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Ten Years of Let's Japan

Time to pop some champagne as this past weekend marked the tenth year for the domain It's hard to believe this site has been up for a decade now.

It started around 1999/2000 when Chris and I created LJ on GeoCities to scratch an itch we had about working at GEOS. I registered in January of 2001 and the rest is history.

Sadly, due to crashed hard drives and my own stupidity, I don't have much of the old website on file save for this screenshot.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can always look at the old LJ on the Wayback Machine. Back then, I used IBM Homepage Builder to create and manage everything. I later switched over to Post Nuke and then Drupal, which the site currently runs on.

With any luck, LJ will be around for another 10 years.



Dude, youre a champ! Without this site I pretty much would have been left in the dark with regards to Nova's demise, as well as details relating to the backwages and repayments.

Thanks again!

I discovered LJ in 2002, shortly before I left for Japan for the first time. It was an absolute gold mine of entertainment, especially Chris's stories and Ask the Sensei.

Good times...

Congrats! Looks like nothing is bringing you down, unlike what the GEOS staff say. on here. ;-)

Keep on rolling, Shawn!

long term efforts, particularly those with public benefit, represent the highest good.

we salute you.

Nice. That brings me back, January of 2001 was the month after my year with GEOS came to an end and I remember stumbling onto the site around that time. Good memories. Cheers!

Good job! Well Done! Keep it going and don't let the trolls get you down!

Congrats! And thanks for standing up to the ugly behemoth (okay, little one now) known as GEOS. No matter how hard GEOS NA staff tried to stop people posting leaks, etc, on here, you never gave into the threats and demands from the GEOS set that did not like it. Sorry, Regional Director of GEOS NA (I am still trying to figure out the other regions in a one-region company, minus another school recently)...


Letsjapan became my voice when I worked at Nova and saw what a dreadful company it was(is) and how poorly managed it was on all levels of management.

And when Nova fially collapsed Letjapan became a critical source of information.
Happy 10th LJ.

Agreed. Congrats! Both shameful NOVA and corrupt and poorly managed GEOS have been exposed on this site, to much fanfare. We really appreciate the truth about these nasty and deceitful organizations.

Keep up the good work!

You deserve to celebrate -- although the comments section can be disillusioning at times, Let's Japan has been the best source of English-language journalism about the eikaiwa chains in Japan. Great stuff. Hats off to you, sir.

Sincerest congrats on ten years. Gotta admit the whole GEOS NA crap drove me away, but pointed out a need for a place where people could at least vent their issues.... however motivated those issues were.

Obviously the whole

GEOS NA crap

did not drive you away. The

GEOS NA crap

brought me here and many others. So, fine job, Shawn. ;-)

Tx LJ for many good years. You guys saved me a quid or two with the early heads up on the Oz GEOS situation...ta.

Happy Birthday Lets Japan. I went to japan in 2003, and was reading this site at least a year before I left. Can't believe it has been so long. I used to enjoy the "Ask the Sensei" columns, those were really funny.

Also I remember this insane poster FOE who always had some ludicrous stories. The rumour was that he was Shawn's alter-ego.

Someone else made a post, claiming that he/she worked in Nova Head Office and that FOE was his/her alter ego.

“Obviously the whole GEOS NA crap brought me here and many others. So, fine job, Shawn. ;-)”

Urgh???? What the?

I think someone is getting just a little bit paranoid that the wider cyber community is waking up to the fact that most of the “GEOS NA crap” is being post by one person (with a raging current of Uni Carnat hatred running through their veins), and lives in fear that the last remaining GEOS thread might get pulled.

Get used to it. It will eventually happen. What are you going to do with your life then is really what you need to start thinking about……

Oh, Happy 10th birthday Let’s Japan.

I used to visit here a lot, but not so often these days, because of the overwhelming idiotic GEOS NA crap posts………so boring!


Cyber community?

Um, what decade are you living in? The 90s?

One person? Um, actually I posted a bunch of stuff on how bad GEOS NA is...This is because I worked at Canadian location. And, no, I never met the Uri Carnat guy but heard lots of gossip about him, mostly negative. I think you are the one that is a little paranoid...Why so defensive and hot and bothered anyway about postings about a guy no one has probably met except a few. hmmmm?

Hopefully this guy stops whining and bitching about people's right to free speech on here and gets on with is life. Geez.

Ha, ha! Thanks for eliminating the trash on here, Shawn. ;-)

You have done a great job of exposing all the corruption, scandal, and plain wackiness of the likes of NOVA and GEOS on here. You also warned more than a few of bad things to come...Thanks. Your efforts are applauded and I continue to marvel, even entertained, by the slime oozes out of the likes of GEOS onto hear....


Doing a good job. Good source of info.
And I wonder if you were above or below me at Sheffield... (I am class 2001)

I was way after you at Sheffield. Class of 2008, or 2007. Something like that.

Thanks for the comments. It's heartening to know that people find this site useful. This place was nuts when Nova went down. I was doing my Master's and translating news and magazine reports at the same time!


