal team), and no doubt he hopes to in other ways ie to be seen as "more human" and thus cop a lesser penalty.

The whole thing is sick - and all we can do is hope the retailers agree to stop selling the book. What we don't need is another anti-hero built up in the undergound of Japanese society - just as happened with the Japanese rapist/killer/cannibal in the 80s who slaughtered the Frenchwoman and got off scot-free. He became famous and popular in Japan - let's all hope this brutal rapist Ichihashi doesn't.

For those of you on facebook there's now a group and a page for protesting/boycotting Ichihashi's book.

I'm a bit concerned about how the J press might be spinning this. a student told me about Ichihashi's book, and when I expressed my distast, the student said #"It's OK because the Hawker family will be getting the profits"

I'm not sure the Hawker family would agree to that, though.

Sorry, I don't have a source, as a friend told me about it.
Gave me this quote:
[quote]"On Jan. 31, Ichihashi's defense team said they would not object to Hawker's parents sitting in on the trial."[/quote]
The fuck is that bullshit?

The best thing for the Hawker's to do with the money would be to give it to the Japanese Prison service, as a "donation" to go towards his time spent in jail.

To the person who says Wolf Creek was a work of fiction. I would like to have your comment on the recent release in Australia of a film called SNOW TOWN. I feel sorry for the victims relatives. Do you?

Is there any current geos teachers on this site, japan staff. Im currently employed by this scum bags. Wanted to know your feelings on the new contract. Mail me at

Where are you employed by GEOS? GEOS proper only exists in NA. You would be under G.Comm or others in Japan.

Hi mate, im not employed by neither. G comm have been taken over, we have a new company now. Luckly im leaving in 4 weeks, things have hit rock bottom here.

Explain what rock bottom means? Details help us out.

"Hi mate, im not employed by neither"

Wow do you really teach English ??? Shocking double negative !!!

I remember when I first started at Nova and I asked the block trainer who was doing my orientation "Can you tell me what the Nova problems are?" and his response was "One of our teachers was murdered because she did a private lesson in a students home. We are taking a lot of bad press by this. You shouldn't do private students" That was an American named Will who worked out of Jiyugaoka if anyone met him.

Did mr monkeybridge ever actually do prison time? My fear is that he didn't. After all, ripping off foreigners isn't a proper crime.

Ichihashi'll probably get off with a rap on the knuckles too. After all, murdering and raping foreigners isn't a real crime...

I remember when I first started at Nova and I asked the block trainer who was doing my orientation "Can you tell me what the Nova problems are?" and his response was "One of our teachers was murdered because she did a private lesson in a students home. We are taking a lot of bad press by this. You shouldn't do private students" That was an American named Will who worked out of Jiyugaoka if anyone met him.

Wow, what an absolute prick. It takes a rare breed of wanker to come out with crap like that.

Well, not to worry, they are GONE, and cheers to that!

Well, not to worry, they are GONE, and cheers to that!

Not necessarily all of them. Someone with a BT position might have been kept on by when they took over, and been able to impress them enough with his sociopathic zeal for them to give him some kind of supervisory job.

I think, a life sentence working for G EDUCATION would be a fitting punishment, for any NOVA stooge.

You might as well, commit spiritual and intellectual suicide.

I think we, humanity, are better off, if those pricks are confined to EIKAIWA, in all seriousness.

Those slime balls are not fit to circulate in the general and more normal populations. If they are in G EDUCATION, then that is where they deserve to be.

I piss and shit on them.

I now say, no more.

That's funny, what you say, because when I am sitting on the toilet, and can't do the business, all I have to do is think of Nova, and those Nova Stooges, and my bowels open up, no problem at all. Out it comes..............a great, big, steamy, slimy shit....thwack, into the bowl, all done.

I am not joking. I am serious.

Hi, basically we got offered the new contract on the 1st of January 2011. The new company changed the payment system, instead of shift pay we are now getting paid per lesson. I have lost 40,000 yen in my wage due to the new system. A lot of teachers in my area (Ibaraki-chiba) have left. Geos Japan is having big problems, and staff walkouts have been overwhelming. The new company are pushing teachers out, due to lack of funds. I see no future for
Geos and even the parents are seeing this issues come to the surface. The geos contract for the customers is flawed, with no make up lessons and over priced textbooks. The head office is terrible, no direction and lack of information. One of my students is quitting due to
his father stating " the text books are too old", "over priced". I cant see how geos/nova can recover from this. Sorry for any grammar mistakes

Grammar police! Arrggghh, get a life man

It's easy as well, when you're not so experienced in a foreign place, to ascribe the differences in Japanese culture and manner as being "crazy" Japan, and not be able to tell what's just different, and what is genuinely "crazy", like this poor girl did. If companies like NOVA prepared their new instructors better for living in Japan and dealing with the culture shock, this may not have happened.

Like you said, no matter where you are in the world, don't let your guard down. Just because it feels safe doesn't mean you shouldn't treat safety issues as you would back home.

I have met and worked with dozens of girls just like Lindsay (young, British, here for a year or two). They always went home. Perhaps she could have been a little more careful, but in the end, I think it came down to rotten luck; like the teacher who died in the tsunami.

Lousy business this, and so sad. Stupid thing to say, but this was not meant to happen. She should be back home now with her Japan photos and trinkets. Hope the Hawker family finds some peace one day.

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