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The Japan Times Flames Itself

How did this get past the editors?

Regarding the Aug. 15 editorial "Dangerous revisionist sentiment": Little did I imagine that I would come across such an odious article. I totally agree with Toshio Tamogami, who has been bravely trying his best to convince the mentally retarded aliens who read The Japan Times that Japan was not at all to blame for World War II. The left is looking for ways to disgrace Japan, and The Japan Times is part of the left.

Alarmed by the appearance of Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, the United States and other Western cowardly nations cut the supply of oil to Japan. This left Japan with no choice but to attack the so-called ABCD nations — America, Britain, China and the Dutch. What Tamogami says is 100 percent correct.

Wow, troll alert! I didn't know you could get inflammatory letters to the editor like that published in the newspaper you're insulting. Does the Japan Times get so few letters that they published this rant just to fill up space, or did they run it knowing that it would generate a flood of angry responses that they could use to fill a page? If the JT wants to boost its readership and attract more people to its website, why doesn't it do what other newspapers have already done and open up its articles to commenting?



well, while i totally disagree with what the letter said, its not bad to publish stuff that doesn't agree with the editors own opinion.

This is par for the course for the Japan Times letter page. I should imagine that generating 'a flood of angry responses' is exactly what they intend and they will certainly get it. This kind of letter is slightly ruder than most of its type, but it's all too typical of the tone of the 'Japan's place in the world' debate in the English language daily's.

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