Yeah, Shawn, outstanding job!...Even if some in the NOVA or GEOS reign do not appreciate your facilitation of honesty on here.

NOVA going down was nuts...GEOS collapsing (the sole remaining North American region is starting to fold with Hawaii gone suddenly and mysteriously), same...But your site is still standing and standing tall amidst the idiots at these chains, and others, who do not like their dirty deeds and complete corruption exposed on here. Great job, I should say again!


Please don't close it Shawn. I know there are hecklers out there, trying to convince you to do that. Can't you see, from the over-whelming number of posts and support, the importance of the GEOS thread, and, indeed, the over-all importance and purpose of this site? There are so many out there who keep up the anti-geos posts, so, so, so, so many posters, and that mere fact is a great tribute to how far this site has come, in it's ten year journey. Keep up the good work Shawn, and don't listen to the GEOS propaganda machine, who are trying to shut the GEOS thread down. Please don't.

Hi guys, ive finally found a website unlike the dickheads you meet on Gaiinpot. Sorry if i make any grammatical mistakes, but please bare with me. Ok, i was employed by G.comm/geos on the 12th of October 2010. At this point, G.comm had seperated it's company, so for example: i was employed by G.taste another division of G.Comm. This was due to its failling profit in sales, so they shared the cost. I was on a basic wage of 241,000 for 28 hours teaching. Things were going ok, till the new company took over.

On the 1st of January, we got our "new contracts". Basically the new company were paying us per lesson with a reduced basic of 110,000 compared to the 198,000 i got before. Teachers were not happy, and from my sources, i was told that they did this to "push teachers out" for down size. A lot of teachers are leaving or have have already left. Some have lost earnings up to 50,000 yen and myself 35,000. Luckly, i had used my loaf and i start my new job in April ( direct hire JHS) yay!!!!

The office is the most almost comical, they lose fax documents, chasing for head trainers, chasing up documents, head office passing you off to staff who are not there, my manager who "can't manage", crap curriculum, angry parents, no make up lessons, etc...,

I cant believe that this happens in Japan, im glad to get out. Please for anybody wanting to get hired by these coporate scumbags, DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, on the 1st of Jan, they didnt want to pay us as it was a NH. I had to take it unpaid !!! takes the fuckin PISSS

Teachins a tought racket, glad to have this forum to learn the tricks of the trade and lay of the land. Much ablidged Shawn and friends.

Big Hank

Like the typical Japanese, the owners of this bar, and the workers who work there are racists. They are rude to all non-Japanese. What is so hypocritical about it, is that it is a “British Pub”. It is this kind of bar, and these kind of actions by Japanese, that make people around the world hate Japanese. Japanese are hated by the Chinese, Russian, and Koreans. Why? Because Japanese people are racists. Avoid spending your money in this shithole. Go to a place that is owned, and staffed by real westerners, not these racist pigs.

Could you provide a bit more evidence that:

"The owners of this bar, and the workers who work there are racists"
"The owners of this bar, and the workers who work there ..... are rude to ALL non-Japanese"

How can you be so certain that they're rude to ALL non-Japanese? Are you sure you weren't just pissed and brought it on yourself?

You have point there. What annoys me in Japan, is that other gaijin who think that Japan is the most wonderful place on the planet. If you speak out or have a negative opinion about Japan, gaijin start slamming you. Have they not heard of "freedom of speech"?

Congrats Shawn!

I visited your website before, during, and after I lived in Japan - You've done some very good work here and should feel it is well within your rights to be a bit proud of that!

Congrats. 10 years of anything is no easy thing to accomplish. I have always enjoyed the site and the commentary albeit controversial at times. This site fills a nice niche where a lot of the information that is not "officially out" yet gets out.

Call it the Wikileaks of Eikaiwa. Good to have you and the site still around.

Looking forward to 10 more years.


Hi Shawn, I want to thank you for policing all unacceptable thoughts. You will be rewarded your actions.

23:27 A GEOS or ex-NOVA manager must be crying again. Sit back, relax, have a bourbon or scotch, and think about the "good ol' days" when you controlled your staff, screamed at them, and made them endure those Special K videos in your your little lairs...They aren't coming back. Get used to it.

Thanks, Shawn, for giving people a more powerful platform (obviously, given the reaction) to air their grievances and expose the dirty laundry of Eikaiwa and GEOS management in particular. The scales have been balanced. to the the chagrin of a few. ;-)

Congrats "Shawn" for ten years service on the thought police. You have served Eikaiwa well.

22:34 Another baby is crying. Quick, Shawn, lull it to sleep. ;-)

That post, and the one at 23:27, prove exactly why we need you Shawn. If it wasn't for all those GEOS and NOVA staffers, management, and lunatic owners, we would not have all the information and discussion pieces on here. Hence why you have survived 10 years, while GEOS an NOVA have hit their graves.


Shawn operates a blog, out of human interest, and for fun.

GEOS/NOVA, while revolting and capable of making people projectile vomit, were scam operations dressed up as legitimate businesses.

You cannot compare the two, dumb ass.

Grow a brain.

I wonder what happened to that guy. I was a huge fan!!

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