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Working for the New NOVA

The blog Tofugu has an interview with a current neo-NOVA employee. There's not a lot you haven't heard before, but it's still worth a read for its summary of the aftermath of NOVA's collapse and the perspective on what it's like working for NOVA now.

If you're thinking about working in Japan, the word on NOVA is simple: Don't bother working for them.

5. Would you recommend anyone coming to Japan to try and get a job at G. Education?

Honestly? At this point, no. Come to Japan and try to get a job, sure. But don’t try with G. Education… too much is up in the air at this point, the company hasn’t really figured out what the hell it’s doing and is still not turning a profit as of yet. We’re all still sort of holding our breath for the second grand finale, though that is by no means for sure what’s going to happen. The bottom line is that the future is uncertain, and the management is clueless. I shudder to imagine the mixups and lack of help someone brand-new to Japan would have, all on behalf of G. Education.

Best bet is to get a contract with one of the other big eikaiwas before setting foot in Japan, unless you’ve got a significant savings and don’t mind tightening your belt and not indulging in the tourist experience until your situation gets a bit stable. You can build a decent schedule that will support a comfortable lifestyle, including partying and touristy stuff, but it takes time and multiple small companies.

Amazingly, this teacher has fond memories of NOVA:

Old NOVA, while a typically evil corporation out to squeeze every bit of profit it could from its customers and its employees, was at least reasonably efficient and under control. When management told us something, we generally could feel it was reliable (up until the spiral into bankruptcy, anyways). It knew how to manage foreign employees and had a system set up that took care of all the little details that foreign instructors would have to deal with, moving to a foreign country. The new NOVA is lacking in reliability, know-how, awareness of the differences between foreign and Japanese management style / work expectations

So, old NOVA was evil, and the new NOVA is a mess, but as long as the paychecks keep coming in everything is OK. That's an awful justification. You have three choices when you work for an employer like this:

  1. Fight for your rights and take them to court if necessary
  2. Quit and find another job
  3. Give up on your life in Japan and return home

Sadly, it seems this particular teacher has chosen a fourth option: do nothing. G.communication and schools like it will continue to limp along for a long time so long as they have a steady supply of compliant teachers suckers. Don't be a sucker if you want to teach in Japan.


I simply can't believe what this person has said about Nova. Nova was wonderful, and new Nova is even better.

More seriously, anyone who seriously considers Nova as a viable option, even for one second, is an idiot.

E = E (Eikaiwa equals Evil)

Sorry I can't write more today fans - I have too many things to do, and besides, the REALITY of NOVA is now well established.

I am personally enjoying watching the new Nova fail though.

It gives me a warm, fussy feeling, inside.


MK impression is that the teachers who arrived at the time of the demise and were trapped into staying on are the main stay of the New Nova. In a good economy, they might have had a chance. In this economy, God only knows. If she goes down, she goes down. More pickings for the rest of us!!!

>new Nova is even better.

the only one who said that is you, thorn. Don't put words in people's mouths, and don't try to paint yourself as the only one who sees eikaiwa for what it is. although I admit you probably have better insight than most, as you still work in eikaiwa.

Ann you sound just like Julia, the only other person I'm aware of that habitually accused people of "putting words in people's mouths" in fact, it's damn neat a specific trait of hers (few others are really immature enough to attempt it).

Frankly, it is just a job. Any job in the eikaiwa/JET/ALT/english instructing industry blows. They all have their bad points and any one who disagrees is obviously drinking the special Kool-Aid.
Your choices in life are half chance, so I hardly thinking "compliant" teachers is going to do much either.
I mean, frankly, there are other more pressing concerns like why there were only 200 or so protesters out there trying to stop the Japanese government from changing the gaijin card system.
If I had to decide which is more worrisome, it would be that rather than the lame excuses for english education in this country. But, then again, that is my two cents and frankly, people just love to hate on Nova and who am I to blame them, I guess.

>I mean, frankly, there are other more pressing concerns like why there were only 200 or so protesters out there trying to stop the Japanese government from changing the gaijin card system.

... because the majority of gaijin card holders think the change is an acceptable idea. apprehending visa violators, ward office ignoring reprobates, and those working here illegally is good thing.

big brother already knows the brand of tobacco I buy, when, where and how often. He also knows where I drive, when, and how fast.
He also has an idea of the trains I ride, when, and what stations and wickets I like to use. I do not much care that records of city office tax payments are also included in that list of things known about me.

The fact that G education has limped on this far is simply astounding! Clearly they are propped up by the rest of the G-group. I only lasted a couple of months with them before I jumped ship and I was sure there was only a couple of weeks left in it then.

Warning bells were ringing from January 2008. Up north (Sendai to Aomori) they took back their most useless Japanese management, Shibutani /Kozai who began treating the foreign staff like 2nd class citizens; did nothing to check the quality of lessons taught; started giving away large wads of cash (thanks for that by the way, suckers!); started disrespecting existing students to the max and started loosing money like they were in competition with old Nova to see which company was most crap.

What kind of business plan is that?

It is going down! It is that simple. Jump now, get out under your own steam with whatever savings you have. I got 5 weeks on 60% before I even set foot in the door. Had a lovely month at home on 70% before walking away with 20 days paid vacation because I had managed to teach for a grand total of 14 weeks. Yes I am extremely proud of that before you ask.

They really are as stupid as they look. Well Kozai is at least and the Jap suits they sent up to teach us how to teach could barely be declared legally sane in any other country in the world. If you are still with them all this time then well done! How have you lasted? Please write and tell us.

Does anyone know if Kozai is still about? If so please tell him Sean says thanks for all the cash.


To the previous poster Sean,
I find it disgraceful that you would endeavour to deceive G.Com-Nova in such a manner. The money G.Com-Nova paid you was in effect for your loyalty; you were explicitly advised to stay at home and wait for further instructions - not to abscond with the money and flee the country.

On behalf of G.Com-Nova, I kindly request you to return the money in full. We have payroll records, and know exactly who you are.

G.Com-Nova is successfully pressing on with it's mission of providing the best Eikaiwa product for our customer; and the most rewarding teaching experience for our highly valued instructors. We are delighted to be more than meeting our key targets in our division of the G.Communications Group.

Fleming Lord
G.Communication Group

So he quit without notice. Given that he would've probably have been fired anyway, that's hardly something that you can blame him for. 'Absconding with the money and fleeing the country' is just one interpretation of events. Could GComm make it stick on the basis of the above? Doubtful, I would say.

Anders had a position waiting for you in his new company, by the way Flemming.


Does that Anders Lundqvcunt have a new company? What is the line of business, haunting houses?
Please tell me he is not starting up another neo-Nova...not again ... please! G-Con don't need the competition!

Was the person who wrote that post really Sean, or was it someone impersonating him? For that matter, was the person who replied the real lemmington? We'll never know for sure.

Just in case it is you lemmers, hope you enjoy 'meeting', that is to say 'fleecing' your targets: hapless naive franchise purchasers. Mark Smith may have something lined up for you.

The fact that discussion is still on going is mind blowing. Wow. There are enough people willing to work for NOVA to keep it's doors open. Are these people that desperate to escape thier homelands? Living in Japan is cool, but it's not that cool.

I think there's always going to be enough people working for Nova et al, as long as there's graduates looking to experience living and "working" abroad. Especially at the minute when governments are actually encouraging graduates to work abroad in the economic downturn.

Eikaiwa base their recruitment and job conditions on the bare minimum amount needed to attract newbie graduates coming over to experience Japan for a year then head home. They don't cater for anyone working for them longer than that. And anyone who does work longer than that for them and sits there moaning about it is a nipple and deserves all they get.

The Ripper

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